May. 22nd, 2017

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There is a new face in the Plaza today. Well, if you can call an ethereal violet glow wrapped in enchanted bandages a face. Whatever. If he looks stranger than most, he doesn't let that bother him as casually explores his new environment, snagging an informational pamphlet along the way.

The air is teeming with latent arcane energy. Excellent. Finding out about the anti-violence field is only a mild disappointment. War still touches this place, if the recent damage is any indication. Perhaps he can use this to his advantage...

Time for some re-branding.

"Nexus denizens," he asks, his voice the most substantial thing about him. "A moment of your time. How does one go about setting up a business here? Are there laws, permits, zoning requirements? Or does the Nexus favor... independent merchants?" Said with a little bit of hope at the end there. "I have lost nearly everything, being displaced from my home world. I am eager to start over."

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