Apr. 3rd, 2017

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There is a new arrival in the Nexus today; one Lincoln Clay is leaning back against the hood of his black 68' Charger with his hands resting on the hood. The car looks dusty, as if he has been driving through the desert or the back roads of yonder. This isn't The Bayou where he was heading out to make a run to deliver some shine to Nicki.

"Don't suppose anyone knows where the hell I am?" It is a simple enough question, and while he has seen his deal of fucked up shit, The Plaza seems to take the cake. But Lincoln does his best to keep a level head on his shoulders. He lifts his hand up from the hood of the car, and he absently goes to dig into his army jacket to find himself a pack of unfiltered cigarettes.

"Though I'm sure everyone tends to ask that question." He pulls out the soft pack, and he slides a cigarette out and he places it between his lips. "But that's the question I'm gonna ask." He isn't exactly sure how he got here, but perhaps it has something to do with Father James telling him to put away the life of crime to start over again with his life.

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