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theresistancemustgoon ([personal profile] theresistancemustgoon) wrote in [community profile] nexus_crossings2017-06-09 09:52 am

Genysis: Forced to start again

Derek walked into the Nexus, rather irritated. The Tech-Com Human Resistance was supposed to win this war, John was supposed to win it for them. Instead, a man named "Pops" came in, the T-800 took over as the leader of the Resistance, and it was a annoyance for the man to serve under a machine leader, but he was doing it for John's sake, he would've wanted it that way.

The old John had died during a fight, he had heard.

He sat at a table, his plasma rifle sitting on a chair.

"So here's a question for you, folks. What would you do when you are forced to adjust to a new beginning?"

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