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 She had a deeply worried look as she scanned the area, for what felt like the hundredth time. An sketch book under her arm. 

"Ahem Excuse me, but has any one seen a man, about six foot, dark curls, with blue green eyes here abouts?" 
She asks softly but as clearly as she could. True he had a habit of running off and getting himself into trouble. 

She let out a breath trying to stay calm as she could under the circumstances. She could feel some of her other 'sides' fur already trying to peek through her hair and gently tugged her green hoodies' hood a little lower. As she did her best to keep the canine like whine wishing to come out of her mouth in. As her breathing sped up. She shifted anxiously from foot to foot even as she subtly tries to catch a wiff of his scent. Or any clues or signs which might point her in the right direction. If nobody knew, bad things tended to happen to him though the longer their were separated.

She almost lost could of how many times one of them would find him, or he them after getting into some scuffle, and be bruised, or worse blooded  with something broken , in need of sewing, a new set of clothes entirely, etc.   
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A man in a dark, trench coat-like garment over a black starfleet uniform strides into the Nexus Plaza. He's looking around, silent, his face a mask of calm over what is barely boiling rage. He certainly looks a lot better than what he looked like the last time he was here. No signs of visible injuries at least, and he wasn't, well, dead.

Or maybe he was dead and came back anyway.

The lack of destruction seemed to pain him. He expected far more scars, laments, something more than just daily life going on as it did. He bore scars within, even if his body did not let him retain physical proof of this failure. He lost them, his dear ones. His own ambitions had cost him so, the thought of the Nexus as a prize and his over-confidence with the presence of the red ring of rage had blinded him to the thought of any possible failure. He would not make the same mistake of under-estimating these people again. The stark reality of his fallen assured him of this. But he blamed them, and not himself. They were the reason for this disaster. Them and that miserable Kirk.

But he would get his revenge. He would never rest until their lives were avenged with the wailing screams of those of this place. And if the opportunity of conquest presented itself, he would take it. This time, he wouldn't be blinded by a ring of rage.

A particularly menacing smile, one that spoke of malice and hidden, cold fury than any true happiness, as he addressed the Plaza in general.

"If someone harmed your family, what would you do to pay them back in return?"
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Today, Iphigenia is sitting at a table in the Plaza, with a few books in front of her. They're mainly concerning religion and history, though there's one about a certain female poet from a little island called Lesbos that she's totally not hiding under another book about Eastern religions.

She's flipping through a book about pagan religions--something that's not so foreign to her culture, though she feels like these days, it feels foreign to her. Iphigenia hasn't practiced her faith in some time, and that's part of the reason why she's reading about it now.

"What," she begins to ask, looking up at no one in particular, "What are your beliefs? About the universe, I guess. Religious or otherwise."
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Blaze tends to treat the Plaza as one stop on her patrol route through the Nexus - and usually the last stop, at that. Today, however, she’s not going anywhere else. She didn’t even stop to repair the burns and blade-marks that mar her white armor before she showed up, and she doesn’t sit now. When her boots hit the paving stones she strides a little way further in and just stands there, metal face locked in a frown. Her tiny silver Ghost materializes beside her shoulder, shell spinning as he studies his troubled Guardian.

"If you found out someone erased part of your history from the records, how would you deal with that?” she blurts out, never one to hold back on her thoughts. Her helm’s gripped in her left hand, and she taps it against her leg uneasily. “You think there are any stories that just shouldn't be remembered?"
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A red cloaked man walked with most of his face burned from something that went back back home. Even though it was now part of who he was, he covered his face with a mask that showed off his fiery green eyes. His fingers were tapping on a table, holding a pamphlet of the Nexus.

"So Nexus, what are your personal demons? Would you ever make a deal to save yourself or others?"
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Abysa doesn't come often to the Nexus Plaza, often preferring to keep out of sight and keeping to the less-populated corners of the Nexus. As a demon, he is aware of his controversial nature, and a crowd of people is no place to be if you are unwelcome. Today, however, he decides on taking a chance.

