Mar. 11th, 2017

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The plaza is never really empty in the Nexus, but it isn't too often that a little flock of people gathers around a certain spot - unless, of course, something interesting is happening there.

And interesting it is! Charlatan really tries his best to provide the colorful mixture of individuals with entertainment, of which more than a half he was sure could see right through that human face he wears like an elaborate mask...though they didn't seem to know his profession, or else they wouldn't be around to watch.

"Come forth, come forth!" he calls out, voice slick and smooth as always when he's trying to get new 'customers', knocking briefly on the table in front of him. It's a simple plastic folding table draped over with crimson fabric to appear more fancy than it is, but what interests the people much more is the trio of cups that are turned over which he continuously pushes, fast enough that it is difficult to discern which one is which.

" One dollar per try! If you can guess in which cup it is after i mixed it, you get two! Who wants to try, who hasn't yet? It's not as easy as it looks~!"

He waves a hand at a passing stranger, grin lighting up enough to reveal small, yet sharp canines.

"What about you, dear passerby? Care to try?"

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