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Spoliers Behind the Cut ... )

~~~~~ Sometime later ~~~~~

Well after the spy had adjusted to the challenge of what it was like to 'blend in' in a place that was a melting pot of many different universes, he finds himself sitting in a bar - the light ale in front of him had already gone warm, while he aimlessly traced his fingers along the edge of the glass.

Jyn, Kaytoo, Bodhi, Chirrut and Baze.

It had been days of mapping out the ever-shifting terrain of the Nexus and still, he hadn't found any of them. Now he had to begin to ask himself what he would do if he was the only one who had made it here. What kind of life he would live if he had no friends in this place and no cause to fight for. The thoughts didn't sit very well with him.

He finds himself compelled to ask a question now, dispite having said only a dozen words aloud all day ...

"What do you do with yourself when the fighting is over?"
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So there’s a mead hall in the Nexus- well, most of a mead hall. It’s not far from the Wilds and close enough to the recent battlegrounds that it caught some fire from an errant energy blast, or perhaps one of those giant constructs Khan was flinging about. One long side of the elegantly carved hall has been blasted open, leaving a three-sided building with half a roof, some long tables and a well-stocked bar inside.

The proprietors have just run with it. A few tables of varying size have been moved out onto the singed grass outside. Signs propped up nearby advertise “OPEN BAR and, tacked on at the bottom: “+ FOOD”. The fire-pits are crackling merrily, the sun is shining, and a few careworn Nexus-goers have already settled in for some hard drinking. Haven’t they all earned it?

There’s one small catch. Heading in to take up that offer gets you flagged down by the Exo in space plate-armor leaning against the bar counter. It looks like she’s doodling on a napkin. Her tiny Ghost companion is hovering by her shoulder as usual.

“Hey,” she calls out, scrunching up the napkin in a metal fist. “Tell me the things you’re proud to have done.”
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There is a woman that suddenly appears in the Plaza (as one does, we suppose). She's wearing a dress that looks like it's seen better days--it's covered in sand, seaweed, and is a little bit soaked. Her hair is disheveled, her face is a bit dirty, and she probably smells like boats and ocean and starfish.

Oh, and she's pretty ticked off.

She's seen the helpful pamphlets. She's read the signs. She knows the rules. And so she speaks.

"What," Ariadne asks, through clenched teeth, "What do you do when someone who you clearly trusted, very very much, abandons you?"

What can we say? The princess of Crete likes to get to the point.
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It is an overcast day out in the wilds of the Nexus. A nice cool spring breeze comes whipping through the trees, and the sound of a hammer hitting metal can be heard for miles. And with the fight with Augmented and Khan now over, Danse took his battered power armor back to the Atomic Range to do some much-needed repairs on it. The outside workbench is a great place for Danse to work, and to recover from the pounding that he took during the invasion. Finding materials to junk wasn't exactly hard, and as he bends down behind the knee, there is something that was bothering him. It was bothering him ever since. The fact the people who live here should be taught to properly defend themselves the next time the anti-violence field goes to shit.

In his mind, something needs to be done, and as he lifts his head up Danse asks. "I wonder if people would be interested in defense training. And would people be interested in helping training those who are interested?" And he knows that not everyone who visits the Nexus often, nor calls the place home.

"And what is the most trouble you have found yourself in?" He asks honestly, as he looks back to the piece of leg armor and he begins to bang out a massive dent in it. "And how did you get yourself out of the trouble that either found you, or the trouble that you got into?" It is a simple enough question.
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The atmosphere in the Nexus is downright despondent lately. Winter is over, but people don't seem to be spending much time outside enjoying it. The crowds that normally flood the Plaza have thinned drastically and many people talk in hushed voices and look around as though someone might be watching them.

Ben would love it if he wasn't so weirded out by the change from the normal. This is the sort of tone appropriate for his bedroom or a funeral, not the weird ass place his father loves to wander around in whenever he's avoiding their mother. The young man stops and slips his phone (complete with death star case) into his pocket.

"Who force choked a goddamn cat in here?"

His hands are on his hips as he addresses the Nexus. Seriously, this place is making him seem cheerful and that cannot stand.
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There is another newcomer to the Nexus who is hanging out on a patch of grass at the park sitting cross-legged with a laptop resting in his lap. And buzzing high above Marcus is a helicopter drone, and if one were to peer over his lap, they would see he is trying to capture an image of a small nest with the camera attachment of the drone.

Sure, he figures he ought to ask questions of where he is, but Marcus isn't the freaking out sort when it comes for his love of sci-fi portals. "A'right..." He stops flying the drone, and he leaves it to whir over the nest of fire lizards. "I got a question to ask. What is your favorite hobby?" It is a simple question, and one he thinks will get many answers. He looks excited from the look on his face.

