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business and a question

In light of recent Nexus events, Freddy has been busy the past several weeks. He's been helping repair and rebuild, including his own business. The anti-violence field left him completely unprepared for that level of violence. Things like that usually didn't happen in his country, in the time he is from.

To say he's unhappy would be a vast understatement. He's pissed and it's bringing out a side of his nature that he doesn't like.

While he's been working, Freddy has been having an intense debate within himself about vengeance, justice, and protecting other people. He hasn't reached any conclusion that satisfies him. It seems he can make his mother proud and keep his self respect...or he can do something about what happened, which...might protect people in the Nexus. Maybe. Then, again...maybe not? Maybe he's just pissed and looking for an excuse to lash out.

Freddy walks to the middle of the Plaza, watching people go by, before addressing anyone who wants to listen.

"Y'know, one of my parents was scum, the other a saint, at least in my eyes," Freddy announces. "I choose my character every damn day."

Well, that was dramatic, at least. He took a deep breath, starting over.

"What's going to happen to that Khan guy? Anything?"

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