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After the weapons' test on Jedha was a great success, that night (or what passes as "night" on the Death Star) Krennic is en route to his personal quarters to do a little private celebration. Technically, he throws a party in the officers' lounge, the one for high-ranking officers (although of course the petty officers and tech people are welcome to celebrate in their own lounges), but he avoided coming there right now since he heard that the Grand Moff is there, stealing his spotlight. Krennic knows that he can't possibly avoid him forever, but a drink or two from his own personal collection, and he would be gold dealing with his archrival and the bane of his existence. However, when he exited the turbolift to his level, he came out in a...strange place instead of the usual corridor with stormtroopers patrolling through it.

He ended up in the Plaza of the Nexus. He was first confused, then irritated, and started asking around (demanding more like) about where in the stars he is, and got the same explanation. Krennic couldn't really accept it, thinking that this was some sort of a weird dream or a holographic prank someone played on him (most likely Tarkin, to keep him out from his own party celebrating his own greatness), but while he is still in the phase of denial, a random someone foisted him with a bag of sweets, telling him "Happy Halloween" and left before Krennic could accost him, and then another, and then another. In the end, he ended up with too much sweets--foreign sweets that he had never even seen before--his hands full of it, and what's worse, one of those idiots who forcefully gave him that told him that he had a nice costume. They think he was dressing up for this weird "Halloween" event, whatever the kriff it is.

He should probably sit down, or drop all the sweets, or better yet, throw them to somebody's face since that's how infuriated Krennic is right now, but as it stands, he's currently standing in the middle of the plaza with hands full of sweets. Someone please help him. 
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Freddy is sitting in the middle of the plaza, at a small chair and table set. He's carving a pumpkin to look like a giant, glaring eye. His encounter with Micolash really spooked him! But, despite that, he's content, sipping at some hot cider and relaxing in the cool air. He grins and nods at passerby who seem receptive to small, friendly acts.

"It's almost Halloween where I'm from, the spookiest night of the year. So, what scares people around here? I don't mean the obvious, depressing stuff. We're all scared of death and being in pain, losing loved ones, and all that. I don't mean phobias, either. Who doesn't have a hang-up about spiders or something?"

He pauses, carving a bit more, then continues.

"I guess I mean, what really just creeps people out? What gives you the skin-crawling, heebie jeebies?"

He chuckles to himself a bit.

"While I'm at it, is there anyone around here who usually does up a haunted house around this time?"
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So, what were the odds of a new visitor falling from the sky?

Because that's exactly what's happening here. The only warning is a panicked screaming from above before a limbless robot sphere drops in from out of nowhere and crashes into a conveniently placed couch.

"AAAGH!" The robot's optic darts about as he tries to get some sense of where he is. "What? Is this space? I mean, of course this isn't space, looks like it. But then again, I honestly have no idea where I am."

Talkative, ain't he?

"How did I even get here without getting smashed up and dying?!"
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One of these days, Adia will ask the Nexus something simple and innocuous. A question about ice cream, or beekeeping. A topic without the weight of an entire world behind it.

Today is not that day.

"H-hey!" she calls out, looking around frantically for a familiar face. She's dressed like she's been doing field work, her khakis grass-stained and her boots muddy. She's got her messenger bag slung over her shoulder, and she's already pulling papers from it. Photographs of what look like satellite images, too.

"Does anyone have a picture of Earth I can see? From space, I mean. It's important!"
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He could... remember dying. The slow death afforded him by Aldrich as he'd been devoured and his appearance adopted by the wretch. And yet he's thankful for it, it spares Yorshka whatever fate Aldrich and Sulyvahn might have given her.

This is not what he imagined death to be for one like him. In fact, he'd never imagined death, he was a god. The last god of Anor Londo, Gwyn's only remaining loyal child as far as he was aware. Gwynevere had left to marry and disappeared, his brother was erased from history, Filianore... he'd heard nothing of her in millenia.

