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Time for some prospecting.

There is a new face in the Plaza today. Well, if you can call an ethereal violet glow wrapped in enchanted bandages a face. Whatever. If he looks stranger than most, he doesn't let that bother him as casually explores his new environment, snagging an informational pamphlet along the way.

The air is teeming with latent arcane energy. Excellent. Finding out about the anti-violence field is only a mild disappointment. War still touches this place, if the recent damage is any indication. Perhaps he can use this to his advantage...

Time for some re-branding.

"Nexus denizens," he asks, his voice the most substantial thing about him. "A moment of your time. How does one go about setting up a business here? Are there laws, permits, zoning requirements? Or does the Nexus favor... independent merchants?" Said with a little bit of hope at the end there. "I have lost nearly everything, being displaced from my home world. I am eager to start over."
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That's definitely a new face in the Nexus.

Well, insofar as this person--being? Can have a face. His face-ish area is new. Katsuya's not seen anyone of his kind around the Nexus before. The human has some sort of magic latent within him, though it will prove to be of a much different variety than what the arcane this businessman is used to.

"There are plenty of open spaces cropping up from time to time throughout the Nexus. Very few are owned, and so are available for one to set up shop. Though it's important to choose your location well. Certain areas are more reputable than others. But it's possible to purchase nearly anything here if one knows where to look so it's inevitable that such places would crop up."
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"By and large, if someone owns the property you'll know about it. Or find out almsot immediately. Some people do still pay rent to use a space for either their home or store, but others stake a claim to whichever empty building pops up. There are hardly any shortages here in the Nexus. The place tends to warp often enough, as it is."

Katsuya notes that nothing about the place itself seems to be bothering this ethereal individual. Perhaps he's used to hubs such as this. It's a very good thing to be alright with from the start. Saves on a lot of time adjusting from the culture shock.

"If that's the case, I'd avoid the Underbelly. There was something of an attack there recently, but more importantly it's where much of the...less than moral and often reprehensible vendors take up shop." Katsuya does not assume that may be exactly what this person is looking for.
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"If you ever need a hand, please feel free to let me know. I have a cafe of my own in the more urban end of the Plaza and can often be found there."

He smiles genuinely and shakes the businessman's hand. Katsuya has been to the Nexus long enough to be familiar with more Western gestures of greeting.

"Katsuya Suou. I wouldn't worry much, you do tend to stand out among the influx of humans here. I'm sure you'll be able to advertise easily."
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"It would seem so?" Katsuy casts a look about the Plaza and nods after a moment. "There are districts that cater to various nonhumans in small pockets downtown, but for the most part I think you'll find us to be the most common around."

As to why that is, Katsuya has never really been able to come up with an answer. It puzzles him, truthfully.

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"Well, given how folk get here, we really can't regulate businesses being set up, too much," Rosco answers, approaching warily. "I'm Sheriff Rosco Coltrane. You should be okay, as long as your business is an honest one. Welcome to the Nexus."
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"Well, it ain't exactly 'free,'" Rosco cautions, though his tone is friendly enough. "You can't just set any price, because folks won't go for that. And, fair's fair, but I won't stand by and let people get fleeced."

He gives a nod.

"I sure am, Mr. Xevozz. What kind of business do you run?"
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"I'm not accusing you, Mr. Xevozz," Rosco assures him. "Well, that would depend on the severity of the fraud. It might be a fine or maybe some jail time, depending."

Rosco gives him a rueful smile.

"Well, I'm not saying you won't get any business, but you might want to include some hunting weapons. See, most of the Nexus, this place, has an anti-violence field. Usually, people find it impossible to hurt on each other. And, yeah, me and my deputies are armed."
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Rosco frowns at the questions.

"Mister, if I arrest you, you ain't gonna escape. We got a strong prison and some deputies that can put the fear of God in ya. There are magic types helping us out, too."

Rosco sighs. Yeah, the field isn't all powerful, cuss it! He gives a reluctant nod.