He seems to materialize from thin air as he drops his invisible aura, revealing his tall robed form floating a couple of feet from the ground. Abysa's garb, though slightly faded, and tattered at the hems, implies status as some sort of dark cleric or priest of high ranking. Only his mouth is visible under his hood and head wrappings, though a closer inspection reveals he may not have any upper facial features at all.

Nervously, he opens the notebook he has in his long slender hands, opens to a blank page, and holds a ball-point pen to it. The pen is a novelty pen, the sort you get at gift shops, with a little section filled with glitter water at the top, and it writes in a vivid magenta colour. The notebook cover, if one gets the chance to spot it, has a kitten on it. Both items are more meant for human hands, and look slightly comical being held with his elongated fingers.

When he is sure of his preparations, he throws his question out to the crowd, clear but attempting to be courteous in volume:

"Ah, if anyone is willing to take the time, I could use advice on taking care of mortals? Specifically, if I could have advice on ensuring good health for one sickly adult male human?"
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There seems to be a lemonade stand in the Nexus today. At least, that is what the structure looks like from far away. The stand, made from wood found around the Nexus, at least looks like it is in good quality. It is painted a bright red.

As one gets closer, they will notice that there are signs on the stand. The large sign at the top reads Psychiatric Help $5 and at the bottom is a small sign that reads The Doctor is In. Anyone who is familiar with the Peanuts Comic Strip might get the reference.

Behind the stand is one Harley Quinn, looking quite different from a couple of weeks ago when she was last in the Nexus. She is currently wearing a flattering white blouse, dress pants, and a feminine white lab coat. And there is no sign of color in her blonde hair, which is loose and around her face. In fact, she looks so different from her previous appearance, that most people might not recognize her at first.

But she still has that playful mood, that speaks 'Harley' loud and clear. She is sitting on a comfy chair, as an empty chair waits by her stand as if inviting someone to sit down. Her feet are resting on the stand itself, as she just looks very relaxed and comfortable.

"Are you next?" Is her question. It seems she is willing to offer her advice to anyone who wants it.
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A pretty young blonde is exploring the Nexus Plaza. It has been a long time since April had reason to visit the Nexus. Her life has been busy, with a lot of changes since she made it around these parts the last time. But today is one of those rare days when she has some free time.

She seems to be in a good mood, a small smile on her face. And she does has a question.

"School is starting soon, and the kids are quite excited. They sometimes ask me about my memories of school... but I never went to school when I was a child."

"So perhaps some of you would be willing to share your stories with me? What did you like the most about school?"
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 Ariadne's sitting on a bench in the Plaza (because that's where all the cool kids hang out), watching citizens of the Nexus go by. She's noticing patterns--some people like to walk a certain path, for example. Some enjoy walking alone, while others appear only in the company of friends.

This isn't really what she's thinking about, though. She's still thinking about stupid Theseus leaving her on that stupid island, and how now she's stuck here. Hmmph.

However, people-watching is proving to be a tiny distraction, at least, so she decides to break the comfortable silence with a question, of course.

"How do you find your way out of a situation that seems impossible?"
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Wow, it has been a long time since Jake Sully has been to the Nexus. He doesn't even recognize where he is, though whether that's just because he's come out somewhere else or if this place decided to rearrange itself in the months since the last time he left Pandora, who can say.

The nine-foot-tall Na'vi doesn't even try to find a chair that'll fit him, choosing instead to simply sit in the grass of a small park, a little weirded out at being surrounded by Earth-normal vegetation for a change. He's gotten used to the fluorescent Pandoran stuff. And to things being appropriately sized for him.

But anyway.

"Most people've got something they've always meant to learn," he says, tail twitching lightly. "Some kinda hobby or skill or whatever. What's yours, and have you actually gotten around to it yet, or what's your excuse?"
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The worst thing about having the ability to travel in time and space is it can be a rather imperfect science.  Especially when one is getting to know a TARDIS again.  The Rani misses her TARDIS terribly.  It was one thing being recalled to Gallifrey for the Time War only to be set onto 'Research and Development'.  It was another thing entirely to have her TARDIS turned into a Battle TARDIS and reassigned to another Time Lord.  Through her connection, she felt it when her TARDIS was destroyed.  It was one of the most painful things she had ever experienced.

