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The world is about to get a little more pink | New arrival at the Plaza!

Heart thumping, mind swirling. Is this really happening? As a little girl, Tae had only dreamed of being able to service for her country, being able to help hold the balance between the different colourants. Alongside other Dyaes, she felt like she was the queen of the world, almost. Now that it's actually happening, she can't fathom the thing she will be able see, do, or think. 

But does that actually matter now? Her heart is set, and there's nothing that will come between her and her ascension to dyaedom. Tossing her worries aside, she exits her house, preparing to face the world as the next Magenta Aenk Dyae. She's sure that the other Dyaes are waiting for her arrival, and she would be soon standing alongside the Cyan, Yellow, and Key Aenk Dyaes. 

The path to her fraction is like a maze--her role as the new Dyae is to find it on her own. 'Follow the path', she'd hear from the elders. Her memory doesn't lead her to the main building, and it leaves her thinking whether she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. What stands in front her isn't the main building, but a busy plaza. The way back seems to have vanished completely, and the queasy feeling in her stomach doesn't settle her nerves.

"I was so sure I had taken the right turn that time..." Disappointment settles, and it leaves her feeling even more nervous than before she left the house. What's a girl got to do in a situation like this? Tae looks to her left right, taking in all the information she can manage, and quickly tries to find a way to retrace her steps. She can't. 

"I should have drawn a map--why didn't I draw a map? What am I going to do now?" 
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Nick is just taking it easy while he is hanging out in the plaza, and from a distance, the creepy old synth might be getting a few evil eyes just for his looks alone. With his hands hanging down at his sides, Nick is all too familiar with getting the evil eye and it doesn't seem to bother him much.

But it doesn't distract him when he spots someone different; then again, everyone here is different to him. But Nick doesn't recall seeing the pink or magenta girl. And without any hesitation his detective senses kick into play, and he slowly walks over towards her. He is well aware that he might cause someone to freak out and run away if they are not familiar with a friendly looking synth.

"Hey there! And don't worry, no map you would have drawn would have been of much help. This place here is called The Nexus." Nick stops and his steeples his funky looking fingers together. "It's a sort of meeting place between worlds, and most of us come from different worlds. Though I can't say I've met anyone who's a native of this place."
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Nick's arms flail outwards and while he was almost expecting for the sudden surprise, he wasn't quite expecting this. "Ahh!" His yellow eyes light up in shock and his fedora slides down his plastic noggin and leaves all but one eye exposed. And quickly, Nick goes to regain his own composure.

"Sorry if I scared you there." Nick reaches a hand up to fix his fedora. "It wasn't my intention, nor do I mean you any harm. Though perhaps I ought to start out my greetings with, I come in peace." He does his best to smile it off the best a man with a plastic face can.

"Yes. Worlds. Different dimensions to be exact. Now how it works, even I wouldn't be able to explain it. Though you've lost me. A fraction, what's a fraction?"
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"Never saw anyone like you before either, and that becomes a bit of a thing to get used to in a place like this." Nick stands there, and he tries to explain in the friendliest manner he can. Turning his neck around, Nick takes in the plaza and the people that have been strolling around. And this is the one place he doesn't seem to stand out in, as there are other mechanical beings that call this place home.

His neck turns back and he looks back to her with the same plastic smile. "Or maybe a magic portal to a magical world might be more up your alley, kiddo. Now why don't we find you a seat, and maybe a glass of water."

And nope, Nick never heard of that kind of fraction before. "Course I know colors." Digital colors alas never amounted to much back home. "Well, I suppose, I'd belong to a Print Fraction. And I was made, not born, though I guess." He holds his hand up and he waggles his metal skeleton fingers. "Though of course seeing in color, I would be colors or a variety of them."
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Nick never really asked how seats appeared at random; he figures it was someone who went multiversal dumpster diving and brought seats each time a new comer arrived in the Nexus. "Magic?" It sounds like a good way to explain things that can't be explained, at least it seems to work that way when trying figure out an explanation for how things work in the Nexus.

And then finally it hits Nick, and he ahs. "It is a bit of a figure of speech. But there are plenty of chairs and couches to sit on. As for your answer about colors. Yeah, I know colors."

He holds his hand up. "Red, blue, purple, green, yellow..." He lowers each finger as he spouts off a color. "But nope, we don't have anything digital back where I come from."
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"In my experience, maps are often of little use in the Nexus."

A thin Asian man watches the monochromatic woman fretting about the plaza with vague concern on his face the longer she seems to struggle. It won't take him too long to approach and offer his assistance.

