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#covfefe, #wtf, #isthisevenreallife ...

Who has two thumbs and can walk around the Nexus like he doesn't give a single f*ck about whatever is going on around him?  This guy.

His hazel eyes seem to be looking through the people and his surroundings.  With the chin slightly upturned, he has the look of someone who is evaluating everything around him and determining that it's all coming up short.  He's been slipping in and out of the multiversal hub on the regular, but trying not to draw too much attention to himself when he does.  After all, this is the place he goes to for escapism, most of the time.

He's noticed that things are out of place.  The surroundings morph and change around here often, but there's something about it that feels different.  It stands apart from the usual changing and more like ... genesis.  As if the place was rebuilding itself from something.  Although, what it might be rebuilding itself from, he can only guess.  He doesn't keep up as well with the goings on in the Nexus as he does with the news from home.  

One off the rails reality is all he can take and frankly, he's a little more invested in the crazy place that his family lives in. Speaking of crazy news, he does have a question for anyone who wants to take a stab at answering ...

"Any idea what covfefe means?"

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I'm going to reply to this later, but I needed to say, holy shit thank this is amaze
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To be fair, the Nexus is full of people who have no real fucks to give about what's going on around them. Case in point in Delia, who's eyebrows furrow for a moment when she hears Han's question.

"...Hold on a second." She brushes her hair back and fishes an earpiece off of her right ear, examines it, taps it twice (it trills cheerily about a second after she does this), puts it back on, and finger-combs her hair back into place.

"Okay, say that again, if you don't mind? 'Covfefe'?"

While Delia may speak English Federation Standard fairly fluently, there's the occasional flub-up, such as right here, right now.
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There is a young woman taking three strange-looking creatures for a walk through the Plaza. Well, two of them are walking. The third one is perched awkwardly on her shoulder. He's a little too big to be doing that, but the woman is taking it in stride, reaching up to pet him every so often.

The question gives her pause. Completely innocuous in her mind, as she is not from Earth. "Oh, um... maybe it's a kind of pokemon? They have a lot of unusual names..."
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"Oh... okay." Adia fidgets with her scarf, not sure what to make of his response. How can anyone not like pokémon? They're so cute! "Where did you hear that word? Here?"

One of Adia's entourage, a growlithe, sniffs at Han and wags her tail. Hopefully she looks enough like a dog to win him over despite his pokémon prejudice.

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"It means that idiot in the White House is a complete smeghead."

Which...c'mon, is the most accurate descriptor of that idiot ever.
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I'm not old enough to vote and I'm not American, anyway, but that sounds like a pretty good description unless we get into profanity.
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"It's a troll name!" Harrowheart says in full confidence. "Cov'fefe! He's a famous druid, ain't he?"
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"Dunno, but if you find some, I'll snort it and let you know how it goes."
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"Always, baby. And I've done enough to know a drug name when I hear it. Probably something they grew on Aboria. They like weird names."
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"I'm a regular damn explorer in my conviction to get fucked up. Glad I'm getting the recognition that deserves."

Disdain or not, ain't gonna keep him from tugging his lapels and lookin' smug as hell.
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"I think that's what I found while digging in the trash the other night."

Rocket slinks into the Nexus with a wrapper in his hand with the words 'COVFEFE' boldly written on it.

"Tasted pretty good too..." He climbs into a chair and he leans forward. "...So you don't happen to know where I can get some more, do you."
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Took me time to figure out who would enjoy covfefe. :)

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Rocket licks his lips and he tries to figure out what exactly it was that the Covfefe bar had tasted like. It was a strange flavor, almost like a blend of coffee and tree bark. In other words, it was pretty damn tasty and Rocket wouldn't mind digging some more covfefe bars from out of the garbage.

"This whole place might be considered a huge joke to some, but I don't see why anyone would get bent out of shape over candy. Now if I can find that barky goodness with a bit of a punch, I might not kick you in the groin. 'Cause I ain't to sure if you're talkin' about me, the candy, or this place here."

