May. 12th, 2017

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It is an overcast day out in the wilds of the Nexus. A nice cool spring breeze comes whipping through the trees, and the sound of a hammer hitting metal can be heard for miles. And with the fight with Augmented and Khan now over, Danse took his battered power armor back to the Atomic Range to do some much-needed repairs on it. The outside workbench is a great place for Danse to work, and to recover from the pounding that he took during the invasion. Finding materials to junk wasn't exactly hard, and as he bends down behind the knee, there is something that was bothering him. It was bothering him ever since. The fact the people who live here should be taught to properly defend themselves the next time the anti-violence field goes to shit.

In his mind, something needs to be done, and as he lifts his head up Danse asks. "I wonder if people would be interested in defense training. And would people be interested in helping training those who are interested?" And he knows that not everyone who visits the Nexus often, nor calls the place home.

"And what is the most trouble you have found yourself in?" He asks honestly, as he looks back to the piece of leg armor and he begins to bang out a massive dent in it. "And how did you get yourself out of the trouble that either found you, or the trouble that you got into?" It is a simple enough question.
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There is a woman that suddenly appears in the Plaza (as one does, we suppose). She's wearing a dress that looks like it's seen better days--it's covered in sand, seaweed, and is a little bit soaked. Her hair is disheveled, her face is a bit dirty, and she probably smells like boats and ocean and starfish.

Oh, and she's pretty ticked off.

She's seen the helpful pamphlets. She's read the signs. She knows the rules. And so she speaks.

"What," Ariadne asks, through clenched teeth, "What do you do when someone who you clearly trusted, very very much, abandons you?"

What can we say? The princess of Crete likes to get to the point.

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