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Genysis: Forced to start again

Derek walked into the Nexus, rather irritated. The Tech-Com Human Resistance was supposed to win this war, John was supposed to win it for them. Instead, a man named "Pops" came in, the T-800 took over as the leader of the Resistance, and it was a annoyance for the man to serve under a machine leader, but he was doing it for John's sake, he would've wanted it that way.

The old John had died during a fight, he had heard.

He sat at a table, his plasma rifle sitting on a chair.

"So here's a question for you, folks. What would you do when you are forced to adjust to a new beginning?"
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"Gotsta roll with them punches son. Ain't no other way to be."

There's a young girl swinging her feet off of the side of a nearby counter, messily peeling an orange while she chats. She doesn't seem the least bit intimidated by the newcomer or his gear. Tina sees Badasses all the time.

"You look pretty strong anyhow, don't let it affect you none."
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"I've seen plenty of messed up shizz on Pandora, boi."

Tina shrugs and kicks her feet in the air from where she's sitting. She's not tall enough to reach the ground from her seat so wheee.

"Serial killers, giant monsters, aliens, and guns falling from the sky are pretty much a way of life. Me? I'm a detonations MASTAH and ain't no body who knows better mess with Tiny Tina."
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"That sounds an aaaaaaaaawful lot like Hyperion tech. They blast robots down outta the sky from their giant space station. Crate lands with a big bada-boom and then BAM SON ROBOTS WITH LASER GUNS!"

Tina may in fact be making finger guns and mimicking the recoil of said guns going off over and over while she animatedly explains life under Hyperion 'rule' on Pandora.

"Y'all could just be walking along and then ROBOTS OUTTA NOWHERE AAAAAAA-!!"
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Kate feels a strange feeling on the guy but she can't place it.

"Gotta handle what life throws at you. It's not always easy, believe me."

Kate is from another reality, one where only John's body died, and he lived on as a Terminator. She would be confused by Derek but would realize the timeline reasoning.
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", John never betrayed us." Kate was shocked. "John did die, but only his body. He lives in a Terminator body but the person inside is still him."

She began to realize something. "Are you from another future...another timeline? That's the only explanation. My husband came through...the war is over for us."
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"Poor John..." she shook her head. That would be the worst thing he could imagine, and must have broken him if he realized it before....

"So it isn't really's Skynet. It took his body."

"Yes...mostly because Skynet made a mistake. It tried to take over a human. I suppose like what you said. But he was power hungry. Even Skynet was no match. Only by using the Terminator body could John beat him."

She sighed "I wish there was a way to stop things in your timeline. To save John..."

She nodded as he confirmed who she was. "Yes. I'm Kate."
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It was tricky. How much of her current situation with John would be changed by going back and trying again? But at the same time, would it let him live in a human body instead of as a machine? She couldn't be sure.

"It might be worth a try. Obviously, we'd have to be careful. I would love for him to be able to live as a human though...instead of a Terminator. And to stop what happened in your timeline."