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Nightmare Unending

He’s been ghosting about here and there in the past day or two. Sometimes meandering, sometimes motionless in a chair. Sometimes watching people, often staring at nothing. His stride and motions always exaggerated and languid, as if moving underwater. Always in a rumpled academic’s regalia draped upon a tatty brown suit. Shoes perpetually untied, fingers spasming periodically as though struck suddenly by a brilliant, terrible urge that vanishes once more in seconds.

And the cage.

That cage.

The sallow face, the tired eyes, always peering at the world from behind wrought iron. A hexagonal lattice of metal that rises another two heads higher than his own, not including the moulded metal ornaments at each corner’s top, some of them hung with rusted rings. A man otherwise unremarkable in his shabbiness rendered entirely unmistakable by this towering cage he wears on his head.

Slouched in a battered wingback chair, Micolash has been sitting silent and unmoving for some time now. The moment when he finally raises his head enough to look properly at other Nexus-goers is accompanied with a quiet question. He speaks with a low and heavy accent, his tone droning and sleepy. If one is not listening closely, they may miss Micolash’s question entirely amongst the buzz and bustle of the Nexus.

“Is this place…a dream?”
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"Sometimes it may seem like that, stranger."

If on cue, a long eared stranger with blue face tattoos is observing Micolash.
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The more time he spends in the Nexus, the more Viatorus realises how much he likes hearing the various questions people throw out to the strangers around them. It's not even as though he always enjoys answering them, or even the topic they revolve around, but he likes questions. He likes being around questions.

This is a question that, once it catches his ear, is met with a soft trill of a laugh. As if the stranger had just said an incredibly funny, incredibly secret joke. Viatorus looks at the Nexus-goer and blinks. It's the first time he's seen the cage and it, along with the question, has his mind tumbling through a series of curious thoughts. How connected is the question and the cage? Does the man long for freedom? Dream of it?

He becomes aware that he's staring, and he's just laughed. Sheepishly, he smiles and shakes his head. "It's not a dream. It shares some attributes with a dream, like it's predictable unpredictability, but it's not a dream."
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An answer leading onto a hundred more questions. That's familiar.

Viatorus steps closer, hesitantly raising a hand and gently clearing his throat to catch the man's attention. "Um. Excuse me. This... This is the Nexus. It's a meeting point between worlds. A crossroads. Any, um, any maps o-or directions you have probably aren't relevant here."

Maybe that will help clear things up. He's a little bit worried all those papers will go flying and the man will lose them all. Once the thought strikes him he finds himself becoming nervous for the safety of the notes.
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"Only some days," Viatorus quips, pleased with himself for the joke until he wonders if he might be misunderstood. His face quickly straightens and he adds, "N-N-Not an actual nightmare. No, it's... it's just the Nexus."

He blinks as his mind catches up with him and he tilts his head at the man. "'The' Nightmare? Were you looking for a particular one?"

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Despite having had many humans as clients, Xevozz has a difficult time telling them apart. Or, rather, their minute differences in appearance mean little to him unless relevant to a particular business transaction.

This human, however, has quite the unusual headgear. it's enough to catch the ethereal's attention. Is he a tormented soul, a victim of something like the Legion? Or is it an elaborate fashion statement? Curious, he approaches, in time to hear the murmured question.

"Only metaphorically, so far as I can tell," he answers, his voice rich with amusement. He looks rather dream-like himself, glowing violet between the bandages. "Are you new to the Nexus? This place can be rather overwhelming to newcomers."
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That wasn't exactly the reaction he was expecting, but Xevozz isn't complaining. He takes a seat close to the tattered scholar, all the better to be admired. "Is the world you are from a dream, then? Having only recently arrived here myself, let me assure you that the Nexus is rich with opportunity. You may find this new dream more to your liking."
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"You chose to enter a nightmare based on academic interest?" He's not sure whether that's incredibly clever or incredibly stupid. What sorts of arcane power must lie beyond the waking world... "My kind do not sleep, I cannot fathom what that must have been like for you."

