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A wild new character has appeared!

It was a suddenly complete shift from a dreary, cloudy day to an all of the sudden sunny one that immediately set off his confusion. Well that and the fact that instead of the bustling street that he has been so used to ever since he bought a dive bar and made it his own, the new surroundings looked akin to what one may designate as a plaza. Plus as he looked at the various buildings, he couldn't spot his bar, or the other businesses that took up shop in the area known as Broadway.

See he was headed back to the Jump Room(said dive bar he owned)from the diner. sometimes he brings his own lunch from his apartment and other times he just goes and eats lunch at the nearby diner. Depends on how busy he is that day really, but it tends to lean more to the latter. Stefan was about halfway there just listening to music when he suddenly felt a rise in the temperature from little brisk to nice and comfortable. It definitely caused him to stop and full alert to what just happened. Especially when he took a casual glance up in the sky and found that it was clear skies as before it was overcast as far as the eye could see. Grey clouds that look like they were on their way to possibly raining later in the day.

Sure the weather in Carbon City can change pretty quickly from time to time, but it was never this quick. Not instantaneously. That fact alone had him playing with the thought that someone subtly used a teleportation spell on him. But he would say he isn't the type to have enemies except the occasional idiot customers who vows they will never drink at the Jump Room ever again for whatever eye roll inducing reason. And that doesn't include the given criminals that run though Carbon City.

He felt it wasn't plausible enough to give it any serious thought, why would someone be enough of an idiot to do such a spell on someone in broad daylight in one of the busiest streets in town?

"Where exactly the hell am I?" Stefan questioned out loud still confused.
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"This isn't Hell, just the Nexus," Freddy drawled, still finding that funny for some reason. "It's a meeting place between realities and weird as anything."
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"I'm Freddy. Where you from Stefan? I'm from a cozy little planet called Earth."
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"Well, let's see. I'm from a small town in America called Springwood. Ronald Reagan is president. We're bickering with the Russians," Freddy lists, laughing a bit.
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"Ten? Damn, son, your world made a mess of things!" Freddy chides, though he's still giving a friendly smile. "I hope our world avoids that. What happened?"
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"North Korea?" Freddy repeats, laughing. "Most people in my time expect that from the Russians! Yeah, once you go with nuclear war, I guess sense gets kicked to the curb. Not that it doesn't anyway."
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"Well, I'm not sure there's much more anywhere else, but at least the Nexus is usually safe and is a lot healthier than that sounds," Freddy offers as consolation.
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"Same as I do here," Freddy said, shrugging. "I run a hardware store and make custom furniture. How about you?"
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Freddy laughs.

"Maybe you should aim for something in between. Fancy is...well, terrible, but you don't have to be a dive either," Freddy says, shrugging.

Yeah, it's a criticism, but a friendly one.
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Freddy nods, chuckling.

"Yeah. Exclusive joints are the worst. Who wants to drink with stuck up people?"

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Vaclav has been busy cleaning out the mess near his warehouse in the Industrial Zone, and he has popped into the plaza to take a break and find something nice and cold to drink at Ice Bear's Cafe. He has managed to find himself an mp3 player, and he has got some ear buds tucked into his ears. There is nothing like a little bit of old technology to keep him happy.

The sounds of Guns 'n Roses 'Don't Cry' can he heard coming from out of the ear buds, but it doesn't stop Vaclav from noticing someone new has arrived in the Nexus. He comes to a stop to take a look at their new visitor. Reaching a hand up to his ears, he yanks out the ear buds, and he waves the other.

"Hello! And welcome to The Nexus! It is a technological wonder world! And don't worry there was no dark magics that brought you here! Oooor maybe you were sent here by dark magics. Nobody quite understands how this place works."
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"Then perhaps someone was playing a very unpleasant joke on you, Mister Stefan." Vaclav looks down at his mp3 player, and he can't help but to smile. It is nice to run into people that are familiar with something's from home.

"And it is nice to meet you too, Stefan. The name is Vaclav." He speaks with a heavy Eastern European accent, as he extends a three-fingered hand to shake.
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Vaclav has a good firm shake, even if his hand is a bit cold. "It is a good name. So tell me more about this place you come from." He sounds curious. "Meeting new people from different worlds is one of the best things about here."
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Vaclav listens intently to Stefan's story about the world that he comes from, and his eyes almost seem to light up in horror. A nuclear bomb of any kind going off is bad. And he can only imagine what happened to both Seoul and Tokyo, along with Korea when the US retaliated.

"Perhaps this is a lesson that the people of my world could learn. Don't let the crazy man get a bomb." He lifts his hand up to the back of his head, and he rubs it in thought. "Who were the other people? As for my world, North Korea exists and there are attempts to keep them from blowing up The United States. And have been since I was just a young man."

"Magic? A world where both magic and technology exist?! That is amazing, Stefan!" He watches the blue ball of energy, and he leans over extending a hand out. "Can I touch it? As for my world, it isn't very interesting. Normal old 2027."