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Stefan Lee Miller ([personal profile] ft_colonel) wrote in [community profile] nexus_crossings2017-05-27 07:10 pm

A wild new character has appeared!

It was a suddenly complete shift from a dreary, cloudy day to an all of the sudden sunny one that immediately set off his confusion. Well that and the fact that instead of the bustling street that he has been so used to ever since he bought a dive bar and made it his own, the new surroundings looked akin to what one may designate as a plaza. Plus as he looked at the various buildings, he couldn't spot his bar, or the other businesses that took up shop in the area known as Broadway.

See he was headed back to the Jump Room(said dive bar he owned)from the diner. sometimes he brings his own lunch from his apartment and other times he just goes and eats lunch at the nearby diner. Depends on how busy he is that day really, but it tends to lean more to the latter. Stefan was about halfway there just listening to music when he suddenly felt a rise in the temperature from little brisk to nice and comfortable. It definitely caused him to stop and full alert to what just happened. Especially when he took a casual glance up in the sky and found that it was clear skies as before it was overcast as far as the eye could see. Grey clouds that look like they were on their way to possibly raining later in the day.

Sure the weather in Carbon City can change pretty quickly from time to time, but it was never this quick. Not instantaneously. That fact alone had him playing with the thought that someone subtly used a teleportation spell on him. But he would say he isn't the type to have enemies except the occasional idiot customers who vows they will never drink at the Jump Room ever again for whatever eye roll inducing reason. And that doesn't include the given criminals that run though Carbon City.

He felt it wasn't plausible enough to give it any serious thought, why would someone be enough of an idiot to do such a spell on someone in broad daylight in one of the busiest streets in town?

"Where exactly the hell am I?" Stefan questioned out loud still confused.

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