And now he finds himself in the midst of the Plaza, gold helmet still (somehow) firmly in place and hiding his face down to his mouth, silver hair peeking out from the back under a sheer white fabric, not unlike silk. He's pale and wears white robes, accented with gold, long white gloves, and carries a catalyst for his magic. Instead of legs, onlookers will only find six snakes in their place, replacing his legs from the knees down.

Even with most of his face hidden, it's hard to ignore the sense of confusion emanating from the 'young man' standing there. He speaks up though.

"Is this... not Lordran?" No, it definitely isn't. And the god doesn't like that. "Is this where the gods spend their deaths?"
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There's a new kid in town, Nexus, and he's not alone, what with the yellow mouse-like creature he has on his shoulder. He's got one of the pamphlets in his hand, and his eyes scans the area carefully. Then, with a deep breath, he decides on asking his question.

"Have you ever taken a path in your life that took you somewhere you didn't liked, because you were good at what you were doing?"

He turns to the mouse.

"...That works as a question, wouldn't it, Thora?"

{Pika.} The mouse shrugs.

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Micolash is in the Nexus Plaza, thankfully looking cleaner and smelling better than the last time he'd been asking questions. The cage is still in place, of course; why would it not be? He even looks a little healthier! Not much, as his skin is still sallow and gaunt over angular bones and features. But at least not as unsteady and proportionally more alert as well.

He's not quick to ask a question, however. The scholar is instead on a sofa, long legs pulled up onto the seat with him and folded in front of him. The rest of the sofa, normally big enough to seat three, is piled with books. Easily two dozen, if not more. A glance at the covers that are visible will show a selection of possibly recognizable names: Erwin Schrödinger. Charles Hartshorne. René Descartes. David Ray Griffin. The one he has open on his knees right now is a collection of Thomas Aquinas' summae and related theories.

The scholar is content to immerse himself in this reading for hours on end, but eventually, he seems to recall where he is. And that he can ask questions if the fancy takes him.

"What do you think. Or believe. Happens after death?"

Getting RIGHT to the heavy stuff, it appears.
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With the Nexus days beginning to grow shorter and the winds carrying ever more of a bite to the breeze, the hustle and bustle of the Plaza has become more energized. People unaccustomed to the cold are seeking solace indoors or under the heating lamps set up near several of the couches in the Plaza.

Outside the Crossroads Cafe toward the more urban areas is officer Suou today. He has a box set up on one of the outdoor tables and is carefully taping a sign along the edge of said table.

Lost and Found the sign reads.

Inside the box are a myriad of gloves, umbrellas, hats, scarves and some rather odd items indeed that have been left on site by his customers. Everything smells freshly laundered and Katsuya stands straight with a smile on his face once he's finished setting up.

"Is there something you're missing? I might have it here."
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She was running. Just a minute ago. She was chasing a bus, because although the next bus wouldn't delay her by more than ten minutes, fifteen max, chasing buses is an inevitable part of Aarhusian daily life. Everybody does it and so, Aki did as well. Then, she turned a corner and now, she has no idea where she is. It doesn't look like the square she was heading for, it doesn't look like a square at all.

In the blink of an eye, she's landed herself in a small, vintage-style cafe with blue-patterned porcelain and highly decorated cupcakes, beckoning for her to take a rest, enjoy a break, it seems like an invitation, the oddest she's received in her life. Aki comes to think of Alice, her great adventures in Wonderland and at the risk of running into her very own Queen of Hearts, she moves over to the nearest of the large armchairs and sits down, gingerly. Lets her eyes follow the many rows of books displayed on the shelves that are hanging on the wall. Touches her teacup with careful fingertips.

Whom might she not be joined by, in a place as dreamy as this?

