Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Well this was a frustrating predicament. Instead of letting him out back in Soul Society, the Senkaimon that Hitsugaya had been traveling through had opened up...

...into a huge plaza with way too much furniture. And Matsumoto and the others hadn't arrived there with him. Great.

Hitsugaya let out an irritated huff. He had no idea if it was technically even possible to somehow be redirected back to the human world while in a Senkaimon, but wherever he was certainly wasn't the Seireitei and that was the only scenario he could think of to explain it... No time to worry about hows and whys, though - he had to get back. Preparing himself to activate the Senkaimon for what would hopefully be a proper return trip this time, he unsheathed Hyourinmaru and thrust the sword into the air in front of him to open the portal.

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