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what they taught you is only in your head

So, maybe Wendla's been traveling back and forth between 19th century small-town Germany and the Nexus. And maybe she's got a few ideas about things, thanks to interacting with a certain boy. And maybe she feels like asking a question, because that's what you do in the Nexus.

Today she stands in the Plaza, holding a sign she's written.

It reads:

Do you think charity is a good thing?

She's got a little frown on her face, as if she's concerned about the nature of the question. And truthfully, she is.
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Reynard is still looking somewhat raggedy, but he's starting to return to some semblance of normality and there's the barest hint of energy in the way he moves through the Nexus. When he spots the sign, he stops.

"Do you sign?" He speaks and signs simultaneously.
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He smiles. It's been a long, long time since he was given a reason to sign, but some things are easy to remember. "Good."

"I think charity is a very admirable thing," he signs to her. "But it is not always good."
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"Because people are not good, and life is not kind." He takes a moment to rub his beard, giving himself a chance to think before he continues. "People take advantage of the charity of others, and use it to hurt them. Some situations mean that charity for others could have long lasting consequences that harm the world or people later."
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Reynard nods. "I'm afraid your friend is right. Not all people are like that, but some are. They do charitable acts because they think it makes them better than other people, it makes them superior. Some even do it to hide the bad things they do."

It's all very dismal sounding, which is why Reynard adds, "I like people, but I do not trust them."
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He tilts his head at her, gently encouraging her to think about what she's just said. "Do people usually do the same things you do, and for the same reasons?"
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Wendla. It is good to see you. How have you been?

The spy sets aside her coffee so she can better sign to the young lady who has become something of a friend to her in the Nexus. The question she has on her sign however, earns her a raised eyebrow.

It depends on what sort of charity you mean.
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Then I'm grateful you were able to see them.

She spends a good minute nodding along with Wendla's clarification but doesn't say anything in return for some time. Questioning the state of social classes and how help is given to those at the lowest is not a simple question.

I think that looking out for those who can't for themselves is a good thing. If the members of the church are helping out of compassion and not just social obligation, then such a charity benefits everyone. The recipients and the volunteers. If not...

This time the spy sighs and gives a small shake of her head

Then only the symptoms of the problem are addressed.
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Natasha's smile is softer now. Her hair falls over one shoulder when she nods and does her best to look reassuring for Wendla. She's so young, too young ot have to worry about such things. Worlds are not always kind to their children.

Hers was not to her. Natasha hopes Wendla's childhood is free of such strife.

If something is the right thing to do and you truly want to help, you are never acting out of obligation. But there can be complications. Giving a beggar coin will often not help said beggar for very long. but give that same coin to a shelter for the homeless, and suddenly you have it being used for beds, food. Volunteering at a soup kitchen does more than you would think. But never overlook simple kindnesses. Above all else, these are people too. The same as you and I.
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Plo emerges from the crowd looking much the same as he was before: still a bit menacing, though he doesn't mean it, and still a bit shabby, which he doesn't mind. He is holding a notebook and pen, but sets them down for a moment in an empty chair.

The hands of a Kel Dor are not quite the hands of a human. He has only three fingers and a thumb to each scarred hand, and then there is the matter of the talons. And so he is not quite suited to this language, and his movements are slow - but they are also careful, without hesitation or mistakes.

Hello. I am glad to see you.

And then he folds his hands, as Jedi do, and slightly bows his head. Then retrieves and offers the notebook, in which he has already written: I cannot hold a conversation yet, I'm afraid. But I wished to greet you properly this time. Hello, Wendla.
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His handwriting goes much more quickly than his signing, though no less carefully.

Thank you, I would like that. And I do - do have an answer, and do believe that charity is a good thing. I have no desire for more than I need, and if a thing I can spare will do more good in the hands of another then I am glad.

It is best of all, perhaps, to help someone such that they will not need to hope for charity again in the future. But this is not always possible. And so, we can only do what we are able to do, in the time that we have to do it.
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When she forgets herself for a moment in her eagerness to continue he only smiles warmly behind his mask, an expression the mask never quite hides completely; ah, youth and enthusiasm.

I am very glad to read that.

If it is all right for me to ask - is there a particular reason the question is on your mind? It is true that some issues surrounding the matter of charity, and how best to perform acts of charity, can at times be more complicated than simply desiring to do good.