"Where are you trying to go? Perhaps I can help?"
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He certainly seems to favor the warmer hues with reddish brown hair, red tinted sunglasses and a red button up shirt underneath his subdued grey suit. However, the powers this human possesses are not dependent on the hue he was born under but something else within the core of his being.

"Well, you see, the Nexus rearranges itself frequently. Places that people frequent tend to be more stable, as many minds know what the place is and where it should be. However, lots of lesser traveled locales may shift and move around or be replaced by new entities entirely. So while the corner shop you like may still exist from one day to the next, it may be on the opposite corner as it was the last time you were here. That sort of scenario is very common."

And because of that, unfortunately, a map of the Nexus is only so useful. It can lay out general zones, but nothing more detailed.

"The...Print Fraction?" He tilts his head to the side, clearly never having heard of this before. "Are...you a journalist? Is it a paper company?"
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"It...does take some getting used to, admittedly." Where are his manners? The man straightens up and offers a polite bow after a moment's pause. "I apologize, my name is Katsuya Suou. I should have said as much sooner."

"A...uhm." The universal translator may allow for people to understand each other's words, but it doesn't conveniently translate unknown concepts. "A person who researches current events and publishes those stories in a newspaper. That's a paper company. They make copies of the daily news. Regional, world. So the masses know what's happened from day to day."

She clearly is not one if she doesn't know what they are.

"What sort of company is your Print Fraction? What do they do?"
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Well, at least Tae isn't the only one confused here. Though Katsuya is better than most at adapting to culture shock. Once you've fought and killed an Lovecraftian Eldritch God, everything else kind of seems a whole lot easier to accept in terms of other kinds of reality.

There's a demon realm just parallel to his own that can bleed over, why shouldn't there be a race of people who...communicate...and...live? According to colors. Is that innate racism? Is it really his business to ask? Unsure, and definitely not. Best to just accept it for face value.

"I...see." Sort of. Maybe. He's not questioning it, at least. "As you can see, people from my world come in a variety of colors. We choose which ones to wear, but they are not a part of us. Though that isn't to say we are not without our...unique skills."
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"I suppose that would depend on what sort of world they come from. On my world, we are much more dependent on technology to further humanity's goals, but my world is also in a very unstable place that is threatened by creatures not of my plane."

There's a bit of a light blue glow to the ground underneath the man's feet as he speaks. For just a brief second, a pair of golden eyes apppears to stare at Tae from over the officer's shoulder.

"People like myself fight those creatures."
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"It's not. The concentration and activity of such creatures has gone down considerably in the last few years. We succeeded in driving back the source of the disturbance. However, it's probably not possible to completely drive out the demons from our world now that the barrier between the planes has been breached."

Katsuya looks down at one hand. Stretches it out in front of Tae. It's actually quite difficult for him to manifest his Persona like this in small and non-threatening ways. He's not the most magically apt of his kind. He had always been more geared toward defensive skills and raw brute force.

After a long moment of silent concentration the blue light brightens. Those eyes appear again as well as a ghostly shadow of a hand. It extends one claw over Katsuya's own hand before a tiny handheld flame appears in the palm of his hand.
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The young woman sitting at a nearby computer terminal is meticulously copying something on the screen to an index card when she hears Tae's worried question. Peering up at the girl, she's immediately taken with the color of her hair. It makes her feel a little drab in comparison, despite the pretty floral scarf she has tied around her neck.

"Hello? Do you need some help?" She sets down her pen. "Where are you trying to get to?"
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Adia listens with an earnest, helpful expression, but unfortunately she does not know of a Print Fraction. "I'm sorry... I don't know where that is. You're in a place called the Nexus. Most people end up here accidentally, at first."

Remembering what it was like to be lost and confused, she smiles sympathetically and offers the girl a nearby seat. "Do you remember passing through a door or a portal? That's how some people arrive here. Most are able to get back home if they retrace their steps."
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The girls' story is similar to many others. A wrong turn here, a misstep there, and suddenly they are in the Nexus with no obvious way of returning home. "Oh... it'll be okay. Here, sit down..." She gestures to the seat next to her again and gives the girl a reassuring look. "I ended up here the same way. I was on a ship, and I went down the wrong corridor and suddenly I was here. But I made it back to the ship. I'm sure in a little while you'll have found your... Print Fraction? That's what you called it?"

It probably would help if the girl knew more about the Nexus... Adia looks around, but she doesn't see any of the informational pamphlets nearby. Darn. "You're in the Nexus, it's like an intersection of different realities. I think you'll meet a lot of people who haven't heard of where you're from, but that's okay. Nobody has heard of where I'm from, either."
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Adia shakes her head, not offended in the slightest. "It's fine. Most of the people here are from a planet called Earth. People like us are far less common, it's a fine thing to bond over." She smiles. "It's nice to meet you, Tae. My name's Adia."

