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How does this exist? New arrival in the plaza!

Eren wasn't exactly looking to get lost, or go anywhere, really. He would probably count relief at the top of the list of emotions he was feeling, even if some form of dread lined right up under that as an immediate second. Was this whole thing going to work out? Being part of the Survey Corps? He would take anything right now, as long as he wasn't trapped down in that awful cell any longer. But he really had ended up in the best place. It was exactly where he had been aiming to be. That was foremost on his mind as he scrubbed at a bit of dirt on a floorboard. A thin layer of dust was already starting to build up on his clothes. It would probably get worse than this before he was through. Eren grimaced at that thought, not really bothered that he was getting dirty. There was just... a lot unknown right now. Was he going to be able to prove himself useful?

At a sound from the stairwell, he quickly shook off that doubt and started scrubbing again. Was that Levi? Slacking off would definitely ruin any impression he was trying to make here! He was almost done with this room anyway... Just a little bit more and under that table... then he'd be done!

It was a really naive thought to have, but in retrospect, Eren honestly wasn't sure how he could have concluded otherwise.

Everything was fine until he tugged his scarf up to cover his nose and crawled under a desk to get at a grimy and forgotten corner. It was hard enough to see without good sunlight getting into the room. It got way too dark though, and then there was something beyond where he was looking. Was the desk this wide? Did the underside go back this far? The more that he focused on the place in front of him, the bigger Eren's eyes grew wider. His eyes focused on movement... there was light on the other side...

By the time that he crawled through, certain that he was dreaming, huge crowds of people were passing by casually as if they had been there all along and he was the one barging in on them.

"Wha.... how did... it just...?"

His heart pounded rapidly in his chest at the sight before him as his scarf dropped from covering his face. He absolutely... had to be losing it. They were not just dressed strangely... He was not just looking at a place he was sure that didn't exist...! What were those contraptions with weird boxes?! What kind of furniture was that?! Why were they looking at him like he was the one that had come out of nowhere?! He was definitely getting a few stares.

Even if he was wearing all the belts of his gear, Eren didn't feel like the one oddly dressed. He had to be working too hard... that was it...

"I-I've gotta be dreaming this."
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Josh has seen an awful lot of people come and go from the Nexus. People passing through the plaza is pretty much the status quo. However, he's never seen one show up by crawling out from under a tablecloth before.

It can't be his imagination, right? It's way too weird and not nearly grotesque enough to have been something he'd hallucinate. The Canadian pockets his phone and ambles over to the kid slowly.

"You alright there? Need some water?"
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"That happens a lot."

Josh does his best to sound reassuring, though he's certain the statement is anything but. Places aren't supposed to randomly hijack you and put you in a different world. That's not how reality works, generally speaking.

He pulls the kid up to his feet. Hard to guess at his age, but definitely Younger than Joshua was. Seventeen maybe? Eh, close enough probably.

"Glad you're not hurt. Some people end up here in way less harm free ways. I would...think of it like a train station. Do you have those? Buses? Airports? Ports? Basically a central hub, where lots of different folks come and go from all over."
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As if a crowded plaza full of people isn't enough of a clue that this isn't home, there is a glowing ethereal being wrapped in enchanted bandages merely a few yards away, poking at one of those strange box contraptions. Not having much luck with it, he turns and catches sight of the wide-eyed boy who has just emerged from underneath a table.

Someone who is even newer to the Nexus than he is. Excellent.

"Unless you are some sort of druid, then I doubt you are dreaming," he says, his voice as smooth and dark as a black cat. "This is the Nexus, an intersection of realities. Where are you from, young man?"
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"Magic," he answers, with obvious amusement in his voice, before crossing his arms and waiting for the human to collect himself. "As for what happened to your castle, you likely stumbled across a portal that took you here. It's how most people arrive, I've been told."

It doesn't sound like this young man is from Azeroth, which is great news for him. "I have only recently arrived myself. Quite fortuitous for me. Perhaps you will also find a positive to your visit."
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Definitely not from Azeroth, if that's his reaction to the mention of magic. What's this talk of walls? Perhaps the human had been trapped within a citadel. "Congratulations are in order, then," he remarks mildly. "Perhaps you'd care to enlighten me about your situation back home? There is a machine distributing complimentary beverages over by that grouping of chairs, you could help yourself to one while we converse."

