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[[Oh, I used to RP at LJ a lot myself! :D I think I’ll roll with this. Now that Mai has seen Adia’s PINpoint, she’s going to be determined to know more about it. I had this other character at a Nexus spot here on DW, nexus_sages I think it’s called. Declan found his way back through the right door. I’m thinking that may be how she finds her way back to her Tokyo, after the search for the PINpoint vending machine fails.]]

There was internet? There could be hope of contacting Dad after all! This...reality place... wasn’t entirely different from where she came from, but she still felt so unprepared and unsure. Part of her wanted to know why this happened, and wondered how many more people had found themselves in such a weird place, with a weird name.

Normally, Mai didn’t rely on another person for anything, but she had been caught off guard. To know invisible portals existed to snatch people up and trap them hadn’t appealed to her at all.

Mai stared at the fancy looking stopwatch the lady showed her. She made eye contact with her, then glanced back at the watch, bewildered and a bit skeptical. “For free? Why? ...Wouldn’t there be someone making a ton of money off of them?” That explanation didn’t make much sense to Mai. “How does it work?” Other than its metallic design, the PINpoint looked sort of like the kind of watch gym teacher would use to test a track runner’s speed.

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