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[sticky entry] Sticky: Mirror, Mirror (LOL Event)

Things coming and going in the Nexus is hardly alarming once you've settled into the way this place works. Sometimes a water fountain you saw yesterday will vanish overnight, or a particular chair in the Plaza will feel the need to switch its location. Maybe these objects are travellers like the rest of the denizens, eager for new points of view? Or maybe it's just magic.

A mirror is in a central area of the Plaza today. It is an ornate antique, clearly. The frame looks to be quite aged, but its full-length reflective surface is clear and spotless.

There's no note, no invitation, no instructions. It's just a mirror, it seems. Might as well see how you're looking today before going on your way?

((Here it is, the Rule 63 LOL! Whether it shows a reflection or maybe even your character's true self, they will shortly find themselves another sex/gender after gazing at themselves in the mirror. The effects wear off when you want them to, be it a day, a week, or even permanent! It's up to you!

This account, as it is a prop and not a person, will reply only once per person for the initial effect taking place. It's just a mirror! A magical/demonic/enchanted(?) mirror, but still just a mirror. So it's time to threadhop! Time for all your characters to move around and witness the chaos all their friends and enemies are experiencing.

As our first OOC post about this event says, please be respectful and keep our #6 rule firmly in mind while this plays out. This is for fun and shouldn't be offensive or upsetting to any of our players. If there are problems or questions as to what is or isn't okay, contact the mods right away and we'll help you sort it out. HAVE FUN!))

The Lure of Learning

Hermione is wandering the Plaza area of the Nexus, with no particular goal in mind. She is closely followed by a large orange cat, who seems to twirl around her ankles just at the right time to avoid being stepped on, but still be close to the young woman in question.

Suddenly, Hermione stops, just outside the grand library and looks up to the immense building with a little bit of awe, a lot of interest, and a glee that is very close to 'kid-in-a-candystore'. But even though every bone in her body wants to go into that library and explore (and get lost in the books), Hermione has paused. A slight confused look on her face.

She finds a place to sit, nearby the library, looking up at the building. The orange cat claims a seat in her lap.

"Would you rather take time to improve your own skills, or teach others to be better people?"
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Family Matters

There's a starship captain in the Plaza, sitting at an outdoor cafe style table which bears a half-consumed cup of coffee and a glowing, transparent datapad. Jim Kirk is not in uniform, clad in well-worn civilian clothes, though given that his shirt says PROPERTY OF STARFLEET ACADEMY in faded text, he's probably not trying to be covert. He's fairly focused on the datapad, and one might assume that he's catching up on reports or requisition forms during his off-hours if not for the quietly contemplative look on his face.

And, of course, the fact that he's chosen to take a break here rather than anywhere near Starfleet property.

His thoughts don't remain a mystery for long, as this does tend to be the place to go for advice, no matter how small the matter. "How's your relationship with your family? Have you ever tried to reconnect after spending years apart?"

There's an empty chair on the other side of the table. Feel free to have a seat, if you'd like.

[OOC: Tags don't seem to work, but dupes are okay!]

A Touch of Inspiration

Sheets of paper are strewn about the Nexus today. Moreso than usual, and not just the innumerable 'Welcome to the Nexus, Newcomer!' pamphlets that can be found all over the Plaza. They're full of nearly ineligible scrawling (and some of them are sticky eww--oh wait that's just raspberry jam) but the title of each sheet is the same.

BUNKERS AND BADASSES Campaign the Second

Near the center of this litterocalypse sits Tiny Tina, a crayon tucked behind her ear while she writes fervently over yet another piece of paper in pen. A plate of crumpets sits to the side, only one of them half eaten. The young lady groans in frustration before balling up this piece of paper too and chucking it behind her.

"Hey y'all so I'm trying to plan a new Bunkers an' Badasses campaign but I gotta get some new ideas son or it's gonna be one hell of a lame trek through imagination land, ya dig? What's the most awesomest adventure you ever been on? Or, if you're hella lame and haven't saved the world or conquered one in the name of crumpets or what have yas, what kind of character would you play in an adventure game?"

A enemy of an enemy is a friend.

