moratorium_mai: (Oh no... Not again!)
Mai Kashiwagi ([personal profile] moratorium_mai) wrote in [community profile] nexus_crossings 2016-08-26 03:06 am (UTC)

Mai moved back a bit, startled to see this man who had green skin. She had not expected that!

A multidimensional hub? Whaaat? Mai had no clue what that was, or why she had "stumbled" into this Nexus place.

After a fleeting moment, her voice came back. "O-Other variants? What does that mean?! There's only one Tokyo I know of!" The high pitched tone and the wide-eyed look on her expression obviously mean she was freaking out. To her, what the green man had explained didn't make any sense.

I'm dreaming this up. Maybe I'm going crazy! This can't be real! Of course, if this was a dream, then she had no clue why this really skinny, strange looking man would be in it.

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