Mar. 6th, 2017

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At the moment, there's a woman. A woman with deep green skin, black hair, an eyepatch over her right eye, and wearing a simple coat, loose pants, and heeled boots. She's leaning back on the bench she's sitting on with her arms spread over the back of it, and her legs crossed.

"So here's a good old fashioned debate I've had with a number of acquaintances of mine." She says as she addresses the Nexus, "Do you do things in an unorthodox fashion? In ways that are, as the humans say, 'outside the box'? Or do you do things by the book? Following the rules and staying within the lines?

She then debates for a moment and then adds, "Or perhaps you follow some combination of both in some contradictory way?"
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Adia is sitting at a computer terminal in the Plaza with a pint of cookie dough ice cream and a carton of boxed wine, watching cute animal videos online and occasionally wiping at her red-rimmed eyes with the back of her hand.

It's every bad break-up cliché, but Adia does not care. After recently experiencing the (second) worst day of life, she needs a break. And unfortunately, the only place she can get that is the Nexus.

She clicks on a thumbnail of a hamster eating a tiny burrito and takes a swig of wine while it loads. "How do you get over someone," she asks the Nexus unhappily, "When they've clearly gotten over you?"
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While she has no idea she's wandered into a completely new city - or indeed, nexus - Rory does know that she's almost out of cash. On a good day she can make enough for a day or two's worth of food, and by the looks of this place, doing that shouldn't be difficult.

It's not long before she's found a place to park herself. It's a nice, open space. The weather's okay, and there's more people gradually passing through. Now all Rory had to do was hope the footfall keeps up and that people were feeling generous.

Once her guitar case is set a foot or so in front of her, Rory rolls up the sleeves of her jean jacket, and plays a few quiet notes before she finally settles on a song to start off her set. While the state of her clothes and her bag leave something to be desired, she's not self conscious about her voice or singing in public, and it's a song she loves; here's hoping other people like it too.

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