"Well, it's shut down for a bit, not too long ago, that's true. It's mostly reliable though...more often than not. I wouldn't rely on them lapses, if I were you, but I'm no businessman."
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"Uh," Rosco stalls, completely flummoxed by the bear question. "I never asked anything like that! I-is that common where you're from? People turning into bears?"

Rosco nods, understanding that.

"I think most here are in the same boat. There's enough fighting and bickering on Earth for any two planets."
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Unfortunately, Rosco doesn't even know what arcane means. He's going to try to hide that, though. He gives a forced scoff.

"Now, why should I tell you that?" he argues. "I don't know, if you can be trusted. The point is they've got magic and we can throw plenty of punches, if we need to."

Rosco gives a tight nod.

"Yeah, that's my homeworld. Where are you from?"
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"Uh, huh," Rosco answers, fully intending to make a report about this guy to Felix.

"I never heard of that. Interesting sounding place," Rosco offers as a sort of compliment. "Yeah, Earth people are humans. Well, I personally know there are aliens out there, but most people on my world don't believe that. We ain't had any official contact."
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"Uh huh," Rosco agreed, amiably, wondering if Azeroth was a person or a planet. "I've seen one myself! I mean, I didn't take photos or blood samples or any of that nonsense. Anyways, those Dukes made sure the little fella got back into space safely."
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"Request, no," Rosco says firmly, hoping the other man doesn't ask to many more questions. Rosco doesn't want to talk about the scheme Boss had planned or Boss, at all. He draws an indignant breath at the mention of royalty.

"Royalty?! We don't truck with no royalty in America," Rosco scolds, his brows drawn down in irritation. "We do things by election! Anyways, the Dukes are a couple of farmboys, who do some racing on the side. There ain't no one further from royalty than them."
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"Uh, no, I don't think so," Rosco says, feeling a bit puzzled. "It's just their name, not anything to do with who they are. I don't think we got politics here in the Nexus, but I'm from America. People are entitled to their politics, long as they're civil about it."

Rosco gives a firm nod and a friendly smile.

"Well, sure, you go get yourself acquainted! I'll be sure to be in touch, if need be. You have yourself a good day."
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Rosco just shrugs. He supposes that might be true in a way, but there hadn't even been a sheriff or law, before he made noise about it. Maybe the fella has a broader idea of politics than Rosco. The sheriff fully and proudly admits being a small town boy.

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Hancock has slinked his way back into The Nexus to see how his own little shop is holding up after Khan's attack, and he happens to catch wind of what Xevozz is saying and with a smarmy look on his face.

"Just wish really hard and your choice of business with poof right before your very eyes! Hehe."

The charming ghoul says, as he fixes his belt and he goes to check this person out. "Now as for turning a profit, that all depends on what you're looking to sell."
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"Heh. Arcane weaponry sounds good, but you are not wrong about wanting to be a bit diverse when it comes to your wears. After all not everyone dabbles with the arcane."

Hancock looks this guy up and down, and he plays it cool but then he starts to rub his withered hands together. This guy from the sounds of it, looks like the type of guy that Hancock likes to hang out with.

"Used to sell chems prior to becoming Mayor of my own little city back where I come from." Hancock might not make a whole lot of money, due to there being a limited tax code in Good Neighbor. "And you normally can spot the suckers in this place from a mile, so if you wanna rip someone off..." The ghoul smiles a little bit. "The more power to you."
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For living in a nuclear wasteland, Hancock seems to have some knowledge of the arcane, and perhaps he was fortunate enough to find books on the topic. Tilting his tricorner hat forward, Hancock provides an answer for one of those questions.

"That I am. Ones that allow people to reach new heights. And I ain't exactly looking to fix people's health." He gives a slick smile, and he digs his hand into his pocket to pull out a thing of jet and he tosses it over to Xevozz. There is a huge difference in being a goody-two shoes and having someone who allows people to live freely, and doesn't impede on the freedoms of others around them.

