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A Touch of Inspiration

Sheets of paper are strewn about the Nexus today. Moreso than usual, and not just the innumerable 'Welcome to the Nexus, Newcomer!' pamphlets that can be found all over the Plaza. They're full of nearly ineligible scrawling (and some of them are sticky eww--oh wait that's just raspberry jam) but the title of each sheet is the same.

BUNKERS AND BADASSES Campaign the Second

Near the center of this litterocalypse sits Tiny Tina, a crayon tucked behind her ear while she writes fervently over yet another piece of paper in pen. A plate of crumpets sits to the side, only one of them half eaten. The young lady groans in frustration before balling up this piece of paper too and chucking it behind her.

"Hey y'all so I'm trying to plan a new Bunkers an' Badasses campaign but I gotta get some new ideas son or it's gonna be one hell of a lame trek through imagination land, ya dig? What's the most awesomest adventure you ever been on? Or, if you're hella lame and haven't saved the world or conquered one in the name of crumpets or what have yas, what kind of character would you play in an adventure game?"
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Micolash might have been easily mistaken for an average homeless person if it hadn't been for his cage. Instead, he's a bizarre homeless person, slumped sideways on a park bench, cage against the arm rest and face against his cage. He appears to be sleeping fitfully, his fingers, face and feet twitching sporadically. When a tossed, wadded piece of paper sails his way and plinks off his iron bars, the man wakes with a start, making a brief strangled noise of shock. He bolts upright, looking around as if expecting some manner of attacker, perhaps.

But then Micolash spots the crumpled paper slightly above his eye level, wedged between the bars of his chapeau. He reaches up and dislodges it, unfolding it gingerly before reading the words. A fresh look around now, realizing that the place is littered with discarded paper. Interested, or perhaps just keen on saving some paper for his OWN notes, Micolash gets up and begins gathering more.

And this effort eventually leads him to the source. Both hands still clutching all the rumpled papers he's collected and unfolded and stacked into a sheaf, the scholar peers curiously at the girl.

"...I've been on quite the adventure," he eventually replies, his voice having the usual slow and meandering cadence. "Would you like to hear it?"
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Micolash doesn't mind stares in the least. Or maybe the more accurate term is he doesn't notice them. He does it enough in turn to others. When Tina takes him up on his offer, the man smiles and lowers himself into a cross-legged seat on the floor. The retrieved papers rest in his lap, hands crossed over the top of them.

"Sir isn't necessary. Professor or Headmaster if you must settle a title." That said, Micolash fold and unfolds his fingers, thinking how to start. Might as well where all good bedtime stories do. "Once upon a time, I, the Headmaster of Mensis, I successfully contacted a special child. One from the stars. And from there, I was able to move my entire school to the world it came from. A frightful place. But my my, one of great learning. Great Insight."

Micolash is addressing Tina as the kid she appears to be, which may or may not be patronizing. But at least it's not maliciously done. Holding one spindly finger up, he asks, "Do you know what I had to do next, now in this Frontier with a celestial child under my care?"
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"The students who were supposed to come with me..." He pauses. How to put this. How to explain things like desiccated corpses animated as puppets, the questionable origin of a mass of twitching flesh, rheumy eyes and pulsing gristle.

"...didn't make the trip as expected. But it was all right, Mergo- that was its name, the celestial child -and I made it relatively unscathed. So I needed someone to help me take care of Mergo. But given that it was so remarkable, so special, it would require an equally special nanny."

He takes one of the pieces of rumpled paper that Tina had discarded previously and pulls a ballpoint pen from his breast pocket. Thanks to Xevozz, Micolash now has a writing pen that doesn't require an inkwell! How neat. He clicks the button and starts drawing on the back of the character sheet. Illustrating the outline of a building, and then a series of twisting tunnels under it, overlapping and folding across one another like a maze.

"Back at the college I'd studied before, they'd found a labyrinthine tomb beneath it. And exploring it found wondrous creatures under there. Beings we humans had never seen before. An entire civilization buried, lost, until our discovery. And there, is where I found her."