Song 01

Oct. 9th, 2017 03:46 pm
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Her voice can be heard across the room as it penetrate the walls, after she finish her song she step off the platform and walk towards the bar to get a drink. This place was usual to her, she had a deep worried look. She have her tours to attend and her friend and family will be looking for her. She turn to person beside and said

"Where I'm I?"
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There is a large orange tabby cat exploring around the Nexus. He seems to be looking for someone in particular. Now, that in itself is not unusual.

However, this particular tabby cat is wearing a make-shift holster around his belly and there seems to be a Starfleet phaser encased in the holster. Only the top of the phaser is visible to the eye... but it looks covered with soot.

The cat is also being followed by a glowing blue light very closely.

After a few moments of being frustrated of not seeing anyone's face, from where he is on the ground... the orange tabby cat jumps his way up a few different Nexus fixtures, until he is higher up. He stares around the Nexus and makes a soft meowing sound. Almost questioning.

Anyone care to try to answer his question.
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 She headed toward what looked to be a large building akin to something from back home, It was both an impressive and slightly comforting sight. 
She scanned the area with her eyes, ears and other senses. Trying to make sure she was in the right place as she headed toward the stone steps. As well as keeping her eyes open for any hint or sign of her missing friend or any one who might know more about the nexus or other things of necessity and importance. Another part of her wondered if they might have a snack bar or vending machine that took the money she had on her as her tummy rumbled softly as she neared the large doors. 

She wondered if there were a place for missing posters, and looked around for one as she cautiously looked around after poking her head in, looking for  a desk of some sort. "Ahem, excuse me, but I was wondering if there was a form or something to apply for a library card? " She half asks a bit rambly and nervous all of a sudden. She wasn't exactly sure why but she was worried for Sherlock and was in need of some information and uncertain about where and when to get things in this ever shifting environment. 
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Hunter stumbles into the Nexus. There could be several reasons for the fact that he is stumbling a bit. It could be because he is wearing a dark pair of sunglasses right now. Or it could be because he is concentrating on a drawing that he is trying to finish, but keeps on erasing over and over again, a little frustrated over the mistakes.

Or it could be because those dark sunglasses are hiding a bruise, and when he sits down, he does so delicately, like he might be hiding other injuries.

Hunter seems absorbed in his drawing for a moment, until he gets so frustrated in erasing another mistake, that he rips the paper off and crumbles up the paper tightly in his hands. He places his head in his hands for a moment.

Then he asks his question. "When you try to help someone else, but it keeps failing time and time again, when do you finally just give up?"
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Ice Bear is in the Nexus today, and for those who usually interact with the large ursine, they’ll notice something off. For starters, his fur is ruffled, dirty and slightly singed, a grey bruise has formed around his right eye. The normally stoic bear seems exhausted, close to falling asleep, but is kept awake by his companion: a beat-up grey roomba.

Wait, a roomba? Yes, but it’s very clear that this vacuum machine has been modified extensively, most certainly out of Nexus technology. It glows blue, hovering around Ice Bear, chirping occasionally to keep his friend awake. After a few minutes of silence, the bear speaks up, but one could ponder if his question is directed at the Nexus or to himself.

“What should Ice Bear do next?” He stares down at his clenched paw, the faint glimmer of a gold chain can be seen dangling near his fur.
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If you happen to be looking up in the sky today, you may catch a glimpse of an aging, medium-sized freighter sprinting through the lower atmosphere. You might recognize it or you might not, but it's clear that the person (or persons) behind the controls of the starship aren't interested in a slow, delicate approach to this patch of the multiverse.

With a trail of cobalt exhaust blazing behind it, the Millenium Falcon skirts too close for comfort to some of the taller buildings in the plaza. Weaving left and then right like a squmata creature that can't seem to make up its mind on which way to go. After drawing a lot of attention to itself in the process, the ship touches down in an area between the underbelly of the nexus and the wilds.

The ramp lowers and heavy sounding footsteps hit the durasteel with loud thuds. Footsteps that are, frankly, too heavy to be coming from a human. A ... very tall and fuzzy body comes into view. It's humanoid, but densely muscled in a way that suggests that this being is far more powerful than an everyday human. When it finally sets his feet on the nexus soil, the alien throws back its head and says ...

