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"Wooooah, so this is The Nexus?" Wrench stands there O O as he takes in the plaza, and the place his best buddy Marcus about. While his bestest bud goes to find them a place to stay, Wrench is just going to find himself a place to have a seat. "I mean I was told about this, but I didn't believe my friend." With a laptop in his hand, he places the sticker-coated laptop on the cushion besides him.

- - "I never thought I'd ever cross into another dimension and sit on a couch before. This is on some cosmic levels of cool, and I got lots of words that I can describe how I'm feeling." Wrench reclines back in his chair with his hand going to rest on the knees of his pants. O O - ? ?

"Questions. Questions. What's the worst question anyone has ever asked you before?"
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There's an exceptionally strange man with even stranger ideas of what makes good headgear who's been sitting nearly motionless in a nearby chair. Hands resting on his knees in an echo of Wrench's posture, long legs resting askew with his untied shoes planted on the floor. He might even look like some kind of bizarre art fixture on account of his surreal cage hat and the complete lack of movement or sound.

But when he hears the word 'cosmic', Micolash laughs low and breathy to himself.

"Worst...question," he eventually drawls in a meandering accent, his words drawn out as if distracted with other thoughts or simply considering this one very carefully.

"I think. That would be the question: Why?"
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Micolash raises his head slightly more now, no longer looking vacantly at the floor. His eyes do seem to be profoundly tired, however, peering from behind a square opening in the cage's bars. He smiles despite this though, even if the expression is moderately queasy.

"Why? Whyyyyy why?" Micolash repeats, drawing out the word before chuckling. "Why is a bloodless inquiry. The desiccated husk of morality, demanding answers for actions that speak for themselves. Ascendancy should be...self-explanatory!"

He also seems to ignore the question about where one can find another cage like his.
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Micolash is silent for a drawn-out moment before tilting his head forward, which is an interesting feat with that elongated cage around it. He chuckles softly and tsks, wagging his finger at Wrench in mock admonishment.

"Bloodless and tailless."

He sees what you're up to, buddy.
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"Oh dear, dear. I can't abide by such base anti-intellectualism. Such aversion to discovery. How sad. How terribly sad..."

Micolash trails off in that droning way his speech tends to do, soon engaging in another one of his prolonged silences. Long enough that it's sort of awkward. Long enough that, coupled with his slouch in the chair and his haphazard legs, it might even seem like he's fallen asleep or something similiar. Only thing disproving that is his tired eyes still being half-open. Even if they're kinda unfocused and staring off into the middle distance in front of him.

...Yeah. Officially awkward.
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The conversation seems to rouse the drowsy(?) Micolash once more, turning his caged head towards Wrench to offer a tired smile. "Ohh, of course. Of course! What is research but a foraging for answers. But 'why' simply injects petty politics or debates of morality. Quagmires of pointless asides. Of spineless demands. It is one thing to ask 'why are we here.' And quite another to ask 'why have you done this'."

The smile widens slightly upon the offered introduction. "Micolash. Headmaster of Mensis."
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"New...bee?" The look of puzzlement makes it clear he's never heard such a term. "'re asking if I'm a local, I'm only poised to disappoint. I am a fresh arrival to this..." The prolonged pause this time is less dreamy and more nervous now; even if his expression remains overall tired and placid, his tongue runs over his upper teeth as he searches for a term. "...Dream."

Like the question of cage acquisition before, the request to share research is overlooked. Or ignored.
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"Ah. I see." Filing that away for future reference, perhaps. Although Wrench's further rumination seems to further stir Micolash from his repose. He sits up more, hands moving to grip the arms of his chair.

"...Did you say...dimensions?"
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Micolash smiles weakly as he holds up a single finger.