 A growl on the Commander's face shows that he is angry about something. 

This man is Commander Erol of the Krimzon guard.

He is swinging a pair of energy handcuffs in his hands

The long eared, strange tattooed man frowned "If you have a good reason to hate a man, like personal reasons, would you still go after a man who seems innocent to other people?"

A loud roar is heard in the Nexus as he rushes toward what appears to be a dark beast with black horns, long fingernails, white hair and more.

(This is Commander Erol from Jak II)
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Nightmare Unending

He’s been ghosting about here and there in the past day or two. Sometimes meandering, sometimes motionless in a chair. Sometimes watching people, often staring at nothing. His stride and motions always exaggerated and languid, as if moving underwater. Always in a rumpled academic’s regalia draped upon a tatty brown suit. Shoes perpetually untied, fingers spasming periodically as though struck suddenly by a brilliant, terrible urge that vanishes once more in seconds.

And the cage.

That cage.

The sallow face, the tired eyes, always peering at the world from behind wrought iron. A hexagonal lattice of metal that rises another two heads higher than his own, not including the moulded metal ornaments at each corner’s top, some of them hung with rusted rings. A man otherwise unremarkable in his shabbiness rendered entirely unmistakable by this towering cage he wears on his head.

Slouched in a battered wingback chair, Micolash has been sitting silent and unmoving for some time now. The moment when he finally raises his head enough to look properly at other Nexus-goers is accompanied with a quiet question. He speaks with a low and heavy accent, his tone droning and sleepy. If one is not listening closely, they may miss Micolash’s question entirely amongst the buzz and bustle of the Nexus.

“Is this place…a dream?”
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On Second Chances

A world without time.

Worlds upon worlds, eras intermingling. Species crossing who would never otherwise cross paths. Never ending, infinitely possible. All coalesced into one shared space where the impossible is not only probable, but for certain exists around every corner.


The young may come and go through this place with the purpose and rush that that they so often have, but for the particularly old Vulcan who has ended up here there hardly seems to be a hurry. He patiently strolls up and down the streets of the plaza, through the shopping districts, and round to more open areas with parks full of lush grasses of varying colors.

The summer weather is favorable for one used to a more arid and warm climate. Ambassador Spock finds a quiet sunny bench to take a seat at and relaxes against the worn wooden frame with the peeling paint. Ah, but that's right. There are requirements here for those who seek answers.

"If one found themselves in an opportunity to meet their past self, what words of wisdom would you feel obligated to impart?"
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The world is about to get a little more pink | New arrival at the Plaza!

Heart thumping, mind swirling. Is this really happening? As a little girl, Tae had only dreamed of being able to service for her country, being able to help hold the balance between the different colourants. Alongside other Dyaes, she felt like she was the queen of the world, almost. Now that it's actually happening, she can't fathom the thing she will be able see, do, or think. 

But does that actually matter now? Her heart is set, and there's nothing that will come between her and her ascension to dyaedom. Tossing her worries aside, she exits her house, preparing to face the world as the next Magenta Aenk Dyae. She's sure that the other Dyaes are waiting for her arrival, and she would be soon standing alongside the Cyan, Yellow, and Key Aenk Dyaes. 

The path to her fraction is like a maze--her role as the new Dyae is to find it on her own. 'Follow the path', she'd hear from the elders. Her memory doesn't lead her to the main building, and it leaves her thinking whether she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. What stands in front her isn't the main building, but a busy plaza. The way back seems to have vanished completely, and the queasy feeling in her stomach doesn't settle her nerves.

"I was so sure I had taken the right turn that time..." Disappointment settles, and it leaves her feeling even more nervous than before she left the house. What's a girl got to do in a situation like this? Tae looks to her left right, taking in all the information she can manage, and quickly tries to find a way to retrace her steps. She can't. 

"I should have drawn a map--why didn't I draw a map? What am I going to do now?" 
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what they taught you is only in your head

So, maybe Wendla's been traveling back and forth between 19th century small-town Germany and the Nexus. And maybe she's got a few ideas about things, thanks to interacting with a certain boy. And maybe she feels like asking a question, because that's what you do in the Nexus.

