Mar. 13th, 2017

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An explosion rocks the Nexus, huge plumes of noxious black smoke pluming up from the Underbelly.

Panic spreads as people hurry to evacuate. Visitors to their own worlds, natives to their homes or to their homes with the doors shut tight and locked. Everyone is panicking, yelling, screaming. The streets become flooded with those running from downtown out toward the Plaza.

Khan Noonien Singh stands amid the rubble with a dozen or so more of his crew at his sides. A few are making short work out of anyone trying to stop them. The rest are watching in vague amusement as their leader holds a rather unfortunate man aloft by his collar and makes his demands.

"I have only one question for you. Where is James T. Kirk?" The man shakes his head--he's never heard of such a person.

A pity. He could have perhaps kept his brain inside his skull if he'd known. His screams fall silent and Khan drops the body.

"Kill anyone who stands in our way. We are taking over this place." He issues his orders while he steps on the corpse of the man he'd just slain. He smirks, the eerie red glow around him never ceases its ominous presence. His rage powered the red ring on his finger, and that rage was certainly not in short supply.

"After all, who's going to stop us?"

[OOC: READ THIS FIRST. Khan and his crew have breached the AV field and are making a systematic takeover of the Nexus, heading toward the Plaza. Questions, concerns and the like should be DM'd to me or to [personal profile] frozenloyals. Have fun!]

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