He sits back and crosses his legs, dusting a bit of imaginary dirt off his robes. "My world was often described as a nightmare, but only by those with a lack of imagination and fortitude. There were many benefits if one had the spirit of an entrepreneur."

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Someone not already well acquainted with the alien and the grotesque might reasonably think that a Kel Dor is the sort of creature that would be right at home in some less pleasant dream. Then again, someone who is familiar might just as reasonably think the same: this scarred, leathery creature with talons on his hands and something like fangs in the shape of his mask.

But really he is only a mortal thing, more than a little shabby himself, though tidier about the little details, like tying the laces of his boots. His voice is very deep, but it is also kind.

"Not as far as I know. Though there are some belief systems that say we are all of us a dream of something else, but I cannot say whether that's so. Are you all right?"
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Indeed, the man does seem wrong, or at least he seems as though some wrong has been done, whether with intent or no. It is difficult to say for certain without prying further with such senses as he has been given, which, for now, cannot be justified even in the name of compassion. Conquer curiosity. Plo will find out in time or he will not; the stranger will ask for help, or he will not. Until such time as I'm fine changes, or the Force tells Plo otherwise, privacy must be respected.

Sometimes that is all one can do, and having power does not change it.

"Nor does it fit neatly into the shape of things as I have ever understood them," he says, gently. "But I suppose there is always another level, isn't there? Perhaps, if one accepts it, understanding will follow in time."
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"That may be so." Plo does not say the words merely to placate a quite-probably-unwell man, or simply for the sake of having said something. He says them because it may indeed be so; they lack a shared frame of reference, to be sure, above and beyond whatever has happened to this stranger's spirit to make him this way, but there are fragments of familiar things in that murmuring.

Some sort of spiritual journey, it would indeed seem, though who knows by what means or to what end. Or at what cost, considering.

"I confess I have not much studied nightmares, though I suppose one could say that my people's journeys have much to do with the mysteries of reality, and at times, in our way, with dreams. Even in my galaxy there are thousands of paths taken to reach the same mysteries, which are known by many names. Is there anything more that you would be willing to share with me about the path that you follow?"

Perhaps he will understand. Perhaps he will not. It hurts nothing to listen, or to at least be willing to listen. There is no ignorance. A portion of another precept: he was taught quite a few.

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"You know...that's a question I've never thought to put to this place."

A woman's voice carries across the Plaza. She is anything but old fashioned clad in her high heels and slinky black dress. While her attire may be striking it is the emptiness in her eyes and the carefully sculpted monotony of her voice that are hardest to overlook. She is a woman who commands attention and hides from it all at the same time.

"It might perhaps be someone's dream. Or something. But I high doubt it is yours or mine."
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Natasha doesn't so much as bat an eye at the man's odd choice of headdress. Rest assured, good sir, that is hardly the most ridiculous outfit she has seen in her time as an Avenger. She spends her life dealing with whack jobs whose sense of style is as batty as the rest of them.

"My track record with non-mortals is a bit spotty. I'm equally as likely to work with them or put them down." Caged Dozing Man has a bit of a point though. It's more than likely that whatever powerful enough to dream entire worlds into existence wouldn't be bound by simple ties like mortality.

Please don't let it be a murder-bot simulated world.

"You have experience in these kinds of things?"

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"I do not think it is a dream." A voice, seemingly disembodied is heard from above.

"But I think a dreamer could arrive here. You don't seem like you are dreaming, but it can be hard to tell..." At a glance, at the top of one's peripheral vision, there is the flutter of tattered cloth. Looking up proper, it appears Abysa is floating above, his cloth robes appearing weightless as though he is underwater.

"What is this?" He reaches out and taps the top of Micolash's head cage with his long slender fingers.
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"Mensis?" Abysa floats lower, assuming a sitting position in mid-air. He leans forward a bit, as though trying to get a better look at the face inside the cage. Strange that there is nothing where on would have eyes or a nose, and blindfolded on top of that.

"Is it to do with the passage of time?" He reaches out with his long arm and fingers again, touching the bars of the cage. He begins to smile, noticing the fellow's gaze following him.

"Oh, you can see me."

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