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"This isn't... the way to the video store."

Mai couldn't begin to guess why the way ahead looked so different. What happened? She had been minding her own business, looking for something to do until it would be time to go to school.

What really weirded and creeped her out was the fact that the familiar buildings, sidewalks, and streets weren't present. I can't be dreaming this up. I don't have dreams like this! What in the world was going on? Was she still in Tokyo?!

There was no way all those office buildings and skyscrapers could change so fast! It just wasn't physically possible. It didn't make sense!

Mai was on the move as she was failing to make sense of this. She felt slightly relieved to see someone nearby. Slightly, for if this person turned out to be somebody who would harm her, she would run for it.

Forget the video store. She wanted to go home. "Excuse me! Could you please help? How far is Shinjuku East from here?" Mai couldn't remember feeling so uneasy and on the verge of freaking out.
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"Yes. That is correct."

[He's still worried about the girl's condition, given her shock towards the whole situation. To be fair, he's dealt with a lot of young children who have struggles of their own. Then again, those students never found themselves in a multidimensional hub.]

"Some of the phones the vendors sell around here might be able to reach your world. I make no promises though." [Even his own cell phone doesn't have that capability yet, although it seems like people can reach other Nexus-goers with their phones easily.]

"...I will do all I can to help."