Feb. 25th, 2017

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"... I wanted snow."

For once. In his life.

Here he was again, dressed to the nines in what was clearly a sharp Armani suit, heavily decorated cane at his side tapping against the pavement in obvious annoyance. Midge, a fat, fluffy corgi, had taken his place beside him, stuffed happily into an obnoxiously pink sweater with the words 'garbage disposal' lovingly embroidered on it.

"I come up here in winter, I made plans for snowshoeing, I go through all the pains of getting everything together, and all I get is two inches." There's a long, disgruntled pause.

"... Well isn't that just the story of my life."

Well now what.

"... What else do people do when there's no snow in winter? Other than sit inside the house and complain about being cold?"

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