Rocket is missing the joke by a mile. "And if you have to know, it tasted like tree bark. Roasted tree bark mixed with some other alien flavor that I never had before." Lucky for the raccoon he has no idea who or where the origins of the word came from.

"But why are you askin bout this stuff?"
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"It means I probably have about a hundred plus 'special requests' my handler has had to turn down since I'm not in that line of business anymore."

Which some days really feels like a shame.
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"Believe me, our code words are much more...Tony Stark."

There's a snort from the Avenger and a languid shrug of the redhead's shoulders.

"Operation: Legolas, Training Wheels Protocol, Schwarma..." Ticking them off of her perfectly manicured fingers as she lists them off. "But I guaran-damn-tee you he's already coming up with something brilliant and asinine to celebrate 'covfefe'."
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"He thinks he's clever."

And sometimes he is much more than that. Brilliant, even. But Natasha doesn't need to admit it. And certainly never to his face. It would only bolster his ego.

"He doesn't tend to outsource his comedy. Though most of us can give as good as we get."
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"I bet your son has a similar problem to Tony. Most teenagers do."

Not as though Natasha knows all that much about children. She doesn't think she ever was one. She was young once, but never a child. A tool. An asset. Those are different things. But she knows enough to get by, and with Barton's children getting older by the day, she can watch them grow up too.

"I trust your wife has been ripping the capital a new one. No tweets condemning her yet, but he's busy attacking tv show housewives there."
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"It's a pity, because I'd pay to watch the aftermath."

Natasha's fairly certain she'd need to take notes for the level of scathing retort Senator Organa would unleash. Or at the very least get a bag of popcorn for. She's the sort of person the spy admires as being stronger than herself in many ways.

"I hope you and yours are well, aside from the political shitshow reality series the capital has become."
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"I'm sure she and I would get along quite well. I've been told similar things about myself."

Though Natasha knows well enough what not to say around the senator. Mostly. She thinks she does, at any rate. Leia is a woman who understands sacrifice and Natasha isn't altogether certain their worldviews collide enough that she really could offend the other, unless she was deliberately trying to.

"Children...aren't my area of expertise, but I've been told teenage rebellion is common among those seeking attention from their parents." All she can offer is a shrug of her shoulders though. She definitely has little to no experience there. Caring for Wanda was about it, and she didn't spend too much time with the young lady.

"Things are...not the best. I lost a friend in the battle that was fought here. Possibly for good."
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"Best I can. I remind myself there's no where else he'd have rather been. ...And that he's tougher to kill than most people give him credit for."

Natasha shrugs but there's displeasure on her face. No sense in hiding it. It's the expected emotion when things like this happen. And even though he isn't the Han she knows, it's easier to let this one see her emotions than most acquaintances.

"Things back home are still a shitshow. I have my web placed, keeping an ear out for any news on my friends."
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There's a second Han at the table. One who's taken to slipping in here on occasion to escape the war his family is caught in. The brutal invasion of an alien race that's taken his best friend and his youngest son. That nearly took his wife. He has no clue about a First Order or Kylo Ren or a Resistance, but he really would find at least a few similarities.

He stares at the man who looks just like him, a little surprised.

"No idea."

Even the voices are identical...

"This is kriffing creepy..." he mutters.
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(middle of New Jedi Order)

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Han wondered if that's what he would look like in a decade or so, with white hair and all. He didn't know that a third Han was would have definitely surprised him even more.

"Two of me being here is only a little way off normal?" he asked. "I'd hate to see what something really weird is, then. Or maybe not."

"Question is, are you me...or just someone who looks like me? Are you some sort of clone?" he asked.
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"I'm getting that feeling, too." Han nodded.

"Yup." The lopsided grin was returned with another just like it as they shook hands. "Let me guess, that's your name too..."