May. 20th, 2017

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Spoliers Behind the Cut ... )

~~~~~ Sometime later ~~~~~

Well after the spy had adjusted to the challenge of what it was like to 'blend in' in a place that was a melting pot of many different universes, he finds himself sitting in a bar - the light ale in front of him had already gone warm, while he aimlessly traced his fingers along the edge of the glass.

Jyn, Kaytoo, Bodhi, Chirrut and Baze.

It had been days of mapping out the ever-shifting terrain of the Nexus and still, he hadn't found any of them. Now he had to begin to ask himself what he would do if he was the only one who had made it here. What kind of life he would live if he had no friends in this place and no cause to fight for. The thoughts didn't sit very well with him.

He finds himself compelled to ask a question now, dispite having said only a dozen words aloud all day ...

"What do you do with yourself when the fighting is over?"

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