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 She had a deeply worried look as she scanned the area, for what felt like the hundredth time. An sketch book under her arm. 

"Ahem Excuse me, but has any one seen a man, about six foot, dark curls, with blue green eyes here abouts?" 
She asks softly but as clearly as she could. True he had a habit of running off and getting himself into trouble. 

She let out a breath trying to stay calm as she could under the circumstances. She could feel some of her other 'sides' fur already trying to peek through her hair and gently tugged her green hoodies' hood a little lower. As she did her best to keep the canine like whine wishing to come out of her mouth in. As her breathing sped up. She shifted anxiously from foot to foot even as she subtly tries to catch a wiff of his scent. Or any clues or signs which might point her in the right direction. If nobody knew, bad things tended to happen to him though the longer their were separated.

She almost lost could of how many times one of them would find him, or he them after getting into some scuffle, and be bruised, or worse blooded  with something broken , in need of sewing, a new set of clothes entirely, etc.   
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A man in a dark, trench coat-like garment over a black starfleet uniform strides into the Nexus Plaza. He's looking around, silent, his face a mask of calm over what is barely boiling rage. He certainly looks a lot better than what he looked like the last time he was here. No signs of visible injuries at least, and he wasn't, well, dead.

Or maybe he was dead and came back anyway.

The lack of destruction seemed to pain him. He expected far more scars, laments, something more than just daily life going on as it did. He bore scars within, even if his body did not let him retain physical proof of this failure. He lost them, his dear ones. His own ambitions had cost him so, the thought of the Nexus as a prize and his over-confidence with the presence of the red ring of rage had blinded him to the thought of any possible failure. He would not make the same mistake of under-estimating these people again. The stark reality of his fallen assured him of this. But he blamed them, and not himself. They were the reason for this disaster. Them and that miserable Kirk.

But he would get his revenge. He would never rest until their lives were avenged with the wailing screams of those of this place. And if the opportunity of conquest presented itself, he would take it. This time, he wouldn't be blinded by a ring of rage.

A particularly menacing smile, one that spoke of malice and hidden, cold fury than any true happiness, as he addressed the Plaza in general.

"If someone harmed your family, what would you do to pay them back in return?"
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Today, Iphigenia is sitting at a table in the Plaza, with a few books in front of her. They're mainly concerning religion and history, though there's one about a certain female poet from a little island called Lesbos that she's totally not hiding under another book about Eastern religions.

She's flipping through a book about pagan religions--something that's not so foreign to her culture, though she feels like these days, it feels foreign to her. Iphigenia hasn't practiced her faith in some time, and that's part of the reason why she's reading about it now.

"What," she begins to ask, looking up at no one in particular, "What are your beliefs? About the universe, I guess. Religious or otherwise."
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Blaze tends to treat the Plaza as one stop on her patrol route through the Nexus - and usually the last stop, at that. Today, however, she’s not going anywhere else. She didn’t even stop to repair the burns and blade-marks that mar her white armor before she showed up, and she doesn’t sit now. When her boots hit the paving stones she strides a little way further in and just stands there, metal face locked in a frown. Her tiny silver Ghost materializes beside her shoulder, shell spinning as he studies his troubled Guardian.

"If you found out someone erased part of your history from the records, how would you deal with that?” she blurts out, never one to hold back on her thoughts. Her helm’s gripped in her left hand, and she taps it against her leg uneasily. “You think there are any stories that just shouldn't be remembered?"
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A red cloaked man walked with most of his face burned from something that went back back home. Even though it was now part of who he was, he covered his face with a mask that showed off his fiery green eyes. His fingers were tapping on a table, holding a pamphlet of the Nexus.

"So Nexus, what are your personal demons? Would you ever make a deal to save yourself or others?"

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