Today she stands in the Plaza, holding a sign she's written.

It reads:

Do you think charity is a good thing?

She's got a little frown on her face, as if she's concerned about the nature of the question. And truthfully, she is.
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Time for some A+ info-gathering

A recent arrival is back in the Nexus, this time of his own volition. Rather than stop to talk to anyone right away, Hitsugaya spends half the day simply wandering around, noting landmarks and the different districts and trying to get a feel for navigating here. In fact, some residents may notice him flickering into existence - in midair - at various points across the Nexus for a short time before disappearing again.

Later, he's back in the Plaza, familiarizing himself with one of the Nexus Terminals. Upon his initial inspection, the thing seems vaguely similar to the systems used by Squad 12 and Soul Society's archives, appearing to be some sort of... half-database, half-communications system. (What Adina was referring to when she mentioned computers, he hopes.)

As such, he guesses there has to be some sort of staff to manage it - and perhaps even answer some questions. Hoping to get some much-needed information from a knowledgeable source, he spends a fair amount of time hunt-and-peck-ing at the keys, and after a lot of tapping and backspacing and mulling things over, he considers it good enough and hits Submit.

(Does he have any idea that it's about to take over devices everywhere? No. No he does not.)

Cut for length! )

Genysis: Forced to start again

Derek walked into the Nexus, rather irritated. The Tech-Com Human Resistance was supposed to win this war, John was supposed to win it for them. Instead, a man named "Pops" came in, the T-800 took over as the leader of the Resistance, and it was a annoyance for the man to serve under a machine leader, but he was doing it for John's sake, he would've wanted it that way.

The old John had died during a fight, he had heard.

He sat at a table, his plasma rifle sitting on a chair.

"So here's a question for you, folks. What would you do when you are forced to adjust to a new beginning?"
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business and a question

In light of recent Nexus events, Freddy has been busy the past several weeks. He's been helping repair and rebuild, including his own business. The anti-violence field left him completely unprepared for that level of violence. Things like that usually didn't happen in his country, in the time he is from.

To say he's unhappy would be a vast understatement. He's pissed and it's bringing out a side of his nature that he doesn't like.

While he's been working, Freddy has been having an intense debate within himself about vengeance, justice, and protecting other people. He hasn't reached any conclusion that satisfies him. It seems he can make his mother proud and keep his self respect...or he can do something about what happened, which...might protect people in the Nexus. Maybe. Then, again...maybe not? Maybe he's just pissed and looking for an excuse to lash out.

Freddy walks to the middle of the Plaza, watching people go by, before addressing anyone who wants to listen.

"Y'know, one of my parents was scum, the other a saint, at least in my eyes," Freddy announces. "I choose my character every damn day."

Well, that was dramatic, at least. He took a deep breath, starting over.

"What's going to happen to that Khan guy? Anything?"

(no subject)

Some days are better than others.

On Bad Days, the Nexus' resident schizophrenic is hardly recognizable. He's a mess of garbled and slurred speech. Delusional rantings. Unkempt clothes and wild dangerous eyes. The world he sees and hears so far different from reality. He shouts at shadows, throws rocks at the birds, claws at his hair as though he's trying to rip himself out of his own body.

Joshua tends to go somewhere by himself when he's having a Bad Day, though. He's very very used to hiding his condition and pretending to be normal. There are Good Days, too.

Days when he has a part time job, a put together appearance, and a friendly temperament. A life to his eyes that seems so small and fragile and full of hope. Joshua has a few bags with him when he comes to the Nexus today, frowning thoughtfully at the address written down he's supposed to be delivering to.

"You'd think in a meeting place between all worlds and times, prank callers would get more clever than 'Seymour Butts'." With a sigh, he dumps the address in the nearest rubbish bin and takes a seat on one of the couches. So much for his delivery.

"So, does anyone want to commit some petty identity theft for a free meal?" Hell, he'll pretend to be Seymour Butts if it means a free bowl of IceBear's soup. He's going to snag a freshly baked croissant out of the bag first though and pull off a piece of it. "Alternatively, what's the best prank you've ever pulled?"