"Only the once. After the ritual. Returning back was not...ideal. Which is why I find it so queer to be in another realm altogether."
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"It is not what I have been lead to believe is possible. Even when I dedicated years and years to study of what already seemed unreal. It does not fall into the understanding we at Mensis had been led to conclude. I'm afraid this place not being...a figment. Undoes a great deal of my research. It will be prudent to step back and rethink the nature of reality if this place remains a constant and is not simply..." His focus drifts off again briefly, a drawn-out pause as if he'd forgotten he was speaking to another, before he resumes that sentence, "...a passing fever dream."

Wrench describing his ideal discoveries in the Nexus prompts a thin giggle from Micolash. "Endearingly....childish," he concludes. "Heed that the mind of a child is hardly a bad thing. They perceive without bias, without expectation. Boundless, really, in a way that is impossible to recapture."
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Adia is in the Plaza, helping herself to a cup of coffee from the free coffee machine near the vending machines, Steve's trio of pokemon waiting impatiently at her heels. She spends all her free time in the Nexus either caring for them or learning how to care for them, and she needs the caffeine.

Despite that, she's still willing to answer a stranger's question. The mask takes her by surprise, but only for a moment. "Oh... um, probably anyone on my ship asking me where I've been. I haven't told them about this place..." She's a little envious that this newcomer has a friend willing to share the details. She wishes that she could bring one of her friends here. "I like your mask, the, um... the eye thing that it does."

She hopes that it's a mask. She didn't just make a horrible faux pas, did she?
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Wrench's reaction takes her completely by surprise. She looks around in case there are some legitimately scary animals about, but no dice. She looks down at her pokemon, who seem equally confused. Well, except for the rufflet, who flies up to the top of a vending machine and proudly puffs up his feathery crest. That's right, who's the badass now?

Adia sets down her cup, but before she can say anything, the growlithe decides that this must be some sort of game -- like hide and seek but with more flailing -- and trots towards the couch Wrench is now cowering behind. "Sarah, hold on a second!" Adia hurries over, intercepting the pokemon. "Hey, it's okay... um, sir? They're completely harmless. Well, except for Bucky, but... um, it's okay, I'll keep them away. Can I get you a cup of coffee? It's free."
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Ethel, who had been completely minding her business over by the coffee machine, tilts her head and gives a puzzled snort. Bucky, meanwhile, meets Wrench's dirty look with one of his own, not liking this man's attitude.

It takes Adia a moment to understand what Wrench is ranting about, and even then it doesn't make much sense. Dolphins? World domination? "I'll keep them by the coffee machine," she promises. "C'mere, Sarah... that's a good girl. You sit over her by Bucky and Ethel, okay?"

She presses button on the coffee machine for another cup, a small frown on her face. She's not thrilled about how this man is talking about Steve's pokemon, but he's scared and new to the Nexus, so she'll let it slide for now. "How do you talk your coffee? And... Marcus? That's your friend's name?" Wait, didn't she meet a Marcus recently? "Is he the one who came here with his drone the other day?"
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"I don't have to keep an eye on them, they'll stay put," she replies mildly as Wrench's coffee is dispensed. She's trying to be accommodating, but it's difficult for her to understand how anyone could be afraid of such cute animals, or think they'd be up to nefarious things.

She adds plenty of sugar to his cup, stopping just short of turning the liquid sludgy. To her own cup she adds a splash of cream. Then she walks over and hands him the coffee. "Here you go... I met Marcus the other day in the park, he's very nice." What an odd pair they make, she thinks as she sits down on the other end of the couch. Marcus loved playing with Steve's pokémon... you'd think he'd at least warn his friend that there was animals int he Nexus, considering his phobia...

At least Wrench seems a lot friendlier now that he isn't ranting about dolphin mind control or whatever. "Oh, a 3D printer... the engineering department had one of those, it was quite a marvel. I would have liked one for our lab, but we couldn't justify the expense."
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A small, defensive frown appears on her face, but she doesn't say anything. It's one thing to be afraid of animals, it's another to foist that phobia onto her. She looks over at the three pokémon, to make sure they're doing okay. Bucky is still glaring at Wrench, but he's keeping his distance. Ethel has decided this is a good time for a nap. Sarah is also lying down, her head resting on her paws and her eyes big and sad over the fact that no one is playing with her.

