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Adia Costas ([personal profile] chiron_survivor) wrote in [community profile] nexus_crossings 2016-08-25 01:26 pm (UTC)

"Oh... no, there is internet. On a computer terminal, at least." There must be one around here somewhere. Adia always managed to find one when she needed to.

Her eyes widened sympathetically at Mai's tears. Briefly, she thought about offering Mai a tissue, but she didn't have one, and it'd probably be just as dusty as her clothes if she did. "It'll be okay," she said again, as if that could somehow make everything better.

"I was never stuck... I mean, once I tried to leave the Nexus, I was able to go home the way I came. But..." Hesitantly, she pulls out of her pocket a futuristic-looking stopwatch and shows it to Mai. "I got one of these. It's called a PINpoint, and it lets me teleport. There was a vending machine that gave them out for free..." She frowns uneasily. "But... I don't think this is the same place I used to visit. Or the same area of the Nexus. They might not have them anymore."

((I used to play Adia ages ago in a LJ community called dear_multiverse that had PINpoints as part of its setting. It's up to you if you want Mai to have access to that same technology or for this Nexus to be different enough that she needs to find another way home. ))

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