(no subject)

"Do you believe in a higher being? And seeing this is a place of people from different places, I would like to know a little bit about your God." Castiel asks, as he sits in a chair outside of the cafe. His voice is as deadpan as ever, and he can't seem to recall if he ever asked a question for the population at large. But here he is. And the trenchcoat wearing angel reclines back in his seat and he clasps his hands together as he looks up to the clear sky to take in the stars above him.

"And if you don't, what is something that you believe strongly in?" He figures it is only fair to give others a chance at answer something with more meat on it. Castiel looks interested in getting to know people here more, and more so after he was there when Khan brought chaos and havoc to the people of the Nexus. And the best way to get to know people is of course to make himself open to others. Though perhaps he should have brought some coffee and cakes to share.


He just hopes a helping of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into dinosaur shapes is an allure to Nexus friendship. And don't forget the different flavors of milk to go with them.

"I just hope this works."
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Return of the Mage

The stone tower has remained in its distant reaches of the Nexus, a constant looming landmark at the border of the Wilds. But its owner and inhabitant has been silent and missing for so long now, hasn't he? The only reassurance that he's not dead is the family that has made their home on the outskirts of the tower, tending to the chao and rebuilding their own life after fleeing Azeroth's Westfall. Only they have been graced with rare glimpses of the Mobian mage, who otherwise has locked himself inside, working obsessively on...something.

So the sudden pillar of smoke that rises from the landmark might be cause for notice, if not alarm. It swirls and grows, soon gathering itself into a singular column of dense smog and streaking towards the central plaza. And there in the middle does it descend, pulling its billowing shape into something more solid. The gruesome form it ends up taking is none other than the long-absent Ixis Naugus, jeweled staff in hand, cape pulled around his shoulders with his claw.

He casts a surveying look around, taking in the usual views and the present people. After doing so, his face splits into a toothy grin and he poses his question:

"Well? What have I missed?"

#covfefe, #wtf, #isthisevenreallife ...

Who has two thumbs and can walk around the Nexus like he doesn't give a single f*ck about whatever is going on around him?  This guy.

His hazel eyes seem to be looking through the people and his surroundings.  With the chin slightly upturned, he has the look of someone who is evaluating everything around him and determining that it's all coming up short.  He's been slipping in and out of the multiversal hub on the regular, but trying not to draw too much attention to himself when he does.  After all, this is the place he goes to for escapism, most of the time.

He's noticed that things are out of place.  The surroundings morph and change around here often, but there's something about it that feels different.  It stands apart from the usual changing and more like ... genesis.  As if the place was rebuilding itself from something.  Although, what it might be rebuilding itself from, he can only guess.  He doesn't keep up as well with the goings on in the Nexus as he does with the news from home.  

One off the rails reality is all he can take and frankly, he's a little more invested in the crazy place that his family lives in. Speaking of crazy news, he does have a question for anyone who wants to take a stab at answering ...

"Any idea what covfefe means?"

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(no subject)

"Wooooah, so this is The Nexus?" Wrench stands there O O as he takes in the plaza, and the place his best buddy Marcus about. While his bestest bud goes to find them a place to stay, Wrench is just going to find himself a place to have a seat. "I mean I was told about this, but I didn't believe my friend." With a laptop in his hand, he places the sticker-coated laptop on the cushion besides him.

- - "I never thought I'd ever cross into another dimension and sit on a couch before. This is on some cosmic levels of cool, and I got lots of words that I can describe how I'm feeling." Wrench reclines back in his chair with his hand going to rest on the knees of his pants. O O - ? ?

"Questions. Questions. What's the worst question anyone has ever asked you before?"
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A wild new character has appeared!

It was a suddenly complete shift from a dreary, cloudy day to an all of the sudden sunny one that immediately set off his confusion. Well that and the fact that instead of the bustling street that he has been so used to ever since he bought a dive bar and made it his own, the new surroundings looked akin to what one may designate as a plaza. Plus as he looked at the various buildings, he couldn't spot his bar, or the other businesses that took up shop in the area known as Broadway.

