Feb. 13th, 2017

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The Plaza is full of whites, pinks, and reds in honor of Valentines day with the central square practically covered in the confetti, flower petals, and ribbons adorning every available lamp post and bench. Who could be behind such a grotesquely over done sense of occasion?

Why, the resident Nexus hobo rumormonger of course!

And right along the main thoroughfare is a little home made stand. Like your nieces or nephews would make for selling Lemonade in the summers. The counter is covered in bowls of various candies. From the little heart shaped 'Kiss me!' candies to chocolates and a dozen or so more sweets from various other cultures and worlds she feels pretty good about herself. And because it's Neko, there's also a tip jar on the edge of the counter, even though she doesn't seem to be charging.

"Happy Valentines day mya! Last year we had a good ol' time playing smooches. This year I wanna give back to everyone. So I got a bunch of candies for everyone. Help yerselves cause I'm spreadin' the love this year myaa~ You're all my Valentine!"

[READ THIS FIRST. Rules and effects are listed therein. Happy Valentines Day everyone. I love you all <3 ]

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