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Now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn


He'd been trapped on that miserable rock for weeks.

Surviving on rat-like creatures caught with his bare hands, pools of fetid water.

In the meantime, he'd brooded and raged and mused, the fire of his hatred for Captain James T. Kirk being the only fires stoked to keep warm. It would take a lot more than surviving on rodents to kill him, but the isolation and helplessness was infuriating.

He'd explored as much as he could, finding no other living soul. No sign of civilization.

Until one day, something crashed through the cave he was in and illuminated the darkness with a crimson light. An alien being, dying of injuries of a battle, had sensed his rage and with its last breath, bequeathed him a curiosity. A red ring.

You have great rage in your heart... began a voice in his head.


Some time later, a door in the Nexus opened.

It wasn't the first time he'd been back here. He'd stolen a trip back to a certain Starfleet prison.

He's wearing a grayish trench coat over that black shirt he was wearing before but the Starfleet insignia is glowing red, with a strange glowing symbol on it.

In fact, he was sort of glowing a bit himself, like an inner red light from within.

The red, blood-like plasma dripping from his mouth was probably not a reassuring sight to anyone that happened to encounter him.
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Hippolyta Hollister was not your usual Nexus denizen. Hippolyta Hollister had eyes in the back of her head. Hippolyta Hollister would kick ass, take names, and refuse any other narrative.

Hippolyta Hollister also had a giant soft spot for villains. Ask her late husband. Or Deadpool. Or Arnold Rimmer.

"Oi. You got something. There."

She gestured at his chin, confident in her ability to shrug off anybody she wanted.
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"Cute," she drawled, rolling her eyes. "That and a buck nickel will get you a cup of coffee."

Hi, Khaaaaaaan. Hips had shagged Kirk, once upon a time. Hips had no shame when it come to men. And Hips had a giant fucking gun, and no compunctions for using it.

"For real. Get a damn napkin. It's gross."
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"Actually, yeah. I've got a big problem. Yuuuuge, to coin a phrase."

She was standing casually, right hand resting over her left wrist, and that cocky little smirk on her face didn't budge an inch.

"I'm honestly having a problem deciding what kind of animal to turn you into. I mean, should it be something cute and fluffy, for irony's sake? Should it be small and easily stepped on? Something large and unusual to stick in a zoo? I mean, I'm just torn."

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After a brief trip from the shooting range, a certain Helghast with reddish eyes stalked the villain into the night with his invisibility.

Radec's eyes landed on a man with a trench coat and a woman.

"Is there a problem, here?"

[He's still invisible]
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Hope you like this!

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The Colonel made his way forward and appeared right into front of the man. If Khan looked closer, he might notice Radec's choice of clothing. Black armor, red "eyes" and a breathing mask.

"I showed myself, Who are you by the way?"
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Radec eyed the man "Khan, huh? I don't think I'm the lucky one, It's me you should worry about."
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Officer Suou has seen the Starfleet Insignia before.

He's fairly certain they're not supposed to look a barely functioning corpse leaking red plasma out of its face. He's going to have to have words with the so-called captain about introducing contaminations into the Nexus. That doesn't look healthy and if it's contagious that's going to go from inconvenient to panic inducing. He's seen plagues in the Nexus before (just ask Ms. Hippolyta).

"Do you....require medical attention?"
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"Can't say that I do."

Or cares, but Officer Suou is a polite man who is above the temptation of making smartass comments at anyone and anything he sees--unlike certain captains who should really be more professional. How did he ever get to be in charge of anything? Katsuya really doesn't understand it.

"You've certainly looked better. Of that I can nearly guarantee."
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"I see. And are you looking for the rest of your people?"

See, Katsuya doesn't recognize that name, but he does recognize the Starfleet insignia. And he happens to have a certain captain in his contacts list of his Nexus phone.

"I'm not familiar with you. But Captain Kirk might be. He's a regular in these parts."

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There's a double-take when Felix sees that face, no longer a tiny image on a screen but all too real and far too present. The legionnaire just stares for a second, a shock running up his spine, hairs on the back of his neck bristling. And then his expression relaxes into polite concern. No hiding the sharp curiosity in his eyes, though. He hopes he doesn't look all that threatening - his armor looks like he just stepped out of a movie set in ancient Rome, ancient stuff to someone of Jim's Earth. And he hasn't even a weapon or helm on him.

He must be cautious. Jim spoke of Khan - not often, but oh how much was said - and Felix would have felt, until this moment, that he'd been well warned of the danger this man could pose. But Jim never said that he was anything but a man, however brilliant or strong or ruthless. Yet there is something more here, and the conjurer has to fight the urge to twitch and back away.

It's not for nothing that he's spent his career learning to speak with beings older and vaster and typically less kind than himself, however. Felix clears his throat and tucks the books he's carrying behind his back as he asks, "Are you well, sir?"
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Felix would certainly feel better with some cosmic power right now. Or not, if it made him a more obvious target.

"Ah, that's some reassurance." There's a swift flicker of a smile, easy and bright; then he taps the side of his mouth with a finger. "Though- you, er, seem to be bleeding?"

Even if he didn't know who he was talking to, that would be in no sense a good sign. He feels he can be excused for studying the man carefully.
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He can't be blamed for raising his eyebrows at that, surely. "Well, that's good. Peculiar illnesses aren't unheard of in this place, and I'd hate to see anyone else fall prey to them."

Felix tilts his head, voice dropping a little as he speaks. "But then, 'illness' would be exactly the wrong word, if I were to judge..."

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This poor guy is getting all the creepers and the lurkers today. Ixis Naugus has been a long time absent and it seems he's not super keen on making his reintegration into Nexus society widely known just yet. Or maybe he's forgotten how to interact after being holed up so long.

Whatever the reason, there's a complete grotesquery of a man hunched in the shadows of a nearby alcove, perched on a wall's overhanging lip a good seven feet off the ground. A massive kangaroo-like tail dangles to one side, the tip curling and uncurling like a contemplative cat.

"Yours or someone else's?" he finally says abruptly from his comforting darkness, his voice a touch too loud and demanding.