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"Do you believe in a higher being? And seeing this is a place of people from different places, I would like to know a little bit about your God." Castiel asks, as he sits in a chair outside of the cafe. His voice is as deadpan as ever, and he can't seem to recall if he ever asked a question for the population at large. But here he is. And the trenchcoat wearing angel reclines back in his seat and he clasps his hands together as he looks up to the clear sky to take in the stars above him.

"And if you don't, what is something that you believe strongly in?" He figures it is only fair to give others a chance at answer something with more meat on it. Castiel looks interested in getting to know people here more, and more so after he was there when Khan brought chaos and havoc to the people of the Nexus. And the best way to get to know people is of course to make himself open to others. Though perhaps he should have brought some coffee and cakes to share.


He just hopes a helping of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into dinosaur shapes is an allure to Nexus friendship. And don't forget the different flavors of milk to go with them.

"I just hope this works."
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"Belief in higher beings..."

The curious, sallow man with the even more curious idea of reasonable headgear seems to find humour in the notion, chuckling low and soft to himself. That soon gives way to proper laughter, a dry cackle at something apparently funny, and madly so, only to him. Perhaps realizing too late that such a reaction is obnoxious at best and disrespectful at worst, Micolash attempts to compose himself and continue his answer. And composure comes quickly, his tone returning to the low and droning speech used prior. The way his behaviour turns on a dime might be concerning? Or maybe novel. Who knows.

"Such belief has dictated everything to me. What I have researched, done and Seen is all for the sake of knowing them."
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Micolash seems puzzled initially at the mention of straws and puree. It takes him several moments before he realizes the reason for it. One spidery hand reaches up to crawl up one side of the cage's bars, feeling it as if confirming it was the reason and perhaps reassurance that it's there. "Oh, it's no problem, no problem at all. I can remove it but I...prefer not to." The way one finger remains hanging on one bar like another person might offhandedly twirl their hair might mean it offers some degree of security?

Perhaps to demonstrate further that there's no issue with his cage staying put, Micolash picks up one of the sandwiches, that straying hand plucking from the iron bar with a small 'tong' noise. He doesn't eat the snack, at least not yet. He just stands there and holds it in both hands. "I am a scholar. Above all else. Research of greater beings, of higher planes. Methods that man, despite our beastly ignorance, can strive to ascend and be among them. Methods to commune and speak with them." His voice drifts dreamily, always low and meandering, almost as if he's murmuring to himself rather than having a proper conversation with another person.

The sandwich, perhaps unconsciously and offhandedly, is being picked apart. Bread getting pulled into small crumbs and dropped carelessly, one after another. Sometimes he rolls the bits between his fingers to make them more compact before they're dropped. Micolash smiles serenely all the while.

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It's less the food that attracts Harrowheart than the question. He arrives beside Castiel, who he's nearly positive he's never seen before, and smiles uncertainly. "I was gonna ask that one of these days," he says with a small laugh. "But it's like they say, ain't it? The early bird gets the worm."

Though whether or not this man would want to get any worms is up for debate. He's definitely dead – or, rather, undead. His whole being is steeped in dark magic, from his risen flesh and severed, floating hands to his dark plate armor and the broad sword with a horned skull on the handguard sheathed at his hip. One of his hovering hands rests on the pommel of the sword like a perching bird as he appraisingly watches the man who asked the question.

"I always thought it was fascinatin', learnin' about other folks' religions. Where I come from, humans ain't really in the business of worshippin' gods. Hearin' about humans who do is still kinda exotic." He hesitates a moment before he asks, "You got one, or are you lookin' for one? Usually when someone asks a question like you did it's one of the two."
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Aw, Castiel, your little joke doesn't fall flat! It gets a little nasally exhale and a smile from Harrowheart. Not laugh-out-loud funny, but amusing at the very least. He shakes his head and says, "If there was a rule against askin' the same thing I think we'd have a whole lotta folks in jail for sayin' 'Where the Hell am I?'"

As for sensing the power of omnipotent celestial beings? Well, Castiel sure gives him Holy vibes. Maybe that's why he was drawn to him? He's also not sure what to make of hearing people praying. Of course without understanding Castiel's true meaning he takes it at face value and merely nods.

Hearing that the man is from Earth and 'in service to' an Earth deity gives Harrowheart cause for some curiosity, though. His eyebrows rise and he leans away just slightly to get a new, better, more thorough view of Castiel. He's very... Bland. Very normal-looking, from his features to the color of his wardrobe to the drone of his voice. Does that give him any clues about which god this man serves?

Harrow's eyes narrow and his mouth shifts from side to side as he thinks, but after a few seconds he can't keep his logic quiet and he has to guess out loud. "I don't know too many Earth gods," he admits, "But I know some. The Greek ones, and a couple'a Egyptian ones. You... Don't look like you serve Dionysus, no offense. But he ain't major, anyway. Major gods, major gods... Z... Zeus?"

No, no. He quickly shakes his head. He imagines a servant of Zeus would also be less whitebread than this. "You're the servant of a scholar god, I bet... Oh! It's Thoth! Is Thoth your god?"
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"Well, considering I've had tea with Djehuty and Hermes....yeah."

Smegging hell, strawberry milk. She hasn't had that since she was a kid living in Detroit. She happily takes a cup of it and sips.


Yup. Just as revolting as it was when she was a kid living in Detroit. She surreptitiously dumps the remainder in a convenient potted Nexus plant. There's a distant slurping sound, and a smacking of leafy lips.

"Question is, what do higher powers do when confronted with a Nexus of all reality? The good ones, they just gently encourage followers. The bad ones, well. They usually don't last long."
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Hippolyta has a totally deserved moment of ego, and grins widely at Castiel.

