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Wrench ([personal profile] meatpuppets) wrote in [community profile] nexus_crossings2017-05-27 10:55 pm

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"Wooooah, so this is The Nexus?" Wrench stands there O O as he takes in the plaza, and the place his best buddy Marcus about. While his bestest bud goes to find them a place to stay, Wrench is just going to find himself a place to have a seat. "I mean I was told about this, but I didn't believe my friend." With a laptop in his hand, he places the sticker-coated laptop on the cushion besides him.

- - "I never thought I'd ever cross into another dimension and sit on a couch before. This is on some cosmic levels of cool, and I got lots of words that I can describe how I'm feeling." Wrench reclines back in his chair with his hand going to rest on the knees of his pants. O O - ? ?

"Questions. Questions. What's the worst question anyone has ever asked you before?"

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