The drawn pathways finally are given an ending, a circular chamber where the labyrinth finally terminates. And now in that circle, Micolash bows his head (careful of not being hit by his cage, Tina) and starts drawing something residing in this chamber. What gradually comes to form is something consisting of mostly dark scribbles and hatching. Something with many arms, many weapons, and black wings. Once the man has finished this illustration to his satisfaction, he turns it around so Tina can see it properly.

"She was to be Mergo's wet nurse," Micolash explains, tapping a finger at the curious head the creature sports. Like it's an elongated hood draped on an unseen and long-necked head. "Fiercely protective, caring, able to nurture Mergo in ways that a mere human could not. Isn't she lovely?" He speaks of this dark being with nothing but admiration, maybe even fondness.
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"Not a name I could pronounce or hear, I'm afraid. She was simply called the wet nurse. She was given free reign of the balconies of Mensis to care for Mergo. I remained in the lower studies to pursue my ongoing studies." As he talks, Micolash studies the pen in his hand as he talks, click-clicking the nib out and in repeatedly.

"A vault is a very good name for what was under Byrgenwerth. So much locked-away knowledge. How could you not be drawn to their secrets?"

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It's Tina herself, rather than her question (or the discarded sheets of paper), that attract Adia's attention. They had met briefly during the invasion, and Adia still isn't sure what to make of the girl. "Hi, Tina. I'm glad to see you're okay." She fidgets with the ends of her scarf, wanting to answer her question but not knowing how. She's been on plenty of adventures, but she wouldn't call any of them awesome. "I haven't played a lot of adventure games, but I usually pick the ones that can have pets, or interact with animals somehow."

Which might explain the trio of pokémon who have accompanied her trek to the Plaza. All three of them are interested in the crumpled up balls of paper, probably because of the raspberry jam. Sarah has even picked one up in her mouth. She places it in front of Tina and eagerly wags her tail. Are we playing fetch, new friend?
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"I'm okay," she replies shyly. She looks better since the last time Tina saw her. Of course, the fact that no one is currently destroying the Nexus probably has something to do with it.

Her uncertainty vanishes in the face of Tina's enthusiastic reaction to Sarah. She smiles and relaxes, remembering her own internal squealing when she first met Steve's pokémon. "They are, aren't they? They're called pokémon. I'm watching them for a friend. Um, that one's a girl, actually. Her name's Sarah."

The growlithe wiggles her whole back end with excitement. Yes, yes she is a good girl! Throw the paper! She dashes after it, catching it easily and returning it to Tina. The paper might be singed a little at the edges in her excitement. The one that looks like a little dinosaur is ambling about, although she does lift her head and rumble a hello to Tina when her cuteness is also acknowledged.

Bucky, however, does not appear flattered in the slightest. He puffs up and glares at Tina. He is not kawaii, how very dare you. Adia sighs and pats down his feathers. "Sorry, Bucky's wary of strangers. Ethel is friendly, though."
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Sarah dashes after the paper ball as eagerly as she did the first. Yay, fetch! Best day ever!

"Oh, thank you, but I didn't name her. They belong to Steve. He was hurt during the invasion and is recovering off-world." She'll spare the gory details, although she suspects that it wouldn't faze Tina. "They're great, aren't they? I've really enjoyed taking care of them."

Ethel basks in the attention before nosing through the field of crumpled up papers once more. Bucky, however, appears unmoved. No, he does not want a crumpet, Tina. He turns his whole head away, his beak up in the air.

...but those crumpets smell really good. Is that raspberry filling? He loves raspberries...

"It's okay, Bucky." Adia gives him an encouraging pat on the head. "I'm safe. Tina's a friend. You can have a treat."

Sarah dashes over, paper ball forgotten. Did somebody say treat? She'll take that crumpet if Bucky doesn't want it...

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The sea takes a great deal of time to travel from place to place, and Tyrion has had about enough of it. And now he is going to stretch his legs, and not have to smell the stink of those on the ship with him as he travels onwards to Westeros to see that one's destiny is claimed.

But as he's meandering with a goblet of alien wine, Tyrion can't help but notice there is someone of his stature here. And he is not going to hesitate to head over to join her at her table. "Why hello there!" And perhaps it is the question she is seeking an answer that is more of a draw to, not to mention the litter of paper on the ground.

