Jun. 11th, 2017

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Heart thumping, mind swirling. Is this really happening? As a little girl, Tae had only dreamed of being able to service for her country, being able to help hold the balance between the different colourants. Alongside other Dyaes, she felt like she was the queen of the world, almost. Now that it's actually happening, she can't fathom the thing she will be able see, do, or think. 

But does that actually matter now? Her heart is set, and there's nothing that will come between her and her ascension to dyaedom. Tossing her worries aside, she exits her house, preparing to face the world as the next Magenta Aenk Dyae. She's sure that the other Dyaes are waiting for her arrival, and she would be soon standing alongside the Cyan, Yellow, and Key Aenk Dyaes. 

The path to her fraction is like a maze--her role as the new Dyae is to find it on her own. 'Follow the path', she'd hear from the elders. Her memory doesn't lead her to the main building, and it leaves her thinking whether she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. What stands in front her isn't the main building, but a busy plaza. The way back seems to have vanished completely, and the queasy feeling in her stomach doesn't settle her nerves.

"I was so sure I had taken the right turn that time..." Disappointment settles, and it leaves her feeling even more nervous than before she left the house. What's a girl got to do in a situation like this? Tae looks to her left right, taking in all the information she can manage, and quickly tries to find a way to retrace her steps. She can't. 

"I should have drawn a map--why didn't I draw a map? What am I going to do now?" 

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