Jun. 9th, 2017

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Derek walked into the Nexus, rather irritated. The Tech-Com Human Resistance was supposed to win this war, John was supposed to win it for them. Instead, a man named "Pops" came in, the T-800 took over as the leader of the Resistance, and it was a annoyance for the man to serve under a machine leader, but he was doing it for John's sake, he would've wanted it that way.

The old John had died during a fight, he had heard.

He sat at a table, his plasma rifle sitting on a chair.

"So here's a question for you, folks. What would you do when you are forced to adjust to a new beginning?"
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A recent arrival is back in the Nexus, this time of his own volition. Rather than stop to talk to anyone right away, Hitsugaya spends half the day simply wandering around, noting landmarks and the different districts and trying to get a feel for navigating here. In fact, some residents may notice him flickering into existence - in midair - at various points across the Nexus for a short time before disappearing again.

Later, he's back in the Plaza, familiarizing himself with one of the Nexus Terminals. Upon his initial inspection, the thing seems vaguely similar to the systems used by Squad 12 and Soul Society's archives, appearing to be some sort of... half-database, half-communications system. (What Adina was referring to when she mentioned computers, he hopes.)

As such, he guesses there has to be some sort of staff to manage it - and perhaps even answer some questions. Hoping to get some much-needed information from a knowledgeable source, he spends a fair amount of time hunt-and-peck-ing at the keys, and after a lot of tapping and backspacing and mulling things over, he considers it good enough and hits Submit.

(Does he have any idea that it's about to take over devices everywhere? No. No he does not.)

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So, maybe Wendla's been traveling back and forth between 19th century small-town Germany and the Nexus. And maybe she's got a few ideas about things, thanks to interacting with a certain boy. And maybe she feels like asking a question, because that's what you do in the Nexus.

Today she stands in the Plaza, holding a sign she's written.

It reads:

Do you think charity is a good thing?

She's got a little frown on her face, as if she's concerned about the nature of the question. And truthfully, she is.

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