Jan. 24th, 2017

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One of the neat or possibly frustrating depending on your point of view things about the nexus is that in the course of a medium length walk - you can find all sorts of different locations. Head in any given direction long enough and you'll find shopping areas, residential living, dense forests, sparse desert, high population areas, low population areas and weather conditions of all kinds.

If you don't like where you're at? Keep going a little further and it's bound to change.

It's a pretty drastic difference than the galaxy where Ezra comes from, where many of the planets have one type of terrain that dominates the entire landscape and weather that rarely changes. Today what suits Ezra is a lot of open space. He wanders until he finds a quiet grassland where he won't be especially disruptive and he starts walking himself through katas of the various forms of lightsaber combat.

One, two, three, four ...

Ezra drills for more than an hour and keeps up a fairly brisk intensity for someone so young training alone. Sweat has coated him in a light sheen and the initially loose fitting orange tunic sticks to him in a couple of places.

When he finally starts to fatigue, he has a seat on a rock and questions the Nexus.

"Have you ever noticed that trying to help teach someone reinforces the lessons you've learned yourself?"
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Stepping through the gate had, strangely, gotten routine lately. He'd commented at length on that fact, to the point where Vala had told him that he needed a hobby, rather than telling her that. Cam's response had mainly been to the point that it was Vala's own fault for not just heading the other way when Daniel had approached, which had been his solution.

But the fact remained. The Goa'uld were shattered and disorganized, with all the major system lords at least ostensibly gone. The Ori were beaten back, the Lucian Alliance was a foe but not on the order of their former opponents. Travel through the gate was...commonplace now. Normal. Quiet. It was strange.

Which was why, when he stepped through onto what was supposed to be an unexplored world in the gate network, and found both a strange town and no gate, he looked more than a little lost.

He turned slowly in a circle, hands at his sides. He had a weapon, but anybody looking at him would realize that was not his first choice for anything.

"Uh...guys?" he asked, doing another slow circle just in case Cam, Teal'C and Vala had gone to cover.

"This isn't P6Z-3K2, is it?"

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