"You're cute. In a totally out of his depth way. I'd consider myself a higher power, in that I drop wisdom bombs on all sorts of Nexus newbs. Is wisdom godhood? Is godhood wisdom? Smegging hell, who cares? Let's go get a drink."

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"For my people, it really depends on who you ask." Angel in a trenchcoat? Meet a green skinned alien woman in loose, comfortable clothing, "We're so scattered, that we've got a wide variety of beliefs and religious sects. I was always taught our gods were dead after we were forced to flee our world."

Delia shrugged, "But it's by and far from the only version of my peoples' faith, and I'm only passingly familiar with a few of them, to be completely honest."
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And that's not even getting into some of the pseudo-scientific weirdness of certain omnipotent beings named after a letter of the Terran alphabet, or the Bajoran Prophets. Or the Klingons' beliefs and Sto'Vo'Kor.

"Honestly I'm more of the 'seeing is believing' type of person myself. Practical minded, that sort of thing." Delia shifts her weight from one leg to the other, folding her arms low, "That said, I'm not out to disprove them either. There's a lot of truth in old beliefs like that, so I tend to think something existed, or might still, I'm just not bound to any particular faith or belief system."

She is, after all, a tactical officer, not a priest.
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Adia is in the Plaza without Steve's pokemon for a change, her PINpoint out, ready to go home. Castiel's question makes her pause, and she looks over at him uneasily. Is it a good idea for her to answer that? Religion can be such a loaded topic...

But there are sandwiches, and milk, and although she's been warned about taking food from strangers in the Nexus, it's been a long time that she's had either. Shyly, she approaches the expressionless man and gestures at his offering. "Are those for anyone? Um... the colonies worship a pantheon, twelve gods in total. There are others, but they're rarely prayed to anymore..."

And in case the offer of sandwiches impinges on one's belief, she glances to the side and adds, "I don't believe in them, though. I put my faith in other people instead."
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"Thank you," Adia says gratefully. She takes a seat near Castiel and selects a stegosaurus sandwich. The whimsical shape makes her smile, and she holds off on taking a bite until she's answered the angel's questions.

"We call them the Lords of Kobol. They're benevolent, but... distant. Unless you take the Sacred Scrolls literally, they don't make themselves known to us directly. There are older stories that paint them in a less favorable light, but it's like you said, as civilizations evolve, old myths fall by the wayside." She looks at him thoughtfully. "Are you from Earth? I've been told that our gods are similar in name and function as the gods of ancient Greece... but I'm not from Earth. Earth is a m-- a lost colony where I'm from. One we're trying to find."

She almost said myth, but that's not true anymore, now that the fleet has concrete evidence that Earth is a real place in her universe.

As for his second question, she stalls by nibbling on the stegosaurus's tail, and then washing it down with a sip of chocolate milk. It makes her feel like a little kid again, which isn't such a bad thing. "I don't know... I've been lucky, my faith has been tested, but rarely broken. I try to see the good in others, or at least understand where they're coming from. That helps."

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Taking a seat across from the man, she gives him a smirk as she ponders the question, her black silken dress gently flowing in the breeze. She props her open parasol against her shoulder, sizing up the man before her.
"Over my rather extensive existence, I've met all manner of people who believe and pray to various gods and deities. My birth parents even worshiped Saint Cuthbert, though it was more following the steps of their parents before them, simply following their religious obligation. Personally, I'm not quite convinced such beings exist for sure, at least on the plane I am from. I'm sure they are as real as you are to me for some others, even presenting themselves in physical manifestation, but where I am from, I've seen no such proof. Demons on the other hand, is another matter entirely..."
Taking a flask from her hip, she takes a sip before letting out a sigh.
"Besides, after watching for the past two thousand years, you'd think the gods would leave some kind of evidence behind."
Gently dragging her tongue along the point of one of her fangs, she leans back in her chair.
"I don't believe in any higher power or omnipotent overlord like most. While there are extremely powerful beings out there, some who in relation to the lowliness of humanity may be considered god-like, I've never met a being that truly fits the definition of a god, so to speak. We are the artisans of our own fate, and through our own blood, sweat and perseverance we forge our own path. How many other insignificant specs of existence are snuffed out along the way all depends on the individual."
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Noticing the subject of demons appeared to be an obvious trigger for him, she decided to press further, curious as to his experience with them.
"So you've had encounters with demons I take it? Perhaps we can learn quite a bit from each other. As for other creatures of the night, I could certainly tell you about them first hand."
She gave him a wide grin, gently taping her nail against one of her fangs.
"Though, I'm intrigued as to your perspective on such matters."

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"God better not fucking exist in my world, or he's got a lot of answering to do."

Joshua bristles at the idea of there being a higher power that allowed his sisters to suffer the way they did. To allow Hannah to be twisted and turned into something monstrous and grotesque just for trying to survive.

No, it's better if there is no God, Joshua reasons. If there were, it must be a callous and unfeeling one. He hates to think of that. Though he pauses when he sees the dinosaur cutout sandwiches. It completely throws off his grump because it just seems so out of place. He hasn't seen shape-sandwiches and little milk cartons since he was in Primary school.

"Did....did you make these?"
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"Well, ain't seen any evidence of them either back in my world. Just...monsters. Misfortune."

He shakes his head, taking a seat on one of the couches. Peanut butter and jelly dinosaurs, with little milk cartons. This guy is definitely strange. But it's a surprisingly good distraction technique to keep Josh from completely going off on a rant. Still unsure how to process this.

"I'll take one, sure. Thanks, bro.'

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