"And to answer your question, it seems my life has been one grand adventure as of late. Though if you can give me just a moment, I'll be more than happy to share one of my favorites." He places the goblet of wine on the top of the table, and he grabs hold of a chair and he goes to sit himself down on it.
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Tyrion looks at the krumpets, and he does help himself to one. He never was one to turn down the offering of food. It would be rude for him to do other wise. He takes a healthy bite, and he tries his best to translate what she's saying.

"Games with giant monsters? Right, I've almost forgotten about how this world works. But my story doesn't have giant monsters. My story has little me, and my adventure to a wonderful but not so wonderful place called The Vale. And while, I wasn't alone, being ambushed by members of the Hill Tribes."

He takes another bite of his krumpet, and he puts the uneaten half on the table so he can tell his story the best he can. "They are brutish sort, completely uncivilized, but they're a fierce lot when they're in combat. But back to my story that is also a story in itself, but it is quite long, so I'll spare you."
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"No they're not exactly like a robber. They're well..." Tyrion tries to find a good way to describe his old friends. "They're different from the rest of us Westerosi. And the story does have a good ending, but anyway, let me continue."

Tyrion talks and he holds up a hand, as he talks. "I was on the Vale, because I was accused of nearly killing someone's son. I didn't do it. But that was beside the point. But after proving that I was innocent, a very close friend and I were headed back to King's Landing. We had stopped for the night, and we were ambushed by one of the Hill's Tribes."

He leans over to grab another krumpet, and he takes a big bite out of it. "Mmm. Delicious."

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"Leaving a hell of a paper trail, aren't you?" Blaze she's a a kid she probably won't get that joke. Don't be so pleased with yourself. The Exo pulls off her helmet, kneeling down to take a better look at Tina. Ghost is already sneaking down to check out her notes.

"Glad to see you're okay, kid." Is her voice a little more rough than usual? Must be static in her circuits. "Sounds like a fun game you're working on. If you want, I could tell you about the time I had to go help some friends break out of the Vault of Glass."
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Blaze wraps her arms around the girl and gives her a careful squeeze that probably carries more static than intended, before she lets Tina go to give Ghost his hug. The Exo leans an arm on her knee and watches them, wondering how she of all people wound up trying to watch over a child. But someone should do it. And in Tina's case, that someone better be fireproof.

Besides, watching her hug Ghost is about the cutest thing Blaze has ever seen.

"Hi, Tina." The little bot peers up from her arms. "It's good to see you again."

"Hunting's good," she says, pulling a stone bench up to the table so she can sit across from Tina. "System's infested with blight thanks to a Hive god, but we're rooting it out bit by bit. We've seen what that bile-spawned monster has to throw at us now, don't have to worry about a lot of nasty surprises. Word is the Vanguard sent a raiding party to finish him off for good, so give it a couple days and we'll really be celebrating.

"But that's not the story I was gearing up to tell. Not yet." She leans on the table, making it creak. "I ever tell you about the Vex? Vicious machines that share one mind across time and space. They have a foothold on the next planet in from ours - Venus."
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"Missed you too, kid." Blaze reaches out to brush down Tina's hair, but given that her hands carry the most charge this only makes the new hairdo more impressive. Oh well. Maybe she'll do better at story time.

"Think of a volcanic world, covered with lush jungles, acidic seas, sulfurous plains. Out on a stretch of ocean cliffs there's a complex of ruins. Stone and black metal, all laced with Vex conduits and all of them too old to be possible. Well, at the heart of them, sunk into the mountains, is a great circular door. And behind that door lies something called the Vault of Glass.

"I've heard some people call it a Vex underworld, or a weapons development facility. I'm not sure what it is, but down in the Vault are things never seen outside. Advanced Vex from the far future, primitive Vex from the distant past. Places where time warps around you. There's a labyrinth patrolled by Vex Gorgons that'll erase you from the timeline itself if they even spot you.

"Anyway, that didn't stop us. More than a year ago now, a team of Guardians penetrated all the way to the heart of the Vault and slew its master. It's weaker now, but it's still incredibly dangerous. Wish I could've seen it before," she adds. Not that she's wistful. Thoughtful, that's all.

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