Oh boy, oh boy. He has a way back home, and he cannot wait to tell Wrench and Josh about this place. "This place is so awesome..." He squeals under his breath. "An inter-dimensional portal to another universe is my wet dream of wet dreams. Hahaha. Wrench eat your mask."
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Jalan had been through Hel. No literally. He'd walked through actual Hel and it honestly was one of the worst experiences of his life. Far less fire and brimstone then he thought though. It was mostly just a vast endless gray desert. Filled with, of course, countless abominations that wouldn't be out of place in the deepest dankest of nightmares. Which was why he was so very incredibly thrilled to discover there was actually an Exit. An exit that would take you anywhere you thought of when you opened it. Unless you weren't thinking of a 'where'. Then it just dumped you kinda... wherever. And Jalan wasn't really thinking about anything besides outrunning the terrifying lady demon who seemed rather keen on tearing off his delicate bits.

So he really didn't care very much where he ended up as he tumbled through the door. He spun around to slam the door shut, a magical black key clutched in his hand ready to lock it up tight so Little Miss Hellspawn couldn't eat his soul... only to discover there was no door. He looked around in confusion but ended up breathing a sigh of relief. His key was on a chain so he slipped it back around his neck as he got a good look around.

Didn't recognize anything one bit. But he wasn't really concerned. Honestly he was just grateful that he was alive and not in Hel, and there were no undead monstrosities looking at him with hungry eyes.

Of course what assaulted HIS eyes was a cacophony of colors and people and just a chaotic blend of LIFE IN GENERAL.  Which was confusing all get out but definitely a relief after unending hellspawn for what felt like months.  Still it left him a little lost as to what exactly to do next.  While he wasn't too sure where exactly he was he also wasn't too keen on getting back to where he technically should be despite all the responsibilities and things left undone he had.  Procrastination and avoidance were two of his greatest skills after all.  Right after being charming and running really fast away from danger.

Speaking of being charming, he certainly needed to tap into that ability to address some of his more pressing issues.

"Pardon me," Lost, alone, and on the verge of dehydration, the prince put on his best, most charming of smiles and waved to the closest person, "Any chance you can point me in the direction of some decent food and drink? A change of clothes too... these have. Had it I think."

Plus he felt as if he was sticking out like a sore thumb. Most of the people here... well they weren't dressed like him really. In fact a lot of them reminded him of the little he'd seen of the ancient Builder's culture. Weird.
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Not everyone who frequents the Nexus was unfortunate enough to be caught up in Khan's attack. Reynard had ended Winter in his own world and engaged in his usual annual seclusion that, as it always did, ended once he had run out of alcohol. The sight of an obliterated Nexus was not the pub crawling paradise he'd remembered it as. It seems that he's missed the action and stumbled into the aftermath. People are tired, disoriented, upset and in shock, or powering through their emotions by helping organise everyone else. Without much of a thought, Reynard falls into a group that is already working to set everything right again. Or as right as things can be set. As it turns out, an atmosphere of destruction and tragedy does wonders for a Spring-sick Winter spirit. 

He looks as awful as he feels, and far more sober than he'd like to be. He's forgone his coat, but kept his gloves on and a makeshift mask for the work at hand. Reynard has volunteered for the grim task of working with the dead. In a shaded area he helps move bodies to rest side by side, covered in shrouds that have started to vary in colour as they run through their supplies. These are the ones who have not, or cannot, be identified. 

It's been a long day, and it's been hard graft, and everything feels hotter than it is, especially with the cloth around his face. Reynard takes his gloves off, leans against the edge of a table, and pulls away the mask, revealing an unkempt beard. "What would you like to happen at your funeral?"
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The monastery by the cliffs has been abandoned for decades, crumbling away in an austere and usually silent location. Its newest and sole occupant seems to be trying to chase away the eerie atmosphere single handedly, having filled the place for days with the sounds of scuffing feet, blades thudding into defenseless trees and grunts of effort.

Gwalchmei falters in the familiar sword drill at the exact moment the sun disappears below the horizon. The light has yet to fade much but he feels its loss creeping that much closer, as surely as he feels the sword in his hand or the ground beneath his feet.

Alone as he is he allows himself the weakness of stopping and lowering his sword and shield, unable to hold back the shudder that racks his frame. He can feel the tiredness burning through his limbs now, far more sharply than he could before and while a more sensible man would take that as a sign to stop and rest, this exhaustion is exactly what he has exiled himself all the way out here to beat. He has to be strong enough at all times of day if he is to lead, that much has been made painfully clear to him of late.

With a cry of frustration he lifts his arms again, so much heavier than just moments before, and charges the gap between two small trees, slicing at one with blade covertly lining the edge of his shield and crossing one foot in front of the other whirls sharply to strike at the other tree. Only to find his sword tugged from his grip by some unseen force to clatter to the ground some distance away from him. In what appears to be a courtyard full of chairs. In bright mid afternoon sunlight.

