Apr. 9th, 2017

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Gunfire pierces the air. Bullet and blaster alike sending swift lethal force. There's shattered windows and debris everywhere. No one's walking the streets now. Those that can have closed up their shops, bars, and gambling dens and gone into hiding.

Steve crouches behind a dumpster as a pair of Augments walk by, holding his breath and waiting until their footsteps have left his range of hearing. Ahead of him is an open lot, with plenty of access on all sides. This is as good as he's going to get.

He sets up the holo device quickly. Waits for Blaze's signal. It isn't until he gets the text from the Exo's Ghost that Steve hooks up the coupling and hits the button.

"Enterprise, this is Kirk. I'm scanning for any signs of hostile activity. Be ready on my signal."

The facsimile of the Captain looks real enough to touch. Steve peers out from his hiding spot and watches the two Augments look his way, then hurry off. Good. Let them get Khan. Steve picks up the device and creeps along the side of the building, making "Kirk" follow him in a careful walk. Ghost wasn't kidding. There really isn't a lot of range for this thing. Steve needs to find a spot to put it down and hide.

"What. Have. We. Here?"

Every word is steel and ice. Steve turns quickly, eyes widening at the floating figure hovering over him. He doesn't even register the blast when it connects. There's just a knifing pain, and the world fading to black....

Pathetic, even for a human. Khan tosses the body aside so he can crush that hologram device. Even as an image, he cannot stand the sight of James Kirk.

[We're nearing the end folks! Time to team up and take down the big bad Khan before he kills more Nexus denizens. Thread jumping is encouraged as people will need to work together to take this guy down. Blaze has been gathering forces so feel free to assume your character is nearby to witness this or just arriving having been rounded up by her.]

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