Tae's question makes her pause and shift a little in her seat. Her world is long gone, destroyed by genocidal robots, but that's such an awful story to drop onto someone that she's just met. Better to talk about how things were before. "It was a planet called Leonis, one of twelve colonies. It was famous for its wine and its wide, verdant plains. It was beautiful there... we grew a lot of flowers."
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"It's a wonderful planet. I've been a few times. It exists in my universe, but we haven't found it yet."

She smiles, glad that her description of Leonis made a a positive impression on Tae. Perhaps the world she is from isn't so different... but she rethinks that assumption when asked what colonies are. "Ah, well... in my universe, human life originated on a planet called Kobol. There were twelve different tribes -- groups of people -- living on the planet. There was some sort of disastrous event and the tribes evacuated, eventually settling on twelve different planets. We called them colonies. There was a thirteenth tribe, too, but they left before everyone else and founded a colony called Earth."
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"Ah, I don't think so." She shrugs apologetically, wishing she had more detailed information. "This all happened thousands of years ago. The only written record we have of what happened is a religious text called the Sacred Scrolls and it isn't the most accurate..."

If Tae doesn't know what colonies are, explaining that the Sacred Scrolls can't be taken literally, that they are merely an allegory or metaphor for whatever really happened, is not going to be easy. Maybe it'd be best to learn about her world a little more, to see where this pink-haired girl is coming from. "What about you, what's your world like?"
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"What are you going to do now..."

The murmuring echo of the pink girl's question comes from a man in tatty scholar's robes, an equally shabby brown suit and tie underneath them. His eyes are somewhat tired, almost vacant, looking in Tae's direction with a certain lack of focus. But at least he's wearing (an equally) tired smile. Though said eyes are looking from behind the iron bars of a tall, hexagonal cage around his head, rings hanging from some sides of its ornate top.

"One could always...stop? And consider your options. No need to lose your head about it."
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"Ohh, a meeting." Micolash seems to perk up just slightly, eyes finding proper focus and his posture a few degrees more alert. "Meeting with whom? And where?"

Perhaps in an attempt to give a bit more concrete advice, the man lifts one hand, two fingers pointing downward and moving to imitate legs. "Have you tried, ehm. Retracing your steps...?"
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Hey, welcome back! :]

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The choice of word, 'fractions', that prompts a slow tilt of the head to one side and one slow, sleepy blink. Interesting. Brings to mind the notion of fractals, shapes and patterns swirling every outward, repeating and branching into infinity. Dwelling on this a moment or two brings a dreamy smile to Micolash's face, eyes again losing focus briefly.

But then he recalls he's in the process of conversation, and an attempt to be helpful at that. Eyes training on the pink-haired woman once more, the scholar steeples his fingers thoughtfully. "Maybe you've slipped past the mortal coil...?"

Which is to say 'maybe you're dead'. This suggestion isn't said with sadness or worry, however. Micolash continues to smile serenely as he presents this theory.
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Stefan was just casually walking around the plaza after checking out a few of the stores surrounding the place(a bookstore, a record store and a little bar), when he hears the bemoaning of a lack of map coming from what seems to be a newcomer. He felt sympathy having unexpectedly came here hours ago and feeling lost at first himself. He wasn't sure how helpful he'll be though cause of that little fact but he knows that no excuse to not try be helpful in some way.

"Nice hair you have there," He complimented as he walks up to the girl, "Looks nice. And as for the map thing, coming from a guy that might have gotten magically sent here, not entirely sure on that, only just a few hours ago...I get the feeling a map won't be too helpful here." He finishes apologetically, a map would've be nice but you just had to make do with a place like this. "Sorry."
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"You're welcome. I was told this is the Nexus where a bunch of world and realities meet up or something like that at least, definitely not my expertise. My name's Stefan by the way." Stefan said with light chuckle, "Yeah, I've been doing that myself. I felt pretty lost at first...I was heading to the bar I own in my world and the next thing I know, I'm suddenly here." Stefan elaborated with a casual laugh, gesturing to the ground to emphasize what he said at the end.
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Stefan smiles friendly back, it didn't take too long for him to agree to teaming up. Two heads are better than one especially when it comes to finding a way back home, "Hello Tae nice to meet, pretty name." Stefan compliment.

He gave a small nod to her offer after just giving it a second of thought, "Yeah I think that'll be a good idea, be quicker too if we worked together. I just wouldn't know where to start looking." Stefan admits with a soft apologetic laugh.

"What's your world like Tae?" Stefan asks out of genuine curiosity. A part of him does hope her world is less depressing than the post apocalyptic world he came from.