May. 8th, 2017

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There is another newcomer to the Nexus who is hanging out on a patch of grass at the park sitting cross-legged with a laptop resting in his lap. And buzzing high above Marcus is a helicopter drone, and if one were to peer over his lap, they would see he is trying to capture an image of a small nest with the camera attachment of the drone.

Sure, he figures he ought to ask questions of where he is, but Marcus isn't the freaking out sort when it comes for his love of sci-fi portals. "A'right..." He stops flying the drone, and he leaves it to whir over the nest of fire lizards. "I got a question to ask. What is your favorite hobby?" It is a simple question, and one he thinks will get many answers. He looks excited from the look on his face.

Oh boy, oh boy. He has a way back home, and he cannot wait to tell Wrench and Josh about this place. "This place is so awesome..." He squeals under his breath. "An inter-dimensional portal to another universe is my wet dream of wet dreams. Hahaha. Wrench eat your mask."

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