Bygones.  The War was a long time ago now.  The Doctor had saved Gallifrey and then Gallifrey saved itself.  She would have been content to remain in the Pocket Universe.  In fact, some might claim she sabotaged several attempts they made to return to the prime universe, making their stay in the Pocket longer than the rest wanted.  Still they couldn't prove that it had been her, so she was let off the hook for that.

With her other crimes, however, she wasn't so lucky.  The Doctor had Exiled President Rassilon and the entire High Council, which the Rani thought was a splendid idea.  Until he ran away.  Again.  Leaving Gallifrey in total disarray.  And so, the military was now in charge.  In order for her to be forgiven for her crimes, she was set to task to locate the Doctor and bring him back to Gallifrey to restore order until a new president could be elected.

Well, that's where the issue of her new TARDIS comes in.  It had brought her here.  She wasn't even sure where 'here' was.  It didn't feel like Earth.  In fact, it didn't feel like any planet she had ever been to before.  She looked around her.  And turned back to talk to her TARDIS, which currently looked like a large post-box.

"Where the hell have you brought me?  What is this place?"
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Hermione is back in the Nexus and is looking a little uneasy today. She is currently seated at a table, a large glass of hot chocolate, a piece of chocolate cake, and a pile of runes are all laid out on top of the table.

Her wand is in her hand, as every now and then she makes one of those runes float into the air, as she slowly builds a floating matrix of runes. Every now and then, she writes down some notes, or with a flick of her wrist, one of the runes gets magically pulled from the matrix and is placed back on the table.

It becomes more and more obvious that whatever she is seeing in her little matrix is upsetting her further. And she runs a thumb over her wrist, where a scar is hidden by a magical glamor.

After pausing in her work for a moment, Hermione asks a question. "If you had to deal with a dark moment in your own past, would you rather face it alone? Or find friends who would help you?"
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There's someone new hanging out in The Nexus today, she's exploring the barn outside of The Atomic Range looking at the weapons on display. Brienne has never seen a gun before, and as she traces a gloved hand along the outlines of one her curiosity gets the better of her as she hefts up a rifle to take a look at it.

"Interesting looking club, though I suppose if it gets the job done, who's to complain." She says to nobody at all, and she goes back to looking for anything that might be best suited for someone who uses a sword. And the tall woman looks very much out of place with heavy clothing that is better suited for winter than the warm late summer of The Nexus, with a heavy cloak with a wolf pelt along the collar and heavy leathers under it to keep her warm. And most noticeably is the longsword that hangs by her side.

"Have you ever had an oath to fulfill before?"

She finally has had enough of the heat, and she shrugs the heavy cloak off and she places it on a box near the rifle she had previously picked up.

ooc: Some spoilers from S7 of GoT maybe included.
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Let's be honest. Delia's not that unusual of a sight in the Nexus these days. Hell, she's not even that strange or unique, what with people of all sorts of varying unique appearances, skintones, and so on.

A green skinned woman in a simple sundress and sandals doesn't really stand out that much, even with the fact that she's got an eyepatch.

Next to her is her usual heavy leather bag, and in her hands is a datapad about the size of your average tablet, with her tapping the screen on occasion as she pages through whatever she's reading.

Then she sighs, "So here's a question that's not related to anything at the moment--how important is family to you? Does anyone buck the trend in yours?"

Frown, then she thoughtfully adds, "Do you get along with them at all?"
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It is not unusual to find Adia in the Plaza. She is there frequently enough, sitting in front of a Nexus terminal or fixing herself a cup of coffee. It is not even unusual to find her accompanied by pokémon. This time it's only one, a large bird that stands nearly as tall as she does. It stays close to her seat, keeping a watchful eye for suspicious characters.

What is unusual is the expression on her face.

Adia has come to the Nexus upset before, but this is different. All her nervous energy is gone, replaced with a washed-out, nearly lethargic appearance. She's holding a children's drawing in her hands, staring at it for long seconds before folding it along well-worn creases. She picks at a corner, staring into the distance, then unfolds it and starts the process all over again.