"How is this possible?"
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Rubbing her throbbing head, Tielle slowly opens here eyes to find herself slumped against the wall of a dark alley. The last thing she remembered was being thrown into a dark portal while doing battle with Lillianus, a demoness driven mad with the lust for vengeance against her family. Letting out a groan, she dusted off her black silk dress, catching her balance against the wall as she tried to stand.

"Next time I'll have her head on a pike... but for now I have more pressing matters to attend to... namely figuring out where I am now..."

She winced in pain, a burning sensation searing her shoulder as a ray of sunlight broke through the shadows of the dark alley. She quickly pressed her body against the wall, doing her best to stay in the shadows. Noticing a small door to her left, she slipped inside.

She struggled to keep her balance as she entered what appeared to be a dimly lit cafe. Glad to be indoors and out of the sun, she took a seat at a small table in the corner of the room to rest her weary body, as well as figure out her next course of action.
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Gunfire pierces the air. Bullet and blaster alike sending swift lethal force. There's shattered windows and debris everywhere. No one's walking the streets now. Those that can have closed up their shops, bars, and gambling dens and gone into hiding.

Steve crouches behind a dumpster as a pair of Augments walk by, holding his breath and waiting until their footsteps have left his range of hearing. Ahead of him is an open lot, with plenty of access on all sides. This is as good as he's going to get.

He sets up the holo device quickly. Waits for Blaze's signal. It isn't until he gets the text from the Exo's Ghost that Steve hooks up the coupling and hits the button.

"Enterprise, this is Kirk. I'm scanning for any signs of hostile activity. Be ready on my signal."

The facsimile of the Captain looks real enough to touch. Steve peers out from his hiding spot and watches the two Augments look his way, then hurry off. Good. Let them get Khan. Steve picks up the device and creeps along the side of the building, making "Kirk" follow him in a careful walk. Ghost wasn't kidding. There really isn't a lot of range for this thing. Steve needs to find a spot to put it down and hide.

"What. Have. We. Here?"

Every word is steel and ice. Steve turns quickly, eyes widening at the floating figure hovering over him. He doesn't even register the blast when it connects. There's just a knifing pain, and the world fading to black....

Pathetic, even for a human. Khan tosses the body aside so he can crush that hologram device. Even as an image, he cannot stand the sight of James Kirk.

[We're nearing the end folks! Time to team up and take down the big bad Khan before he kills more Nexus denizens. Thread jumping is encouraged as people will need to work together to take this guy down. Blaze has been gathering forces so feel free to assume your character is nearby to witness this or just arriving having been rounded up by her.]
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There is a new arrival in the Nexus today; one Lincoln Clay is leaning back against the hood of his black 68' Charger with his hands resting on the hood. The car looks dusty, as if he has been driving through the desert or the back roads of yonder. This isn't The Bayou where he was heading out to make a run to deliver some shine to Nicki.

"Don't suppose anyone knows where the hell I am?" It is a simple enough question, and while he has seen his deal of fucked up shit, The Plaza seems to take the cake. But Lincoln does his best to keep a level head on his shoulders. He lifts his hand up from the hood of the car, and he absently goes to dig into his army jacket to find himself a pack of unfiltered cigarettes.

"Though I'm sure everyone tends to ask that question." He pulls out the soft pack, and he slides a cigarette out and he places it between his lips. "But that's the question I'm gonna ask." He isn't exactly sure how he got here, but perhaps it has something to do with Father James telling him to put away the life of crime to start over again with his life.
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An explosion rocks the Nexus, huge plumes of noxious black smoke pluming up from the Underbelly.

Panic spreads as people hurry to evacuate. Visitors to their own worlds, natives to their homes or to their homes with the doors shut tight and locked. Everyone is panicking, yelling, screaming. The streets become flooded with those running from downtown out toward the Plaza.

Khan Noonien Singh stands amid the rubble with a dozen or so more of his crew at his sides. A few are making short work out of anyone trying to stop them. The rest are watching in vague amusement as their leader holds a rather unfortunate man aloft by his collar and makes his demands.

"I have only one question for you. Where is James T. Kirk?" The man shakes his head--he's never heard of such a person.

A pity. He could have perhaps kept his brain inside his skull if he'd known. His screams fall silent and Khan drops the body.

"Kill anyone who stands in our way. We are taking over this place." He issues his orders while he steps on the corpse of the man he'd just slain. He smirks, the eerie red glow around him never ceases its ominous presence. His rage powered the red ring on his finger, and that rage was certainly not in short supply.

"After all, who's going to stop us?"

[OOC: READ THIS FIRST. Khan and his crew have breached the AV field and are making a systematic takeover of the Nexus, heading toward the Plaza. Questions, concerns and the like should be DM'd to me or to [personal profile] frozenloyals. Have fun!]