See he was headed back to the Jump Room(said dive bar he owned)from the diner. sometimes he brings his own lunch from his apartment and other times he just goes and eats lunch at the nearby diner. Depends on how busy he is that day really, but it tends to lean more to the latter. Stefan was about halfway there just listening to music when he suddenly felt a rise in the temperature from little brisk to nice and comfortable. It definitely caused him to stop and full alert to what just happened. Especially when he took a casual glance up in the sky and found that it was clear skies as before it was overcast as far as the eye could see. Grey clouds that look like they were on their way to possibly raining later in the day.

Sure the weather in Carbon City can change pretty quickly from time to time, but it was never this quick. Not instantaneously. That fact alone had him playing with the thought that someone subtly used a teleportation spell on him. But he would say he isn't the type to have enemies except the occasional idiot customers who vows they will never drink at the Jump Room ever again for whatever eye roll inducing reason. And that doesn't include the given criminals that run though Carbon City.

He felt it wasn't plausible enough to give it any serious thought, why would someone be enough of an idiot to do such a spell on someone in broad daylight in one of the busiest streets in town?

"Where exactly the hell am I?" Stefan questioned out loud still confused.
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How does this exist? New arrival in the plaza!

Eren wasn't exactly looking to get lost, or go anywhere, really. He would probably count relief at the top of the list of emotions he was feeling, even if some form of dread lined right up under that as an immediate second. Was this whole thing going to work out? Being part of the Survey Corps? He would take anything right now, as long as he wasn't trapped down in that awful cell any longer. But he really had ended up in the best place. It was exactly where he had been aiming to be. That was foremost on his mind as he scrubbed at a bit of dirt on a floorboard. A thin layer of dust was already starting to build up on his clothes. It would probably get worse than this before he was through. Eren grimaced at that thought, not really bothered that he was getting dirty. There was just... a lot unknown right now. Was he going to be able to prove himself useful?

At a sound from the stairwell, he quickly shook off that doubt and started scrubbing again. Was that Levi? Slacking off would definitely ruin any impression he was trying to make here! He was almost done with this room anyway... Just a little bit more and under that table... then he'd be done!

It was a really naive thought to have, but in retrospect, Eren honestly wasn't sure how he could have concluded otherwise.

Everything was fine until he tugged his scarf up to cover his nose and crawled under a desk to get at a grimy and forgotten corner. It was hard enough to see without good sunlight getting into the room. It got way too dark though, and then there was something beyond where he was looking. Was the desk this wide? Did the underside go back this far? The more that he focused on the place in front of him, the bigger Eren's eyes grew wider. His eyes focused on movement... there was light on the other side...

By the time that he crawled through, certain that he was dreaming, huge crowds of people were passing by casually as if they had been there all along and he was the one barging in on them.

"Wha.... how did... it just...?"

His heart pounded rapidly in his chest at the sight before him as his scarf dropped from covering his face. He absolutely... had to be losing it. They were not just dressed strangely... He was not just looking at a place he was sure that didn't exist...! What were those contraptions with weird boxes?! What kind of furniture was that?! Why were they looking at him like he was the one that had come out of nowhere?! He was definitely getting a few stares.

Even if he was wearing all the belts of his gear, Eren didn't feel like the one oddly dressed. He had to be working too hard... that was it...

"I-I've gotta be dreaming this."

Time for some prospecting.

There is a new face in the Plaza today. Well, if you can call an ethereal violet glow wrapped in enchanted bandages a face. Whatever. If he looks stranger than most, he doesn't let that bother him as casually explores his new environment, snagging an informational pamphlet along the way.

The air is teeming with latent arcane energy. Excellent. Finding out about the anti-violence field is only a mild disappointment. War still touches this place, if the recent damage is any indication. Perhaps he can use this to his advantage...

Time for some re-branding.

"Nexus denizens," he asks, his voice the most substantial thing about him. "A moment of your time. How does one go about setting up a business here? Are there laws, permits, zoning requirements? Or does the Nexus favor... independent merchants?" Said with a little bit of hope at the end there. "I have lost nearly everything, being displaced from my home world. I am eager to start over."