"Success. Eh, this place doesn't have a ton of addicts, so I have to sell other things from home. Weapons for starters are always a hot item."
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"When you take a hit, it makes it feel as if time has slowed; people tend to either use it to just see shit or to shoot at shit." Hancock shrugs his shoulders, and he points to his head. "My poisons are ones that make me smarter than I normally am."

But it is weapons that Hancock prefers to sell here when he is around and about. "Too true. People are much more happier to rip each other in half than getting high. Though some people like to shove their noses into other people's businesses. So eh..."

He purses his lips and looks the big fella over. "Try to keep from getting yourself into trouble, and that's not to say you can't give whatever cop a good ass kicking."
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"Smart." Hancock points a withered finger at his head once more. "As for the drugs, you can keep it. If drugs don't anything for you, then go ahead and sell it."

Looking around the area, there are plenty of people who wander around, and Hancock has learned to not always trust everyone. "It doesn't hurt to have a front where most people gather. The nosy cops might give you trouble, but that's if you announce what it is you're doing."

His eyes shift to look at the extended hand, and Hancock takes it in his own dried up hand. "Hancock. And it is nice to meet'cha Xevozz."
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Hancock's eyes widen at the grip of Xevozz's hand. He makes note not to piss this guy off, and perhaps he can find him to be an ally if it ever comes down to pissing off the local authorities.

And being a very successful mayor of Goodneighbor. If one ends up with people trying to take him out, and surviving, it takes a good deal of street smarts. Those are the kind of smarts, Hancock has in spades. Not to mention the Commonwealth and its ability to swallow up, devour people, and spit them out.

"Good luck, Xevoz." He doesn't seem to care about competition. Then again, he has a great love of the free market, and having a little competition out there doesn't hurt anyone. Not like the two offer the same type of wears. "Guns and the occassional sword or blunt object." He pushes back his frock coat to reveal a sawed off shotgun sitting snugly in its holster. "And what type of niche market are we talking about?"
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"With this many people in a place like this; I don't think you'll have a problem finding buyers. Heck even if people aren't magically inclined like collectors items to show off to their friends back home."

Hancock doesn't seem truly worried if people are going to take one of his weapons back home to shoot up shit. It isn't his problem as far as he is concerned.

"Nope. Nothing magical, that is unless you count anything with a warm radioactive glow to be magical. And that radiation has done a great job with causing all sorts of mutations. Then again people muddled with things, and some of those things look at a guy like me and they see dinner."
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Hancock tries to think about little gnomes, but then he recalls those little statues that sometimes dot the landscape of the Wastelands and his friend Nate calling them garden gnomes. "Well I'll be damned. So that's how those gnome statues got stuck on garden duty!" He dryly jokes.

"But yeah, with a few modifications you'd be surprised at what a humble looking rolling pin is capable of doing. As for my shotgun there, I've been able to bring down a pretty mean deathclaw. It almost got me, but you'd be surprised that I still ended up not dead."

Or maybe he is not being completely honest, but Hancock isn't about to tell anyone that he tactically retreated from said deathclaw.
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"Sickly green gnomes. That sounds like something even I wouldn't want to go near," says Hancock, as he grimaces at the idea. The Wastelands has enough things that have are a walking nuclear waste dump.

"Eh, I'm the end result of volunteering for an experiment. The high was so worth it, but so is near immortality. But at least I still got my mind, and I haven't gone feral."
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"Ah, and here I was hoping that you had killer gnomes." Hancock's voice is jovial and there isn't a bit of seriousness in it. "Lucky me there's not much out there in the way of monopolies back home."

He holds his hand up in the air and he waggles his fingers. "The humans that know better come and do business with my kind without any problems. But the rest of them are more than I'd say hesitant." Hancock's eyes narrow and he clenches his fists. "The City of Goodneighbor is for all those who ain't welcome anywhere else. Be they human or ghoul. I'd even take in a Super Mutant or two if they were willing."