This goes on for several minutes until Bucky, wise bird that he is, gently nudges her with his beak. Coming back to herself, she blinks and looks around, remembering where she is.

"Something... something bad happened back home. A lot of people are... really upset. And losing hope. How do you come back from that?" She looks down at the picture and whispers, "How do you learn to hope again?"
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It's early when Jim PINpoints into the Nexus.

Now, Jim Kirk has certainly looked worse when coming to the Nexus. He does have a penchant for arriving here rather banged up for one reason or another so looking a bit sleep deprived is practically just fine for him.

However, he's never come to the Nexus looking quite this furious.

The captain strides through the Plaza with purpose. He's looking for a very particular doorway and all the banners, regalia, and guard desk that live in front of it. It's a place he's been many times. He has a question all right. One half the Nexus is bound to hear by the volume at which he's not quite shouting.

"Where the fuck is Felix Caelus?!"
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For the past couple of weeks or so, Harley Quinn has been exploring the vastness of the Nexus. She has not really returned to her door (and might have forgotten where she had left it). Instead, she has been enjoying the freedom of being able to go anywhere, and just living her life to the fullest. It is a nice break from reality... and perhaps the main reason why she has not tried to go back home.

And she has been surviving on her pure wits. It is nice to fend for herself.

Right now, she is leaned on a bench, watching people come and go. Inspiration hits and she gets an idea for a question. "Okay! You are stuck in the Nexus, and can only have three objects with you. What would you want to have?"

Does the question have to do the fact that she only has three objects on her person right now (besides her clothing)? Possibly...
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Jack has been wandering around the streets of the plaza with a cup of coffee in his hand, his mind looks to be anywhere but on the place that he has been calling home for an unknown amount of time. He has a look of worry on his face as he takes a sip of his coffee, and eventually he makes his way towards the park. Taking a sip of his coffee that is in a take away cup.

He comes to a stop under one of the large trees, and he takes a deep breath of fresh air as he looks along the path that leads through a thicket of trees.

"Have you ever felt like you have left something unfinished?"

There is something chewing at Jack's mind from the look on his face. He takes a deep breath, and he looks over his shoulder to see if anyone will come up from behind him.

"And it can be something small, but I'm thinking about something on a bigger level. And one where lives still might be at stake."

[ ooc: Jack is played after the events of Exodus Code. Worry not about any spoilers about Big Finish: Alien's Among Us. ]
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What better way to spend a pleasant summer's afternoon than enjoying the gentler parts of the Nexus' Wilds? That's what one particular man is doing, anyway. Dressed in some kind of purple-and-brown regalia, a masked man hovers, levitating in the air. One of his legs is crossed over the other as if he were in an unseen chair, but the closest thing to support is his cape which flows down to the grassy ground.

When there aren't too many people walking the nearby paths he busies himself playing a violin, though his technique is backwards – left hand on the bow, pale right hand on the neck. It makes sense, really, given that he can't possibly press the fingerboard with his spidery, skeletal left hand. The song he plays is at once melancholy and hopeful.

As people pass by or gather to hear, he stops his playing to ask, "If you knew you only had a short while to live – a month or two, let's say – what would you do with your time? Try new experiences? Make amends? Get revenge? Or would you go on living your life as you always have?"

((I'm Slowposts McGee, but I've got today free, so how about I make a threadstarter for once in my life?))
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[OOC: I currently play Twelve from the flashbacks that happened during "Word Enough and Time", if you'd rather have another canon point to avoid spoilers, please let me know.]

The Doctor hadn't been around the place in nearly a year, until he found himself back here a few days ago. After helping a set of teenage twins through some growing pains, he started to walk around and get to know the place again.

It was the same, and yet different.  Much like himself.  He eventually sits down on a bench, clearly deep in thought.  He's struggling with something today.  He doesn't know the right answer, only what he wants the right answer to be.

And as is his want sometimes, he speaks out loud.  Only because he's used to talking out loud.  Especially since he's been working as an instructor for so many years now.  And well, one thing he's good at is asking questions.

"Have you ever had to choose between your best friend and someone who looks up to you that you admire enough to want to save?"

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