May. 14th, 2017

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So there’s a mead hall in the Nexus- well, most of a mead hall. It’s not far from the Wilds and close enough to the recent battlegrounds that it caught some fire from an errant energy blast, or perhaps one of those giant constructs Khan was flinging about. One long side of the elegantly carved hall has been blasted open, leaving a three-sided building with half a roof, some long tables and a well-stocked bar inside.

The proprietors have just run with it. A few tables of varying size have been moved out onto the singed grass outside. Signs propped up nearby advertise “OPEN BAR and, tacked on at the bottom: “+ FOOD”. The fire-pits are crackling merrily, the sun is shining, and a few careworn Nexus-goers have already settled in for some hard drinking. Haven’t they all earned it?

There’s one small catch. Heading in to take up that offer gets you flagged down by the Exo in space plate-armor leaning against the bar counter. It looks like she’s doodling on a napkin. Her tiny Ghost companion is hovering by her shoulder as usual.

“Hey,” she calls out, scrunching up the napkin in a metal fist. “Tell me the things you’re proud to have done.”

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