Jan. 8th, 2017

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Snow falls gently through the Nexus, a far cry from the blizzards of last year. Most trees have lost their leaves and frost patters swirl and spike across stone and glass. Ice appears in the most inconvenient places, dangling threateningly above pedestrians and turning paths into slipways. For those who knew of Reynard the determinedly Winter atmosphere in a place out of space and time shouldn't come as a surprise.

Today he is perched atop an archway so worn and so consumed by the plants around it that it looks more like a part of its surroundings than a building that was and now is nothing more than disjointed parts of a collapsed ruin. He has been playing the flute for a while, a bittersweet keening that travels on an obliging wind, bringing a deep sense of nostalgia to distant strangers. Finally he stops, resting the flute on his knees and considers the people trickling down below.

In an instant he appears, leaning against a pillar so that he can better ask, "What memory would you never trade for anything in the world? Or tell me, what event defined you as the person you are today?"

((Reynard is handing out Winter Curses & Blessings and causing trouble if you would like to avail of any. Other than that: Caution to those who talk to spirits, they are proud and fickle people.))

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