Feb. 17th, 2017

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Cigarette and drink in hand, Adam is hanging outside of the cafe today. It has been a busy past few months back home and with some free time on his hands, Jensen has decided to pay the Nexus a visit during a good heap of down time. The cold of winter doesn't seem to bother Adam, as he keeps the collar of his coat turned upwards to keep the wind off his neck.

With the typical deadpan look on his face, or Adam simply playing the cool bro, he lifts his cigarette to his lips and he takes a drag. He doesn't exhale, or clear his throat as he readies his question. "Have you ever tried to change the world? Have you ever wanted to change the world? If so, have you wanted to change it for the better or for the worst?" It was a simple question, and it one thing he seems to know a lot about. Finally, Adam goes to grab a chair and sit down to watch the citizens of the Nexus.

"And what about your world would you like to change?"
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 Marcus Wright took a brief walk through the nexus, nodding and looking through the crowds for any signs of a Skynet attack, which luckily there was none.

Marcus was quietly loading a gun in a chair nearby and frowned.

"I'm getting old.."

"But I know I'll never die."

Marcus looked up after touching his face

"So my question is the age old question, if you were a cyborg terminator like me, would you choose to watch everyone you love die in front of your very eyes?"

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