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The plaza is never really empty in the Nexus, but it isn't too often that a little flock of people gathers around a certain spot - unless, of course, something interesting is happening there.

And interesting it is! Charlatan really tries his best to provide the colorful mixture of individuals with entertainment, of which more than a half he was sure could see right through that human face he wears like an elaborate mask...though they didn't seem to know his profession, or else they wouldn't be around to watch.

"Come forth, come forth!" he calls out, voice slick and smooth as always when he's trying to get new 'customers', knocking briefly on the table in front of him. It's a simple plastic folding table draped over with crimson fabric to appear more fancy than it is, but what interests the people much more is the trio of cups that are turned over which he continuously pushes, fast enough that it is difficult to discern which one is which.

" One dollar per try! If you can guess in which cup it is after i mixed it, you get two! Who wants to try, who hasn't yet? It's not as easy as it looks~!"

He waves a hand at a passing stranger, grin lighting up enough to reveal small, yet sharp canines.

"What about you, dear passerby? Care to try?"

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Adia is sitting at a computer terminal in the Plaza with a pint of cookie dough ice cream and a carton of boxed wine, watching cute animal videos online and occasionally wiping at her red-rimmed eyes with the back of her hand.

It's every bad break-up cliché, but Adia does not care. After recently experiencing the (second) worst day of life, she needs a break. And unfortunately, the only place she can get that is the Nexus.

She clicks on a thumbnail of a hamster eating a tiny burrito and takes a swig of wine while it loads. "How do you get over someone," she asks the Nexus unhappily, "When they've clearly gotten over you?"
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While she has no idea she's wandered into a completely new city - or indeed, nexus - Rory does know that she's almost out of cash. On a good day she can make enough for a day or two's worth of food, and by the looks of this place, doing that shouldn't be difficult.

It's not long before she's found a place to park herself. It's a nice, open space. The weather's okay, and there's more people gradually passing through. Now all Rory had to do was hope the footfall keeps up and that people were feeling generous.

Once her guitar case is set a foot or so in front of her, Rory rolls up the sleeves of her jean jacket, and plays a few quiet notes before she finally settles on a song to start off her set. While the state of her clothes and her bag leave something to be desired, she's not self conscious about her voice or singing in public, and it's a song she loves; here's hoping other people like it too.
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At the moment, there's a woman. A woman with deep green skin, black hair, an eyepatch over her right eye, and wearing a simple coat, loose pants, and heeled boots. She's leaning back on the bench she's sitting on with her arms spread over the back of it, and her legs crossed.

"So here's a good old fashioned debate I've had with a number of acquaintances of mine." She says as she addresses the Nexus, "Do you do things in an unorthodox fashion? In ways that are, as the humans say, 'outside the box'? Or do you do things by the book? Following the rules and staying within the lines?

She then debates for a moment and then adds, "Or perhaps you follow some combination of both in some contradictory way?"
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While it's not as rare these days to see the patron without her brother, it's still not common for her to stop and address the Nexus. More often than not she has a mission in mind and is hard pushed to deviate from it. This time it seems she's changed her mind... Or more likely has taken time out specifically to accommodate this particular foray into the public eye.

As per usual, Isidor is dressed immaculately with her well cut business suit, a heavy necklace being the only contrast to the conventional attire. She has managed to find herself a seat with a table, somewhere to set her coffee while she talks. "Where do you find your strength when you're at your weakest? What do you do, who do you look for?"
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"... I wanted snow."

For once. In his life.

Here he was again, dressed to the nines in what was clearly a sharp Armani suit, heavily decorated cane at his side tapping against the pavement in obvious annoyance. Midge, a fat, fluffy corgi, had taken his place beside him, stuffed happily into an obnoxiously pink sweater with the words 'garbage disposal' lovingly embroidered on it.

"I come up here in winter, I made plans for snowshoeing, I go through all the pains of getting everything together, and all I get is two inches." There's a long, disgruntled pause.

"... Well isn't that just the story of my life."

Well now what.

"... What else do people do when there's no snow in winter? Other than sit inside the house and complain about being cold?"
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Well this was a frustrating predicament. Instead of letting him out back in Soul Society, the Senkaimon that Hitsugaya had been traveling through had opened up...

...into a huge plaza with way too much furniture. And Matsumoto and the others hadn't arrived there with him. Great.

Hitsugaya let out an irritated huff. He had no idea if it was technically even possible to somehow be redirected back to the human world while in a Senkaimon, but wherever he was certainly wasn't the Seireitei and that was the only scenario he could think of to explain it... No time to worry about hows and whys, though - he had to get back. Preparing himself to activate the Senkaimon for what would hopefully be a proper return trip this time, he unsheathed Hyourinmaru and thrust the sword into the air in front of him to open the portal.

Cut for length! )

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