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+1 Treasure Hunter

The most notable characteristic of this new stranger is how each of his features exude exhaustion. His eyes are heavily lidded, and his back arches with subtlety while his shoulders hunch with the droop of his posture. His face, though etched with weariness, is calm. Discern only seems to appear in the downward tug of the corner of his mouth when he reaches into his front pocket and comes out empty handed. He peers down at a lighter, which had been tucked into the palm of his other hand, with a jaded frown.

"Just when I thought the adventure was over..." His voice is quiet, laced with a slight Boston accent, the spoken words said as an absent thought made vocal. Hazel eyes return to gaze at the unfamiliar surroundings, jumping languidly from one passerby to another. He straightens himself, stretches his arms upwards and outwards, and rubs at a bandage on his bicep as his arms return back to his sides.


Nothing ever gets done by standing around.

"Hey--" He reaches out not to touch, but to capture the attention of another. "You happen to have a smoke on you?"

[ ooc: Hey Nexus, I missed you ♡ Linds popping back in after a few months with a brand new muse. Say hello to Samuel Drake from the Uncharted series. For anyone familiar with it, he's taken after the events of the game (not the epilogue). For anyone unfamiliar, I'll be throwing in a link to the game wiki in my profile soon if you're interested. ]
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There's a woman watching the newcomer for quite some time, though he may or may not be aware of it. She makes her career out of being noticed only when she wants to be, after all. She actually gets up form her seat and leaves at one point, though it's only to wander off to one of the many eccentric vending machines in the Nexus.

When she comes back, she's holding out a pack of cigarettes. Sorry bub, it won't be in any language he recognizes. The Nexus is weird that way, best not to ask too many questions.

"Here. There's plenty of places to sit and put your feet up if you need to."
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"If I'm the warmest welcome you've met in a while, you have my sympathies. I'm not known for being warm or welcome." Depending on who you ask, but she has an image to maintain here. Scruffy pilots and upstart nerds aside, Natasha is neither warm nor welcoming to most.

"You looked like you'd had a shit day." Week, year, life. Point is, it's a look she recognizes, and one she respects. People only get to look that way if they've endured. Just what she has no idea. Not even sure she cares. But it's a connection, and that's all that's important for now.

"At least you're not bruised and banged up all to hell. That tends to happen with some of the newcomers."
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"You're forgetting the coffee and complimentary plate of pastries."

There's a drawl to Natasha's voice, a telltale sign that she's teasing and kidding around. Though with her imposing presence and monotone voice it can be hard to tell. In this case though, not so much. Considering she's playing along and all with his quips.

"I've had a fair share of those." Understanding colors her voice, makes it lose some of it's edge and grow quieter. Still, she stares at the hand for a second before offering a perfectly manicured one back with a grip that is confident and strong.

"Natasha Romanov."
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"The coffee can be arranged. The killing, not so much. There's a field in the Nexus that stops damn near any kind of violence. Best not to think about it too hard unless you like nosebleeds and the taste of purple."

It's not that much of a mind fuck but it's definitely a lot to take in, especially for those from low to no magic in their worlds. Though Natasha has seen more and more instances of the bizarre where and when she's from than most. It still doesn't completely prepare one for the Nexus's menagerie of strangeness.

"So. American. Fairly modern, by the look of your clothes. At least we're both from some version of Earth. What's your home like?"
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"Just explaining the nature of this place before experience does it for you." The redhead shrugs her shoulders, arms folded over her chest. She turns with a click of her heels against the pavement and starts walking across the plaza. After a few steps however, she turns and glances over her shoulder, one eyebrow raised.

"Are you coming?" He does want that coffee, right?

"Prison's always a trying thing." Speaking from experience, there. "Thirteen years, though? Shit." There's no prison around that could keep her that long. Well, maybe the Raft, but she's trying really hard to put such places out of her head. "Glad you got out."
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Good thing Samuel doesn't touch, this suit is expensive. Don't crease it with your greasy human fingers! Shark looks up at the man, first vaguely annoyed, then smirking.

"I got all sorts of things to smoke, depending on your price range," he answers while tugging at one cuff, then the other. "You buyin'?"
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Shark's smarmy smile falls almost instantly. "Are you for real? No one who's anyone gets by on handouts, pal." This only prompts the little alien to give the guy a fresh look-over, taking in properly now how scruffy the guy is. Vagrant? Exile? Whatever.

"Fine. Here." He reaches inside the jacket of his suit, pulling out a metal cigarette holder and clicking it open. Sam is soon offered a single cigarette held out in gloved fingers; it looks hand-rolled? Should he be trusting something like this? With the sketchy pitch the guy gave earlier, who knows what's in this cig. Then again, maybe a little special smoke in the lungs is what Sam needs after all.

"First hit's free." Ah. Confirmed.