Feb. 4th, 2017

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The green guy in the snappy suit swaggers like he's way bigger than his four feet and some change. A locked briefcase is tossed carelessly onto a sofa, the owner of it following suit shortly after. He surveys the current crowd as he pulls out a silver cigarette case, putting a cig between his lips after extracting it and reaching for the lighter next.

"So the side business is slow right now," Shark says to no one in particular once he's lit up, his words accompanied by puffs of grey smoke. The lighter is clicked shut and put back in his pocket. "If you're interested in that, hit me up. Otherwise, I'm opening myself up for legal advice and consultation, right here, right now, limited time only. Need to run something past a lawyer? For a reasonable fee, I've got you covered." He pauses for a drag on his cigarette before tapping the ash into a potted plant next to the sofa he's on.

"While I gotta add in the obvious disclaimer that things are gonna vary from one solar system to another, I'm confident I can get you the answers you need. Or the fix. Like I said, side business."

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