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A enemy of an enemy is a friend.

 A growl on the Commander's face shows that he is angry about something. 

This man is Commander Erol of the Krimzon guard.

He is swinging a pair of energy handcuffs in his hands

The long eared, strange tattooed man frowned "If you have a good reason to hate a man, like personal reasons, would you still go after a man who seems innocent to other people?"

A loud roar is heard in the Nexus as he rushes toward what appears to be a dark beast with black horns, long fingernails, white hair and more.

(This is Commander Erol from Jak II)
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"Always." As if a young pirate from space was going to have a less brazen answer. Particularly this young pirate. "It's the ones that seem good to everyone else that are going to ..."

He pauses like he's sorting out what he wants to say. Or maybe he's censoring himself.

"... they're the ones you gotta look out for, anyway."
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Han jaw muscles tighten at the long-eared other's comment, but he makes no reply.

You wouldn't know it, he appears to be just standing there, but in that instant, a whole lot of moments are coming back to him. Even living moments that he never got to live as well. Happiness and comfort in her arms that was robbed away by circumstance and bad luck ...

He blinks. Han shakes his head to clear it and then his eye wanders over to the person Erol indicated. It's easy enough for Han to draw up a bored glance at whatever he was supposed to be looking at. He really didn't care all that much about whatever this guy was dealing with. Not unless there were credits involved, anyway.

"So, what's the big deal with this guy?"
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"Well that all depends, how justifiable are those personal reasons? I'm no stranger to the fact things aren't always as they seem, and while you may have reason to hate him, would it be worth making yourself an outcast in the eyes of the people should they feel his actions were warranted while seeing yours as an act of petty vengeance?"

She gives him a smirk, finding this moral dilemma quite intriguing.

"Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not one to judge. I've done some rather horrible things in my time. I simply find it fascinating to discover what motivates people, learn what makes them tick, so to speak."
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"If the reason was right. If my family was in danger, probably."

Han keeps watching the cuffs, which look a lot like stun cuffs.