It's not exactly on his agenda to sit and chat with a stranger, but he has to admit that he is intrigued by the young man's story. And there is never a bad time to network. "My name is Xevozz, by the way. A merchant by trade, recently relocated to the Nexus."
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So, no magic and limited technology, based on how he's reacting to the concept of a vending machine. No wonder he's so skittish. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Eren. I'll gladly keep my schedule clear if you care to share your story." On that, at least, he sounds genuine. "I have met a number of soldiers in my line of work. I sell arcane weaponry, among other sundries."

Xevozz follows him to the vending machine at a leisurely pace. But when Eren asks for assistance, the ethereal shows uncertainty for the first time. There is a difference between knowing what something is and knowing how to use it. "Pardon me, our technology far more advanced..." He shifts his stance, trying to play it cool. "I believe you enter the numbers that correspond to the item that you want, and then it is delivered at the slot below."
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"It is a kind of magic that can warp time and space." Xevozz gestures with a gauntleted hand. "Much like this place. The air teems with it. The weapons I sold transformed that magic into raw power. Quite the asset for any military."

Not that he shows it, but Xevozz feels a small measure of relief that his own lack of knowledge is overshadowed by Eren's. He shrugs in response to the soldier's question. "Only in some ways. We rely heavily on magic to power our technology. To have something operate on pure mechanics is... intriguing. But enough about me, You were going to tell me about your own world?"
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Easing into a chair of his own, he crosses one leg over the other and folds his hands over his knee, the model of an attentive, sympathetic listener. "Please, no need to apologize. This place can be quite the shock." Not for him, obviously, but no need to rub it in.

A world full of cruel, destructive monsters... ah, the potential for an arms dealer such as himself! Eren's polite deference is met with a low, rolling chuckle. "I have seen far, far worse, Eren. Not in the Nexus, but on my former world. We had giants, and they were as brutish as you describe. They were not called Titans, however, that was a title for the creators of Azeroth. I spent a bit of time there, as well." In a jail cell, but that's not any of Eren's business.

"Tell me, how does one fight these Titans?"
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Xevozz has walked away from a lot of things. Or, more accurately, run away while shooting volatile balls of arcane energy at his pursuers. But if the loss of his world disturbs him at all, he keeps that to himself.

"Hmm, a single point of vulnerability... and you have no other way of ascending? No teleportation or flying apparatus?" That does sound like a difficult enemy indeed. "What is their strategy? Are they intelligent?"

Settling against the back of his chair, he spares a moment or two of thought before replying. "There are several different kinds in Outland. Originally created to protect the landscape, many of them were corrupted by the Legion and are now hostile to all sentient life. There is also a huge mechanical giant called the Fel Reaver who roams Hellfire Peninsula and seems determined to crush everything underfoot as it mills about with little purpose." Incredibly inconvenient when you're trying to conduct a sale in neutral territory.

"The closest to what you describe are Gronn, cantankerous giants made of flesh who are loosely descended from the elemental giants. But none of the humans or other races I encountered let those beings stop them from their explorations. You said earlier that your people were behind some sort of wall?"
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Well, that's a natural enough reaction to the Nexus, but Freddy can't help chuckling. He shakes his head, grinning a bit.

"Naw, you're not dreaming. You've been pulled into the Nexus. It's this weird place and random people just...end up here. Where you from?"
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"I'm Freddy Krueger," he answers, holding out his hand to shake, because his mom actually managed to teach him some manners. "I was in a place called Springwood, right before I got here. You probably never heard of it. I've never heard of Trost."
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You don't need a perfect memory for faces to recognize the new arrivals here (though it helps). Blaze takes notice of this kid as she's passing, and turns her steps this way. There's no missing that she's a soldier, with the advanced plate she's wearing, the guns clipped at her back, the strip of insignia-embroidered cloth at her hip. Nor the fact that she's either mechanical or she's got one really strange helmet.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" There's something faintly odd about her voice, like it's filtered through something. But it's warm, all the same. Good-humored. "You look like you're new here. Need a hand finding your way?"

Something floats up by her shoulder while she talks: a tiny machine with a pointed silver shell and a single bright blue 'eye' that looks Eren up and down.
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Vaclav lives in the Nexus, so he has taken time to get to know the frequent visitors who come here. And from what he can see, this is someone who he hasn't met before, as he walks over to help the kid. With his wild hair covering his eyes, and his torn lab coat sleeves exposing his arms and he is carrying a box of office supplies to one of the many buildings in the plaza.

"Nope, you're so not dreaming! Welcome to the marvelous Nexus Land!"

He drops the box down at his feet, and he sits down into a chair of his own. And with a flip of his hand, he pushes his hair out from his eyes, it won't stay there long but it is worth. He smiles and he mmms. "So I take this is your first time visiting The Nexus?"