moratorium_mai: (Oh no... Not again!)
Mai Kashiwagi ([personal profile] moratorium_mai) wrote in [community profile] nexus_crossings 2016-08-25 02:36 am (UTC)

The Nexus? Different realities? That had to mean they were someplace far, far away from Tokyo. We're in... That sounded so hard for to believe right then, that she had stepped into another reality.

For that moment, Mai felt like she couldn't breathe. The part about there being no payphone sucked. "What about a cell phone?"

She had been furious at times over Dad almost never coming home, but it wasn't like she didn't want to see him again. She'd tell him that, but not really mean it. She didn't want to lose the only family she had, even though Dad wasn't always there when she needed him. Running away meant being even more alone than she had felt before.

I'm not going crazy... That was good to know, but what was said after that sure wasn't. She got out? "You got out? But you're still here!" Almost everything was going wrong, and then more wrong by the minute, and most of it defied all nature. Fear had just entered into her voice, and into her brown eyes as they widened. "What should I do? Walk around until I find another of these portals?"

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