Adia returns her attention to Wrench. She's relieved to see that it is indeed a mask he's wearing. One can never be entirely sure in the Nexus. "He told me a little bit about what he does... so you're trying to expose corruption, too?" She raises her eyebrows a little at the dreamboat comment and takes a sip of her coffee.

And nearly spits it out at his offer. "Um..." She clears her throat. "Thanks. I'll pass on the... on the gun." She shifts awkwardly in her seat. "Marcus told me he's going to make part of the space an arcade. I think that'll be a nice addition to the Nexus."
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The emoticon eyes are the only saving grace to the mask, as far as Adia is concerned. She doesn't like that she can't see his face... or maybe she's put off by the talk of explosive dildos. Probably both. What is this guy, twelve? "You can't hurt anyone with a gun, I don't know if that'll prevent it from firing at all, though."

Watching him drink his coffee, she realizes she never answered him about the cost. It's tempting to give him some arbitrary price. Some money would be nice... but no, that would dishonest. She feels bad for even thinking of it. "That coffee machine is free, by the way. It makes tea and hot chocolate, too."

At least the subject has shifted to something more pleasant. Adia takes a sip of her own coffee before responding. "I don't think I've ever seen a holo-deck here, but there is a lot of holographic merchandise in the shopping district."
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She pales at the thought of this trigger-happy hooligan shooting a gun at Marcus and frantically waves her hands. "Hey, hey. No. That is a really bad idea. We've had the AV field get disabled at least twice now, and sometimes it'll drop out if it thinks the violence is consensual. Marcus could get hurt, or worse. Just take my word for it, or... or shoot it at a wooden dummy or something. There's a firing range around here if you're that desperate."

It's not like Marcus probably can't take care of himself, especially since he's probably used to his friend's antics by now, but Adia is not going to keep quiet about gun safety. Not after what's lived through.
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This guy is not taking her warning seriously. More than that, he seems to be actively trying to aggravate her. It makes her look away unhappily. "No, it -- no, I don't think the AV field is sentient. I'm just saying it's not entirely reliable."

Perhaps sensing her displeasure, Bucky resumes his creepy bird stare, fluttering to land on a closer vending machine and glaring down at the weird man in the mask. Are you hassling her friend, bro?
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" 'Do you think it's poisonous?' "

There's a list of awful questions to be asked, and that's right up there with the worst of them. Especially when it's asked after ingesting the suspect item. The Canadian shrugs and takes a seat on a nearby bench.

"Whats with the face thing?"
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"A bit? It was an irritant, let's put it that way."

The aftermath was not pretty for anyone involved. Josh would prefer to leave it at that. One of the dangers of having a large group of friends who all enjoy drinking a bit more than they should and who are city kids with no idea how to handle themselves out in the wilderness.

"Don't eat random plants you find no matter how good they look. It was a drunk decision at least."

The comment about his face has Josh frowning thoughtfully, unsure what the appropriate response is to such a revelation.

"At least it's expressive? It looks well made."
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"You're from SoCal? That's cool, bro. My dad does work in Hollywood, but me and my family are from Alberta. Canada, I mean. I've not been to San Francisco before though. We didn't head down to the States all that often, and when we did it was usually to his premiers."

Josh tries not to make a big deal about the guy and his mask. Everyone's got their own baggage and disfigurement is a hefty one to bear.
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"Right. Sorry, like I said, I've only been to the states a few times. "

Josh rubs at the back of his neck but doesn't dwell too long on the impromptu geography lesson. It's all South compared to Canada, anyway.

"He did, yeah. Semi-retired now. Still works on a few projects for folks he knows. But he's in set design and special effect, not executive stuff. Mostly did horror movies. You should see the props he keeps laying around in his workshop."