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Now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn


He'd been trapped on that miserable rock for weeks.

Surviving on rat-like creatures caught with his bare hands, pools of fetid water.

In the meantime, he'd brooded and raged and mused, the fire of his hatred for Captain James T. Kirk being the only fires stoked to keep warm. It would take a lot more than surviving on rodents to kill him, but the isolation and helplessness was infuriating.

He'd explored as much as he could, finding no other living soul. No sign of civilization.

Until one day, something crashed through the cave he was in and illuminated the darkness with a crimson light. An alien being, dying of injuries of a battle, had sensed his rage and with its last breath, bequeathed him a curiosity. A red ring.

You have great rage in your heart... began a voice in his head.


Some time later, a door in the Nexus opened.

It wasn't the first time he'd been back here. He'd stolen a trip back to a certain Starfleet prison.

He's wearing a grayish trench coat over that black shirt he was wearing before but the Starfleet insignia is glowing red, with a strange glowing symbol on it.

In fact, he was sort of glowing a bit himself, like an inner red light from within.

The red, blood-like plasma dripping from his mouth was probably not a reassuring sight to anyone that happened to encounter him.

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